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Author's notes - Long ago rhiannonhero offered up a plotbunny in her LJ. This story (hell, let's be honest, this is just a PWP!) grew from that bunny, so thank you Rhi. Thanks as always to Barbara for the beta.

Warning - Just in case you missed it on the front page - incest ahoy!!

At this point, Lex was beginning to wonder why he had ever thought he could trust Lucas, trust his brother. He really should know by now that family, especially Luthor family, were not inherently trustworthy. And certainly not when they were an unknown quantity like Lucas.

Lex wondered if now was a good time to consider the old nature or nurture debate. But then, Lucas hadn't been entirely free of Lionel's influence, had he? All the same, Lex had counted on enlightened self interest to keep Lucas on his side. But Lucas didn't seem to have the same long range view of things that Lex did. He was feral, seeking excitement and sensation... he rather reminded Lex of himself just a few short years ago.

So, maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Though if that also applied to the genes Lucas had inherited from Rachel Dunleavy it was more a worry than a comfort given the situation. Lex could well remember being tied up by that woman... who had fully intended killing him with an axe. She hadn't been quite sane after her treatment at Lionel's hands. So was there any reason to assume Lucas would be more so?

Lex tried to suppress the shiver that wanted to run through him. He was tied to a chair, helpless, trusting his continued good health to a sibling he barely knew... and he'd put himself in this position willingly. Looked at from that perspective, whose sanity was more in doubt?

Looking up, Lex met eyes that were watching him steadily. There wasn't much to reassure him there either. Lucas was observing him with a disturbing intensity. And, unless Lex was greatly mistaken, that intent regard had very little to do with fraternal concern.

Leaning back on the edge of the desk, Lucas seemed to be considering something. Lex wasn't sure if he wanted to know what that something was.

Lucas let him know anyway.

"So, Lex," he began. "Tell me all about you and Clark."

"What?" It came enough out of left field to startle Lex into a less than smooth response.

A shark's grin bloomed on Lucas' face. "Clark Kent, your fuck toy, the one you couldn't wait to show me off to. If you were trying to make him jealous you succeeded, by the way. Our basketball game turned into quite the pissing contest... the kid doesn't share well."

Lex's expression hardened instantly. "Clark is not my 'fuck toy' as you so elegantly put it." When Lucas' eyebrows rose in obvious scepticism he added, "He's my best friend, nothing more."

"Come on, Lex, you don't have to play coy with me," Lucas taunted.

He pushed away from the desk, moving swiftly to crouch beside Lex. Lucas invaded his space without a second thought, right in Lex's face and not backing off even when Lex gave him a warning glare.

Still pushing, Lucas went on, "So, if you're not fucking Clark, does that mean you let him fuck you? I can see the appeal, I admit. Your farmboy's strong - all those muscles holding you down, ramming you into the mattress. Is that how you like it, Lex, hard and fast and rough?

"Is that why you were looking at me like that when you found me working out? Did you like what you saw? Did it make you want the same thing from me? A little close to home, isn't it, Lex? Or has daddy dearest given you a taste for keeping it in the family?" Lucas leaned in closer still, his hot breath branding Lex's cheek. "Tied up, helpless, does that get you hot too, Lex?"

Lex set his jaw, willing himself not to respond. It wasn't easy. He could smell Lucas, heat and sweat and just a trace of his own cologne. Despite the wrongness of the situation, his cock twitched in his pants. Yes, he got off on danger... and on the thoughts Lucas had planted in his brain, of Clark, naked and fucking him. Lex bit the inside of his cheek. He didn't want Lucas knowing his weaknesses, using them against him and against Clark.

All the same, Lex's body knew what it liked and apparently it didn't differentiate between blood relations and other, more suitable, partners. Though Clark was hardly the epitome of suitability either. Not that such considerations had ever stopped Lex from wanting him. And sharing his life so closely at the farm these past few days had let Lex's want bloom into full-fledged need for Clark. A need that didn't seem to go entirely unreciprocated.

But Clark wasn't here and Lucas was, and it seemed as if he already understood his brother a little too well for Lex's liking. Oh yes, Lucas knew it, Lex could see the realisation in his eyes, the triumph.

Suddenly, Lucas' hand was on Lex's thigh, stroking with a deceptively soft touch up towards his crotch. It was maddening, arousing, and Lex tensed, testing just how securely he was tied. Very, it appeared. Lucas had been a little too zealous for Lex's taste right now.

"Relax," Lucas purred. "We have time for a little brotherly bonding before Dad gets here."

"I'm not in the mood!" Lex snapped. But his body was giving the lie to his words. Lex cursed silently, he wasn't happy about its betrayal.

"Would you rather I pretended to be Clark then? Would that get you harder?"

Before Lex could answer, Lucas' hand was cupping his groin, groping him roughly. Lex glared down at his brother in disgust. There was no comparison between Lucas and Clark, none at all. Clark shone bright and pure in Lex's life, but what Lucas offered was tarnished and the very suggestion was enough to wither Lex's incipient erection.

As Lex's cock softened, Lucas looked up at him, his heavy brows drawn down. "What's the matter, Lex? Is incest too tame for you? What does your farmboy do to get you hot? Suck you? Fuck you? Tie you up and hurt you until you scream?"

"When will you get it into your head that Clark and I are just friends?" Lex's voice was low and dangerous.

Lucas' eyes suddenly lit up. "Ohhh, is he holding out on you, Lex? Does he tease you until you're begging for him to fuck you and then leave you hanging? I can do that too, if you like."

"What I'd like is for you to get your hands off me." Lex sounded as cold and harsh as ice.

Lucas didn't know him well enough to recognise that tone, to know how close to real, incandescent anger Lex was. He simply smiled, but didn't pull back.

"You don't want my hands?" Lucas smirked. "That can be arranged..." Suddenly he was holding his gun. He showed it to Lex, the metal as cool and sleek as Lucas' expression was heated and wild.

Lex swallowed, his eyes tracking from his brother's face to the naked threat of the gun and back again.

"Lucas..." he began, a clear note of warning evident.

"I'm not going to kill you, Lex, so you can relax," Lucas assured him. His voice was low, redolent with false intimacy. "You'd be no fun dead. I just want to give you a little incentive to enjoy yourself."

The gun spun in Lucas' hand until he was holding it by the muzzle. He lowered it so that the butt was lying flat on Lex's thigh. Then he pressed down, slowly drawing circles as he slid it up towards Lex's groin.

The pressure and the sensation of warmth as the gun drew closer to his crotch was enough to make Lex's cock start to stiffen again. He schooled his face to impassivity, though, aware that Lucas was watching him for the slightest reaction. Lex had to bite the inside of his bottom lip as the butt nudged his balls, needing to distract himself from the touch.

Lucas had continued the slow circling motions, massaging Lex through the fabric of his pants. Another small movement and then the gun was being drawn along the length of his cock, rubbing firmly. Lex could feel himself getting harder and he gave up all pretence of detachment, his eyelids dropping shut. A moment later he heard a soft chuckle, very close to his ear, carried on a gust of warm, moist breath.

"You like that, don't you, Lex?" Lucas' tone was rich with amusement. He pushed down harder, the pressure on Lex's cock inexorable.

Lex's eyes flew open again and he found himself staring straight at his brother from a distance of just a few inches. It was disconcerting and, to Lex's chagrin, even more arousing. So close, so wrong... so very much what his cock needed as it swelled. It seemed to be enjoying the steady rub of the gun, rising to meet the touch and leaking pre-come that soaked into Lex's boxers, making them cling to his damp skin.

"Fuck, Lucas!" Lex hissed and hated the edge of need that laced his words.

Lucas' lips curved up into an amused smile. "Later, Lex... I like the look of you tied to that chair too much to let you go free right now."

He bore down hard with the butt of the gun once more and this time Lex couldn't control his reaction. He bucked up into the harsh caress.

"Are you thinking of your pretty Clark now, Lex? Or are you all mine?" Lucas taunted.

"Clark would never want this," Lex panted, his eyes locked on Lucas' face. He wouldn't want me, were the words that went unspoken but nevertheless understood between them.

"Of course he wants you," Lucas laughed. "It's so fucking obvious."

Lucas' free hand slipped between Lex's thighs, fondling his balls until a pained groan escaped past his clenched teeth.

"Stop this, Lucas," Lex gritted out, feeling another pulse of pre-come dampen his boxers as his brother explored further.

"I don't think so." Lucas was still right in his face, breath hot on his cheek as he spoke. "But I wouldn't want you to come all over those very expensive pants of yours before Dad gets here. So let's make sure that doesn't happen."

Before Lex could protest, Lucas had set the gun down on the floor beside him. With both hands free he quickly went to work on Lex's belt and then his zipper. Lex drew in a sharp breath as it slid down over the hard ridge of his cock. Cool air teased the front of his boxers where they clung to him wetly.

The scent of sex hung in the office and Lucas bent over Lex, inhaling deeply. Leaning forward just a little more, Lucas swiped his tongue over the damp fabric. Then he pulled away, licking his lips to sample the taste.

Lex threw his head back, eyes squeezing tight shut. The sensation of his brother lapping at his cock was enough to push him to the brink, but watching the flash of pink tongue as Lucas licked his lips almost tipped him over.

Keeping his eyes closed, Lex tried not to anticipate Lucas' next move. He jerked against the ropes that bound him when Lucas' mouth closed over him again, still keeping the barrier of his boxers between them. Heat and friction engulfed Lex as Lucas sucked him hard, his tongue rasping the increasingly wet silk along the length of his shaft.

Lucas' hands were gripping Lex's thighs, the fingers digging in harshly as Lex tried to thrust up into his brother's mouth. It was hot and messy and completely fucked up, but Lex knew he would kill Lucas if he even thought of stopping. The rough hands were groping with the front of Lex's boxers now and then his cock was free of the slippery material. Another moment and it was sliding into slick heat.

No longer caring what his reactions gave away, Lex moaned deep in his throat. Lucas was no stranger to this, that much was obvious, and Lex let himself fall into the rhythm of the mouth that was rapidly pulling him towards orgasm. Lucas' fingers were tracing circles across the hairless skin at his groin and Lex could read the curiosity in that touch. It didn't seem to deter Lucas, though. He kept up the fast pace he'd set, quickly dragging Lex over the edge.

Lex bit his lip hard as he came. He wasn't going to risk any ill advised declarations as pleasure ripped his control from him.

Lucas didn't pull off of him, his throat working as he swallowed Lex's come. He only drew back when Lex shuddered, his skin growing too sensitive for the rough suckling. His tongue lapped at the head of Lex's cock for a second, stealing the last traces of come, before he released it.

Feeling totally wrung out, Lex finally opened his eyes. He was in time to see Lucas sit back on his heels a smug expression on his face. The sharp gaze locked with his own and Lucas made a great show out of licking his damp, reddened lips with obvious relish.

"You taste good, Lex," he purred. "Your Clark doesn't know what he's missing."

Lex felt too lethargic to remind Lucas yet again that Clark was in no way his, no matter how much he might wish otherwise.

"I'll be sure to tell him next time I see him," Lucas added. He leaned down and licked a leisurely stripe along the length of Lex's limp cock, leaving the skin glistening with saliva and come. "And I'll tell him how you screamed my name when you came."

"That's a lie!" Lex hissed. He didn't want Clark knowing anything about this, least of all something that was patently untrue. It was Clark's name he'd had to bite back when the pleasure swept over him, not Lucas'.

Lucas looked even more pleased with himself. "I know, but he'll be so jealous he won't be able to keep his hands off you. He'll just want to erase every trace of me from your body. Consider it a gift from me... brother."

With that, Lucas set about tucking Lex back into his pants, cleaning away every sign of their encounter as if it had never happened. Though Lionel's sense of smell was acute enough that he might figure out how his sons had spent the time waiting for him.

Lex didn't trust himself to speak. He had thought his family was fucked up when it was just Lionel and himself and their endless mind games. Now that he was starting to get to know Lucas, Lex realised that he hadn't known the half of it. He closed his eyes and hoped his father wouldn't be late.

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