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by Karen Colohan

It was an inescapable fact of life, Clark decided. Quite simply, there were times when Lex just pushed him too far. The man would stand there, as cool as you like, looking insufferably smug. More often than not his lips would be curved in one of those knowing little smirks - which were nearly as damned irritating as they were sexy.

And when Lex pushed his luck like that, all Clark wanted to do was put the infuriating SOB over his knee and spank him until his expression was anything but smug. After all, how could anyone, even Lex, maintain an air of superiority when he was face down, ass in the air, with his pants around his knees?

Of course, the side benefit of this particular scenario was that, by the time Clark was finished with it, that perfect rounded backside would be hot and red and...

With that thought, Clark jolted awake. His cheeks flushed with heat as he realised he'd been having that dream again... The one that generally led to uncomfortable, sticky boxers in the wake of an explosion of pleasure that inevitably left him feeling guilty for hours afterwards. Not to mention that it also tended to unsettle him to such a degree it was impossible for him to get back to sleep.

At least things hadn't proceeded quite that far tonight. All the same, Clark's cock was hard inside his boxers, pressing against the fabric with unseemly eagerness, and a fair sized wet patch had already damped the front of the cool cotton. Damn! Why did this keep happening to him? What kind of trick did his sub-conscious think it was playing? He didn't really want to put Lex over his knee and...

A groan escaped Clark as his cock twitched again in response to the suggestion. No, it was better that he didn't let his thoughts roam any further down that path. His body was just wired enough to keep on responding, even when his brain was awake enough to know better.

Clark ached, his erection fierce enough not to subside easily, especially with the impetus of teenage hormones. It was rapidly becoming apparent to him that he would have to do something to appease it. Only, no more dreams of spanking Lex... or doing anything else with him for that matter.

But again the thought alone was enough to jolt him. Clark gritted his teeth and tried to call up an older fantasy, a safer one.

Thoughts of Lana had always eased the way for him in the past, but tonight the images he sought refused to come to mind. Clark's brain, and his cock, remained stubbornly fixated on a singular lean and very masculine form. Sleek, predatory, sexy...

Clark groaned and shoved his boxers down, hearing the material tear. Just at the moment he couldn't care about that; he simply needed to free his swollen cock. His hand closed around it with something like relief and he began to stroke, hard and fast, as his thoughts flew in search of more images of Lex...

Cold and still, his lips clammy under Clark's as he frantically breathed life back into the drowned man...

Bruised and shaken as Clark hustled them both into the open mouth of the elevator, the broken catwalk falling away into nothingness scant inches behind them, crashing down... And Lex's eyes wide and searching as he demanded to know how Clark had found the strength to save them...

Those same eyes, hurt and betrayed, as Lex called Clark the closest thing to a real friend he'd ever had and begged for an end to the lies that Clark had no choice but to continue to deny...

And why was he lying?

As his hand moved faster over his hot, slick flesh Clark understood the only truth that was important. It spilled from him along with the come that spurted onto his stomach, hot and inescapable.

Clark wanted Lex.


As Lex led his guest through the house to the study Clark followed silently in his wake, tied to the path of his black clad host like a satellite. Lex had been engaged in a more or less one-sided conversation since he'd greeted Clark in the hallway, but Clark had tuned out the words, simply concentrating on the smooth cadences of Lex's voice. Only now Lex seemed to expect some kind of a response as he stopped and looked over his shoulder at Clark, his expression quizzical.

Clark shook himself mentally and tried to cover for his earlier inattention. "I'm sorry, but what are we talking about here, Lex?"

"Your strategy - or rather the lack thereof... C'mon, Clark, what's your next move? Faint heart never won fair Lana." Lex grinned at his companion as an endearingly familiar blush stained Clark's cheeks.

Clark grimaced as the fragmentary pieces of Lex's conversation fell into place.

"I'm not trying to win Lana any more. I told you that. She and Whitney are closer than ever now and I'm happy for her... No, really," he insisted when Lex looked at him sceptically. "Lana and I are just friends, good friends, and that's great..."

"Just good friends? You know, I never took you for a quitter, Clark Kent," Lex needled him good-naturedly as Clark turned away, face burning.

"Let it go, Lex..." Clark refused to turn back around. He recognised that particular tone of voice and just knew that if he looked he'd find Lex wearing one of those knowing smirks on his face... The kind that made him want to...

The previous night's dream was still too fresh in his mind and Clark hurriedly slammed the door shut on the thought. Dreaming stuff like that in the privacy of his own bedroom was bad enough, but to start thinking it when he was actually around Lex... Clark flushed all over again, building heat upon heat. That way led, at the very least, to total embarrassment. Or, worst case scenario, he might be thrown out of the Luthor ancestral home and told never to darken Lex's door again. And that simply wasn't an option Clark could live with.

A careful touch on his shoulder made Clark jump. He whirled round to find Lex standing much too close for comfort, the hand that had touched Clark still raised. Contrary to expectation, the look on his face was primarily one of concern.

"Clark, are you okay? You spaced out on me, didn't seem to be hearing a word I said."

With a quick shake of his head Clark dismissed the last traces of his incautious thoughts. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Lex grinned and clapped him on the shoulder again. "My fault for boring you, I guess." Lex leaned in closer, lowering his voice conspiratorially as he added, "I promise I won't bring up the subject of you know who again. Though I can't say that I agree the best man won in this case..."

"Thanks," Clark muttered awkwardly, not knowing what else to say. He really wished Lex would back off. He didn't want to draw attention to his discomfiture by moving away himself, but Lex's proximity was... distracting.

"Which means we need to find ourselves a new topic of conversation," Lex observed as he finally drew back, heading for the pool table. He glanced over his shoulder at Clark. "Got any suggestions?"

Clark blinked. Oh yeah, he had plenty of suggestions, only none of them was exactly the kind of thing he could bring up with Lex... unfortunately. He gave a deep, heartfelt sigh.

Lex laughed softly. "You sound as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, Clark. Want to talk about it?"

Startled, Clark shook his head vehemently. "No! I mean... I can't."

The forcefulness of the refusal had Lex's brows rising in silent question.

"I mean it, Lex."

"More secrets, Clark? I thought we'd got past all that." Lex's expression darkened, drawing into a frown, and his voice sounded flat.

"Trust me, this is one secret you're really better off not knowing," Clark muttered under his breath.

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that?" Somehow Lex had managed to get back into his personal space without Clark even noticing.

Clark hunched his shoulders dejectedly and shook his head again. "I'm serious, Lex."

The ice blue stare pinned him. "So am I... I thought you trusted me."

Frustration was making him tense, so Clark closed his eyes, squeezing them tightly shut against the accusation written plainly on Lex's face. "I do... It's me I don't trust."

Lex's frown deepened. "I don't understand. Clark, if you're in some kind of trouble... I can help."

Again Clark shook his head, denying him. "No, I'm not... At least, not yet," he added bitterly. "Lex, I really wish you'd leave this alone."

"How can I when you refuse to explain? Do we have another Phelan on our hands?" he asked anxiously.

"No, it's not like that..."

Lex reached out to rest a friendly hand on Clark's shoulder again and was startled when he flinched back, pulling away from the touch. It was such an un-Clark-like reaction.

"Clark, has someone hurt you?" he demanded sharply.

"No! Look, I really have to be going now. I have chores to do and you know what my Dad's like..." Clark sounded almost desperate.

It was Lex's turn to shake his head. "No you don't. You told me that you had a couple of hours free when you got here. It hasn't been that long." This time when he reached for him, Lex managed to catch hold of Clark's arm, holding him in place. "Clark, tell me what's wrong. Please."

Lex couldn't remember having seen Clark look this miserable before. He really didn't understand what could have got his friend this upset and edgy. "Clark?"

"Please let go of me." Clark's voice was a trifle unsteady, but determined.

Relenting, Lex released him and stepped back just a little. "Talk to me..."

"I can't..." Once more that vague edge of desperation was evident. "If I do you'll probably never speak to me again and... well, I don't want that to happen."

"Clark, there is nothing you can have done that could possibly be bad enough to make me stop talking to you." Lex tried what he hoped was a reassuring smile. He wanted to ease the tension he could feel radiating off his friend in waves.

"It's not what I have done," Clark said finally, seeing that Lex remained determined. His own resolve wavered, but he forged on. "It's what I want to do."

"Which is?" Lex looked up at him, questioning.

Clark took a deep breath. He'd come this far, no point in backing down now. And Lex had said that he wanted to know, that nothing could be that bad... Pulling himself up to his full height and reminding himself that there was nothing Lex could realistically do to harm him, Clark met Lex's stare head-on.

"I want... I want to kiss you," he blurted out. "And I want to..." Clark could see the startled look in Lex's eyes, the deepening shock that seemed to darken their clear blue. Miserably certain of his friend's reaction, he trailed off into an indistinct mumble. "I want to... do other things with you too. I... keep having dreams about it. Satisfied?"

Clark shot Lex a quick defiant look and then spun away, heading for the door as fast as he dared to move. He really didn't want to stay and see the expression of shock give way to outright disgust on Lex's face.

"Wait! Clark, stop!" Lex called out after him.

"What's the point?" Clark knew he was being petulant, but he didn't care.

"What?" Lex sounded almost angry. "Damn it, you can't just drop something like that into the conversation and then turn your back on me and walk away!"

"Why not?"

Lex made a small huff of sound that Clark couldn't interpret, then, "Because I think we need to talk about it."

"What's there to say, Lex?" Bitterness was bleeding into his voice again. "I disgust you and..."

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" This time Lex was definitely angry.

"I disgust you," Clark repeated. "I mean... what normal guy thinks things like that about his best friend... his male best friend?"

Lex gave a short laugh. The sound had nothing at all to do with amusement. "Well, probably one who is, at the very least, bisexual. Clark, will you please come back here and discuss this rationally. Running away isn't going to solve anything, believe me. And I'm not disgusted or offended, I promise you."

"You're not?" Clark let a trace of hope colour his tone.

"Why would I be?"

"I thought..."

"You thought I was homophobic?" Lex interrupted sharply. "Sorry, Clark, but you've got the wrong guy. Now, will you please turn around. I can't have this conversation with your back!"

Slowly Clark turned, looking across at his friend anxiously. Lex certainly didn't seem especially put out. In fact, when he managed to catch Clark's eye he smiled. Then he sat down on the couch and patted the cushion beside him. Still a little uncertain, Clark took the offered seat.

"Clark, I've had... relationships with guys before," said Lex without preamble. There was no point in dancing around the truth, it wouldn't help Clark. "I admit it's not exactly something I advertise - my father went to considerable trouble to hide the evidence."

"But... Victoria?" Clark frowned.

"You like Lana," Lex pointed out. "I like women well enough too. It's not that unusual, Clark."

"I just... I thought..." Clark wasn't entirely sure what he'd thought.

Lex pursed his lips, studying his friend. "So, I'm assuming this is the first time you've had these kind of thoughts about another guy then."

"Yes." Clark ducked his head, blushing.

Lex smiled softly. "I'm flattered."

"You are?"

Hazel eyes peered up through a fringe of dark lashes and Lex drew in a sharp breath as the naked trust in Clark's gaze hit him squarely in the gut... and lower.

"Clark..." Carefully Lex reached out, brushing the backs of his fingers down Clark's cheek. He knew he should be thinking about how young the boy was, but the faint rasp of stubble against his skin only served to remind him that Clark was anything but a child. Lex decided on honesty. "I've been wanting to kiss you since the first day we met."

"You have?" Clark sounded surprised.

The fingers reached Clark's lips and stroked across them gently, feeling their softness. "Well, I don't exactly remember the first time it happened."

"The first...?" Clark's eyes widened. "When I gave you the kiss of life?"

Lex nodded. "Can I kiss you, Clark?"

"Oh God, yes!"

Lex smiled at the unguarded eagerness in Clark's face. He slid his fingers round the back of Clark's head, cupping it delicately. Then he tugged gently, pulling Clark close enough to kiss.

That first press of mouth on mouth was tentative, sweet and, at the same time, almost unbearably hot. It was nothing at all like it had felt to breathe life between cold, unmoving lips. Then all Clark had been able to taste was stale river water tinged with motor oil. Now his lips burned with the pure, undiluted flavour of Lex. Not even the best of his dreams and fantasies had come close to the reality... and Lex wasn't even kissing him properly yet.

This was an almost chaste caress, Lex's mouth barely brushing over his own. It could even have been construed as something innocent - a gesture of brotherly affection perhaps - until the moment that Lex's tongue stole out, its tip teasing at Clark's lips with soft, lazy strokes. And at that point all pretence of innocence went out the window as Clark opened his mouth to the gentle incursion and then let his own tongue join in the fun.

Clark felt rather than heard the gasp Lex gave as he slid his tongue over the other man's, wanting to chase the intriguing taste back to its source. He quickly decided that inside Lex's mouth was a good place to be... hot, sweet and slick.

And once he got the message that Clark had no intention of trying to guard his virtue like the hesitant virgin he ought to be, Lex dove into the kiss with equal enthusiasm. His grip on the boy's head tightened, becoming more aggressive as his fingers dug deep into soft, raven hair that felt like skin-warmed silk to his touch.

Clark responded by reaching out with both hands and forcefully tugging at Lex until he managed to turn him and then drag him bodily into his lap. That was a good thing too, as Lex promptly straddled his thighs and pressed down against him, flexing his hips with a sinuous grace. And in a very short space of time neither of them could have been left with any doubts as to just how much this was turning both of them on.

Lex used the angle that being braced over Clark gave him to deepen the kiss. His tongue thrust into Clark's sweet mouth, echoing the rocking motion of his hips. Clark's face was tilted up towards him and Lex found that he had to close his eyes to block out the sight of it, flushed, beautiful and incongruously angelic. The expression Clark wore was so open and trusting that it tore at Lex's control until he found himself close to coming, just from the frantic intensity of the kiss.

Truthfully, Clark wasn't much better off. The weight of Lex in his lap, rocking steadily against his cock, building sensation along with body heat was rapidly driving him wild. It was so tempting to just let the feelings boil over and carry them both away. But after his recent spate of arousing dreams Clark was intimately acquainted with the downside of damp, sticky boxers and it was enough... just, to hold him back. He clamped his hands firmly on Lex's hips, regretfully stilling the delightful movements and then carefully disengaged from the breath-stealing kiss.


As Lex's eyes flew open Clark gave a small gasp of surprise. He'd never seen so much heat in that blue gaze... wide-eyed and hungry, the pupils dilated with pure arousal.

"Why did you stop?"

The low voice was rough with a need that startled Clark. It was like nothing he'd heard from Lex before and the intensity of it made his heart pound. God, if Lex always sounded like that when he had sex he wouldn't need to lay a finger on him, Clark thought wildly. Just a couple of minutes of talking dirty in that husky voice would be enough to make him come. And that reminded Clark of why he had stopped Lex.

"I need to get my clothes off," Clark insisted, blushing. "Now!"

"Why? Much as I'm inclined to applaud your enthusiasm there's no rush, Clark. This feels just fine to me," Lex responded with a lazy smile. "I'm not ready to move quite yet." The fact that his hips were held in an iron grip didn't stop Lex from leaning in for another deep, open-mouthed kiss.

"Lex, no!" Clark tore his mouth away, panting. "Please, I have to wear these clothes home..."

All at once a knowing smirk bloomed on Lex's lips. He leaned close again, his mouth just brushing Clark's ear as he spoke. "Are you that close to coming, Clark? Just from a kiss?"

Clark groaned, the low, sexy whisper tying him in knots. "Lex..."

Soft laughter made him shiver as Lex slid one hand slowly down the side of Clark's neck, then drew it round to trace a path over his chest before slipping lower, disappearing out of sight between their close- pressed bodies. The sudden pressure of Lex's palm against his swollen crotch drew a deeper moan from Clark as he arched into the touch.

"Oh, you are, aren't you..."

Lex's voice wound round him like a web of silk, insubstantial but strong. Clark couldn't have broken free if he'd wanted to... And when Lex's hand stroked him again he really didn't want to. Clark squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip to keep from giving voice to another moan as the clever fingers rubbed him through the worn denim of his jeans. Finally, though, Lex relented, working at the zipper until it parted enough to ease the pressure on Clark's cock just a little. Clark let his head drop back, a small sound of relief escaping him.

"Here, or upstairs?" Warm breath caressed his skin again as Lex spoke.

"Here... can't move..." Clark could barely think, let alone muster the coordination required to navigate stairs.

"Mmm, good choice."

And then the heat and weight of Lex was gone with a suddenness that startled Clark's eyes open. Looking up, he would have protested, but Lex was leaning over him, smiling. Then the warm hands were sliding over his chest, pushing at his shirt... and that was all right, because it meant Lex wasn't having second thoughts after all. So Clark cooperated willingly as Lex stripped him out of the soft blue flannel and the rumpled grey T-shirt he was wearing underneath.

"Beautiful..." was all Clark heard before Lex retreated again, bending to remove his shoes and socks before returning to the already opened jeans. Clark needed very little urging to raise himself enough for Lex to pull both the jeans and the boxers he wore under them down to his knees. Even as Clark was sinking back into the soft embrace of the couch Lex was tugging at the bunched material, getting it the rest of the way off and tossing the wadded up clothes carelessly across the room.

Clark tried to catch hold of Lex as he stood up again, but he stepped back out of reach. Before Clark could protest, Lex was moving with fluid grace, pulling his own shirt over his head and dropping it on the floor with casual disregard for the expensive fabric. Clark's mouth fell open in surprise as he got his first good look at Lex. His skin was pale and completely smooth over perfectly sculpted muscles... not at all the body of a soft, pampered businessman that Clark had somehow expected under the beautifully tailored jackets. Evidently the workout equipment Lex kept in the house wasn't just for show.

A small smile quirked Lex's lips, as if he knew exactly what Clark was thinking. Then he was toeing off his shoes and socks and dropping a hand to the waistband of his immaculate black pants to work the button open. The zip slid down easily after that and then Lex was slipping unselfconsciously out of the rest of his clothes. At which point Clark could see that Lex was just as pale and smooth and perfect below the waist as he was above.

Lex posed artfully for just a moment, letting Clark look his fill. Then he moved with that same easy grace back towards Clark.

"Now, where were we...?" Lex purred, eyes glittering as he stopped in front of him.

"I..." Clark swallowed, his eyes sweeping Lex from head to toe and a few interesting places in between. Then he made a decision. "Right here..." he continued, reaching out for Lex and pulling him firmly back down into his lap.

Lex laughed as he found himself suddenly sprawled across Clark, skin to skin. It was a low, sensual sound that bubbled up from deep in his chest and Lex revelled in the feelings that prompted it. This was perfect... and he was happy.

"So we were..." he agreed equably.

With some carefully orchestrated squirming - that not entirely coincidentally resulted in Lex's body making contact with a great deal of Clark's warm, lightly tanned skin - Lex managed to manoeuvre himself back onto his knees so that he was once again straddling Clark's thighs. This particular arrangement had a number of advantages and Lex set about utilising one of them right away. He braced his hands on the back of the couch and leaned in to kiss the boy again.

A sigh of approval escaped Clark as Lex's mouth descended on his, hot and wet and demanding. As their tongues duelled, Clark slid his hands around Lex's slim waist, pulling him in even closer. If he thought the sensation of their cocks rubbing together through layers of fabric had been good, it was nothing compared to the sweet, slick slide of bare flesh that he felt now. And Lex was moving against him, rocking in his lap and painting heat and wetness on his stomach with every slow thrust of his hips.

Clark felt his own cock jump in response, leaking moisture onto Lex's skin as he pressed back, arching up into the wonderful, unfamiliar sensations. He let one hand glide up over the smooth, pale back, feeling the film of sweat that started to slick it as Lex's movements became faster, more demanding. The other dropped to cup the curves of Lex's ass, muscles bunching and relaxing against his palm as Lex moved.

Now Lex's lips had strayed away from his mouth, roaming over Clark's face and neck, tasting everywhere. The sharp sensation of teeth closing on his skin made Clark jump. It stung his nerves to wakefulness, though he knew Lex couldn't actually hurt him. He wondered if Lex realised that too as he sucked at Clark's throat avidly. He seemed set on marking his territory, but Clark doubted that Lex would even be able to redden the surface of his skin.

In the heat of the moment Clark couldn't bring himself to care that his body might be revealing his secrets, everything simply felt too good. And something even better was so close, teasing at his nerve endings with a promise of intense pleasure. That feeling grew as Lex rubbed against him sinuously, trapping both their cocks between hard muscle and hot, slick skin.

Needing just a little more, Clark now slid both his hands down to curve around Lex's backside. The muscles flexed and relaxed with each thrust and Clark tightened his grip, pulling him in as close as he could. He'd dreamed of Lex's ass, hot and tight, but his imagination couldn't do justice to the reality of having the smooth, soft skin under his hands.

Remembering his dreams made Clark groan and buck up harder against the lean form in his lap. Not that Lex was smirking now. His eyes were closed and his face wore an expression of perfect concentration. But he seemed distant... disconnected somehow, and Clark wanted to see something more in the pale features. He wanted Lex right there in the moment with him.

As he stroked and kneaded Lex's flesh, Clark let the fingers of one hand go exploring. They dipped into the dark warmth between Lex's cheeks, in search of the means to destroy Lex's composure and leave him open to Clark and the spiralling sensations that were building between them. Clark's fingertips found the small ring of muscle, brushed over it carefully once, then pressed against it more firmly.

At the touch, Lex's eyes flew open.

"Clark!" he gasped, rocking back against the intrusive finger instinctively.

"Do you like that?" Hazel eyes stared into Lex's earnestly. Clark had to ask; he didn't want to hurt Lex, after all.

"Yes." Dark voice, husky, redolent with sex. "Again!"

Peremptory, demanding, and Clark loved the way Lex sounded when he spoke like that. So he did as Lex asked, rubbing over the tight hole until Lex seemed to melt against him, boneless, blanketing him in heat and sensation.


"Inside, now!" Lex rasped, his eyes intent on Clark's face. "One finger won't hurt me. Just wet it... Want to feel you when I come."

And how could he refuse that? Clark brought his hand up to his mouth and wet his fingers quickly, tasting the earthiness of Lex's skin on them as he sucked them between his lips. Lex's desperate moan tied his inside in knots and Clark was breathing hard as he trailed his damp fingers down the long planes of Lex's back. They slipped into the close heat of his cleft, finding the puckered entrance again. Clark pressed harder against the small hole this time, feeling the ring of muscle start to relax. His fingertip kept on pushing and finally it slid inside.

Lex gasped, a sharp, harsh sound. But he bore down on Clark's finger when he tried to withdraw, whispering breathlessly, "I'm fine, don't stop."

It was all the reassurance Clark was going to get and all he needed. Lex was tight and hot around him, pulling him in... and Clark couldn't begin to imagine how it would feel if that were his cock instead of his finger. Only, he could... if he tried.

Lex's movements were becoming more frantic, hard and fast thrusts that smeared pre-come all over Clark's stomach as well as his own. Clark rocked with him, fucking him carefully with the finger that was now buried as far inside Lex as he could reach. Lex was moaning softly, murmuring words Clark couldn't quite decipher with Lex's face buried in the curve of his neck. He decided it probably didn't matter when he felt Lex tense and then thrust hard, wet heat spilling between them as Lex shuddered against him helplessly.

His teeth closed on Clark's throat again and the sensation was enough to send Clark over the edge as well. His thoughts spiralled away into incoherence, replaced by a pleasure far more intense than the touch of his own hand had ever been able to evoke.

They clung together as they rode out the tremors, their bodies hot and slick with sweat and come. Still clinging, they shivered as the aftershocks abated, leaving the beads of moisture to cool on their skin.

Clark slumped back into the luxurious embrace of the couch as a bone-deep lassitude enveloped him. He couldn't remember ever feeling so drained whilst still being in possession of his powers. It was... nice, satisfying, somehow refreshingly normal. Clark felt a smile curving his lips as he noted that Lex didn't seem to be in much better shape. In fact, at that precise moment, Lex collapsed on top of him, his head pillowed on a convenient shoulder. And he was heavier than he looked when his muscles relaxed completely like that, though Clark didn't really mind.

The warm weight was something of a reassurance in itself as Clark carefully eased his finger out of Lex's body while trying not to think too closely about what they'd just done. Sex... Messy and pleasurable and... God! He'd just had sex with Lex, in Lex's study no less... and Lex seemed blissfully untroubled by that fact.

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