This lists all of my works in progress - irrespective of fandom - which have made it beyond the idea stage and have actually had something written. There are a lot more that exist as just scribbled ideas, but it seemed a bit OTT to list them as well. The fandom, plus the pairing, are given at the end of each description. As a number of these stories (namely the DS9 ones) may well never be completed I'm going to post what's been done so far for anyone who might be interested. If there is enough interest in any of them I might be persuaded to reconsider! Of course, being works in progress, the final versions of any of these stories can, and probably will, change from what you see here.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Out of Touch - My first, and worst, attempt at Bashir fanfic! This is what I refer to as my 'Julian Crusoe' story. After his runabout crashes on a planet Julian is rescued by a 'Girl Friday' who has also been stranded in a crash. This one really is unlikely ever to be completed, which is probably for the best!! Approach with caution - now I know why I don't write hetsmut any more! :-) NC-17  B/ofc

Deadly Moves - A rewrite of the episode "Empok Nor" as seen through Garak's eyes, but with one significant difference. Julian's along for the ride instead of Nog... R/NC-17 - I'm not quite sure which yet! G/B

It Must Have Been Love - Relationships don't always work out. Julian and Garak each speculate about what went wrong with theirs and what they will miss about their partner. R  (probably) G/B

Heart to Heart - When Julian finds himself looking for some one on one conversation, an advertising card he comes across in Quark's seems to be the answer to his prayers. Just who is on the other end of the comm channel though? NC-17  G/B


The Rapprochement series - D/M

ii) No title yet, but this segment will pick up right after "Alternatives" and deal with Mac's efforts to hold out an olive branch to Methos that the oldest Immortal isn't sure he wants to accept.

The Spaces series - D/M

ii) Untitled - Methos POV on his departure - things aren't quite as straightforward as Duncan would have us think.

iii) Untitled - Methos returns, but can he and Duncan find a mutually acceptable basis for continuing their relationship?

Clothes Maketh the Man (or From Top to Bottom) - Methos, Duncan and a sequinned ballgown - it really is a little tricky to explain - with a guest appearance by Amanda in the role of wardrobe consultant.  NC-17 D/M

Unforgivable Sinner - After Alexa's death Methos must find a way to give his life meaning again.  Rating - ? D/M   *Added 09/05/02*

Wall of Silence - Amanda wants to get Duncan and Methos talking to one another again after Methos leaves at the end of 'Forgive us our trespasses'. Meanwhile, Methos is feeling distinctly left out.   NC-17 D/M  *Added 19/08/01 - basically complete, but requiring updates following betaing*

When the Madness Stops - After the Double Quickening in Bordeaux Duncan feels compelled to exact his own revenge from Methos for having kept his past with the Horsemen a secret from him. NC-17 non cons  D/M

Something that never really had a name - The obligatory post-Horsemen reconciliation story and worse, a song fic...  NC-17 D/M    *Updated 19/02/01*

Untitled - When Methos takes a spate of Quickenings in a short space of time he discovers there may not be more room inside him...  NC-17 D/M   *Added 09/05/02*

Untitled - Methos finds himself being used as a pawn in an unknown Immortal's game with Duncan.  Rating - ?   *Added 09/05/02*

Highlander crossovers

God of War - retired... - Two old friends reminisce about the good old days over a beer.  HL-Xena crossover

Lazarus - Adam Pierson meets Alex Taylor in a pub in London and sees more than a little of himself in the ex-medical student.  NC-17 Medics-HL crossover - Methos/Alex   *Updated 19/02/01*

Queen of Swords

Untitled - A 'missing scene' from "Vengeance" set after Montoya catches Doctor Helm snooping around the assassin's hotel room. God help me, but I seem to have acquired a slut!Helm Muse... NC-17 Helm/Montoya   *Added 19/08/01*

Untitled - sequel to "The Moth" in which Grisham tries to blackmail Doctor Helm believing he is already in a relationship with Montoya. Needless to say, the good doctor doesn't have a clue what he's talking about....


The Four Seasons series - M/K

Three sequels to "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"... one encounter for each of summer, autumn and winter to follow on from the events of spring.  NC-17

From Eroica With Love

All The Answers - After Dorian takes an unexpected chance to steal a kiss from Klaus, the major finds himself with some unanswered questions. But the only way he can get the answers he needs is to ask Dorian to kiss him again...  R/NC-17  Dorian/Klaus   *Added 19/08/01*

Untitled - In a fit of pique Dorian calls Klaus a coward for refusing his affections and the major can only think of one way to show him he's wrong. But how far will Dorian be prepared to let him take things just to prove a point...  NC-17  Dorian/Klaus

"The Klosters story" - Dorian decides to take his lover skiing, but when has Eroica ever done anything by halves? So, Klosters and a private chalet it is...  NC-17  Dorian/Klaus

"The injured Klaus story" - When the ground, quite literally, falls out from under Klaus' feet Dorian has to pick up the pieces.  Rating up in the air  Dorian/Klaus  *Added 10/02/02*

Fire and Ice - The loss of one of his agents affects Klaus far more profoundly than on previous such occasions and his subsequent actions are a cause for concern to all those around him.  NC-17  Dorian/Klaus   *Added 20/07/02*

Untitled - When the Alexander the Great breastplate is stolen from the Metropolis Museum and one of Eroica's calling cards left in its place, Klaus makes it his business to recover the item. While Lex has to deal with the NATO officer Clark makes an interesting new friend in Smallville.  Eroica/Smallville crossover.  Rating - ?  Dorian/Klaus  Clark/Lex   *Added 20/07/02*


Untitled - After the events of Jitters, Lex ponders on truth, lies and the need to be loved...  Rating -?   Clark/Lex

Untitled - Lex's penchant for knowing smirks is driving Clark crazy...  NC-17  Clark/Lex   *Added 09/05/02*

Dirty - Lex feels the need to take a walk down memory lane...  NC-17  Lex/m  Clark/Lex

Lex snippet - Technically speaking this isn't a work in progress, it's more by way of a plotbunny... only I don't actually have a story to go with it yet. So, all suggestions gratefully received...  Rating - ?  Clark/Lex probably   *Added 09/05/02*

Untitled - After the events of the episode Nicodemus Lex decides to do some experimenting of his own with the Nicodemus flower...  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Untitled - When the Alexander the Great breastplate is stolen from the Metropolis Museum and one of Eroica's calling cards left in its place, Klaus makes it his business to recover the item. While Lex has to deal with the NATO officer Clark makes an interesting new friend in Smallville.  Eroica/Smallville crossover.  Rating - ?  Dorian/Klaus  Clark/Lex   *Added 20/07/02*

Here - Lex enjoys some quiet time with Clark.  This story has been accepted for zine publication, details to follow.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Alas, the Storm is Come Again - Lionel uses extreme methods to try and convince Lex not to pursue the employee buyout of the plant.  NC-17  incest, rape  Lionel/Lex  Clark/Lex   *Added 20/07/02*

Lead Me On - Clark discovers Lex has hired a karaoke machine for his 17th birthday party and decides to give it a test run...  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Surrender - ClexFest challenge: Clark finds Lex and Lionel having sex. How does Lex explain what's going on and how does Clark help Lex get out of the situation? Challenge reply should not 'romanticize' or excuse incest in any way. Angst, but happy end.  NC-17 incest, non cons  Lionel/Lex  Clark/Lex

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