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NOTE: This piece of silliness is a vain attempt at the style of Ruth Gifford after rereading "The Captain's Saddle"!


by Karen Colohan

Keiko O'Brien writhed in her restraints as the switch came down once more on her bare ass.

"Ten - thank you, Ma'am."

Oh, she had forgotten how delightful it could be to offer oneself up for punishment like this. Miles was so unbelievably conservative in his sexual habits. With him it was the missionary position or nothing! Now, spreadeagled across her mistress' bed with her wrists and ankles held immobile Keiko was more deeply aroused than she'd been in a long time. She also knew she was on the verge of coming again - which was precisely what had won her this punishment in the first place.

Keiko had promised her mistress complete obedience, but how quickly she had failed by coming without permission. And yet the provocation had been so intense. She had been invited to pleasure her mistress - the beautiful, lithe body had been offered to her and she had served her mistress well. Keiko had been rewarded by the touch of her mistress' surprisingly skilled fingers, but there had been that one proviso - she was not to come until she was given leave...

"Eleven - thank you, Ma'am." Keiko paused and then dared to speak again. "Mistress, forgive me, but... please, let me come. I - beg you..."

The switch did not complete its twelfth stroke. Instead the sound of slim stiletto heels clicking on the floor rang loud in Keiko's ears and a pair of long legs encased in black stockings moved into her line of sight. Her mistress bent down to whisper in Keiko's ear as a deceptively gentle hand caressed the reddened skin of her ass.

"Did I give you leave to speak to me?" The voice was soft, but commanding.

"No, Ma'am, but..."

"What did I tell you to do?"

"I - you told me to count your strokes, Ma'am."

"Exactly. Surely a simple enough task! I did not give you permission to do or say anything else. Most especially I did not give you leave to come! You try my patience; you will be punished further." The lithe figure straightened up and retreated from sight.

"Thank you, Ma'am," husked Keiko with a feeling of intermingled dread and anticipation. She would do her utmost to obey her mistress, but failure was inevitable. She was so close... What punishment would a further transgression bring? Keiko felt the tingle of orgasm begin before the next stroke even landed on her already roughened skin.

"Twelve - thank.... Ohhhh!" Sensation rolled over Keiko and she guiltily cried out her delight. In the midst of her pleasure the advent of a sudden swishing noise registered on Keiko's brain - it was the sound of the door opening!

"What on... Keiko?!" A startled sounding, but very familiar voice cut through the haze of Keiko's pleasure.

Oh no... Keiko squeezed her eyes tightly shut and wished the floor would open up and swallow her as she waited for the lecture she was certain was coming. It didn't. Instead the newcomer's outrage was swiftly directed at a new target.

"WESLEY! Are those my stockings?!!"

"Mom... I CAN explain..."

The End

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