DISCLAIMER - Not mine, I couldn't afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I'll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I'm done with them. Story, such as it is, copyright Karen Colohan, November 2003.

Author's notes - This was meant to be for both Semisuper's Talk Dirty To Me Challenge and Thamiris' Lewd Licks of Love Challenge, but me being me, any and all deadlines are a distant memory. With thanks to Barbara for betaing.

"Tell me, Clark, what do you want me to do?"

Lex was braced over Clark on his hands and knees, stark naked with his cock curving against his stomach, hard and leaking. All things considered, he still managed to look remarkably poised.

Eyes wide, Clark stared up at him. Lex expected him to speak, to form actual words... now.

Judging by the look on Lex's face, that was a yes.

Clark swallowed hard as he tried to decide what to ask for. The simple truth was that he wanted it all, everything Lex was prepared to do for and to him. Didn't he already know that?

Lex's expression remained expectant as he said, "Isn't there anything you'd like, Clark? We can always stop, if you prefer."

Appalled by the suggestion, Clark shook his head vigorously.

"You'll have to make yourself clearer than that," Lex insisted. "Are you telling me to stop?"

Clark gave another emphatic head shake.

"That's good," Lex purred, leaning closer. His breath was warm against Clark's cheek as he added, "Tell me, then."

Before Clark could construct an answer, Lex slid off of him, body moving with fluid grace. He dropped onto the bed at Clark's side, propped up on one elbow, still watching him.

Clark groaned at Lex's withdrawal, every inch of his skin protesting the loss.

A teasing grin tugged at Lex's lips.

"You seem to be finding this hard, Clark," he said. "Do you need a few suggestions?"

In lieu of words, Clark nodded, his expression brightening.

"All right, stop me when you hear something that appeals to you." Lex's lashes dipped, veiling the blue glitter of his eyes for a moment. "Let me see..."

Lex's gaze swept lazily over Clark, starting at his face and slowly moving downward.

"Hm, I can think of plenty of things I could do with that sweet mouth of yours," he began thoughtfully.

Leaning over, Lex brushed a quick kiss across Clark's lips. Barely there, the touch was gone before Clark could think enough to react to it.

Licking his own lips, Lex tilted his head to one side, considering. "Very nice, though perhaps the situation calls for something more than just kissing. Maybe you'd like to suck my cock instead."

Reaching down, Lex gave the hard length a careful stroke, gasping a little as his fingers glided across the tip. Clark's eyes followed the movement of Lex's hand avidly, but before he could speak Lex was shaking his head.

"No, I don't think so," he said, ignoring Clark's frustrated groan. "This is supposed to be something for you, not me. So, asking you to suck my cock really wouldn't be fair."

"Lex..." Clark protested, finally finding his voice. He wasn't allowed to continue, though, as Lex pressed a single fingertip against his lips, silencing him.

"No, really, it's all right, Clark. I'm sure I can think of something you'll like." Lex gave the base of his cock a hard squeeze before letting go.

Clark sighed in disappointment when Lex also withdrew the finger that had been touching his mouth. It hadn't been much, but at least it had been contact of some kind. His skin itched for Lex's touch, anywhere, in any way.

He gave a sharp gasp when his wish was suddenly granted as Lex leaned across and swiped his tongue briefly over Clark's nipples. Hot and wet, the slow licks made Clark's whole body shudder. They didn't last anything like long enough, though.

After only a few moments, Lex drew away once more. He smiled down at Clark, watching him squirm. "Did you like that?" he asked.

"God, yes!" Clark panted, hoping that Lex would do it again.

The smile turned wicked as Lex moved closer, his mouth just inches from Clark's ear.

"Then imagine how good it will feel when my tongue is licking every inch of your body, Clark," he murmured. "Perhaps I'll try your cock next. That always tastes good. Or maybe I'll spread your legs so that I can work my way down to your ass. I could push my tongue inside you, fucking you with it until you're wet and loose and ready for my cock. Would you like that?"

This time Clark moaned loudly. "Yes! That's what I want, Lex. Please!"

Lex pulled back just far enough so that he could see Clark's face.

"Tell me, Clark," he insisted. "I want to hear you say it for me. Tell me exactly what you want."

Clark flushed, the red blush heating his skin. He begged with his eyes, but it was clear Lex wasn't going to move until he did what he asked.

"I want you to fuck me, Lex," he groaned.

Lex stared at him in approval, but still held back, not touching.

"I want your tongue in me first," Clark continued, his voice sounding rough with need. "Then, when you've made me wet and open for you, I want your cock."

Swooping down, Lex kissed him hard, nipping at his bottom lip. His hand grabbed a fistful of Clark's dark curls, tilting his head back so that he could suck on his Adam's apple, teeth scraping across his skin.

"I thought you'd never ask," Lex breathed between kisses. "Fuck, it makes me so hot to hear you say it, those words coming out of that sweet mouth of yours. So perfect..."

"Now, Lex, please!" Clark was begging unashamedly now, but he didn't care. As far as he was concerned, Lex talking dirty was hot, but Lex inside him, tongue or cock, would be hotter still.

Lex flashed him a quick grin, then said, "Roll over for me, Clark, make yourself comfortable."

Clark did as he was told, even though the friction of the sheets on his swollen cock was like torture. As soon as he was settled he felt Lex move over him, hands carefully spreading his ass. Clark found himself panting in anticipation, trying not to grind against the mattress, wanting the feeling to last.

At the first hot, wet sweep of Lex's tongue across his hole, Clark buried his face in the pillows to muffle a scream. The rough lapping felt wonderful and he wanted more of it desperately. His hips bucked involuntarily and at the abrupt movement Lex pulled away. Clark moaned in frustration, his hands rumpling the bedding underneath him.

Warm breath ghosted over skin that suddenly seemed far too sensitive. Then Lex nipped Clark's ass cheek, focusing his attention sharply.

"Lex!" he protested when no further contact was forthcoming.

Without warning, Lex's tongue returned to its original objective, probing deep into Clark's ass.

Clark groaned and began humping the mattress again. This time Lex didn't stop him, just riding the jerky movements. A few more slick, messy thrusts and it was all over. Clark shuddered as he came, spilling onto the sweat-damp sheet under him.

He moaned softly as Lex gave his ass a few more slow licks. Clark's muscles felt like water and he quivered at the touch, slowly coming down from the high of his orgasm.

Finally, Lex drew away.

With an effort, Clark flopped onto his back. Words still seemed like an impossibility as Clark's breathing slowly evened out, gradually returning to normal. Looking up, he was transfixed by the sight of Lex lazily licking his lips. It was enough to wring a few more shivers out of Clark.

His reaction made Lex smile. "I'd ask if that was good for you, but I think I already have my answer."

Lex's hand caressed Clark's spent cock, making the sensitive flesh twitch.

Clark covered the roving fingers with his own, stilling their movement. "You told me you'd fuck me," he said, meeting Lex's blue gaze.

"And I will," Lex promised. "Just as soon as I'm up to the task."

His expression was self-deprecating and Clark's eyes immediately darted down to Lex's lap. His eyebrows rose as he noticed the lax state of Lex's cock and the smear of come drying on the smooth skin of his stomach.

"You, um... just by licking me?" Clark asked, surprised. He looked up again, feeling the heat rise in his cheeks at the thought of Lex enjoying it that much.

Lex gave a quick grin. "What can I say? You have a sexy ass."

Clark chuckled, but a pleased smile plastered itself across his face. "You really like doing that to me that much? I - wow!"

"You mean, do I like to fuck your ass with my tongue?" Lex queried, smirking knowingly.

On cue, Clark blushed again as he nodded.

Lex shook his head. "You were so much more eloquent when you wanted to come," he said with mock sadness.

"Why do you need me to say it, Lex?" Clark pushed himself up on his elbows, looking to Lex for an answer with genuine curiosity.

"I told you before," Lex replied. "I like to hear that pretty mouth of yours begging me for the kind of things an innocent farm boy really shouldn't even know that he wants."

"I'm hardly innocent any more, Lex," Clark protested, torn between being amused and annoyed.

Lex's brows rose, underlining his scepticism. "Really, Clark?"

Sitting the rest of the way up, Clark moved until he was eye to eye with Lex.

"No, I'm not," he said firmly. "Because right now I want to push you down on the bed and roll you over so that I can see if your ass tastes as good as you seem to think mine does."

Lex said nothing, simply meeting Clark's gaze with a challenge in his own.

Clark's eyes narrowed and then he grinned. A second later he pounced on Lex, wrestling him onto the mattress, face down. Clark stretched out over him, using his weight to pin Lex in place. When he lay still, Clark slid down until he could reach Lex's ass, turning to administer a sharp bite to one cheek.

Instead of the protest Clark had expected, Lex arched up off the bed with a pleased sigh.

"Lex?" Clark said, his eyes widening in surprise.

Turning his head on the pillow Lex asked, "What does a guy have to do around here to get fucked?"

He rubbed against the sheets in obvious frustration.

A smug look crept over Clark's face as he settled more comfortably between Lex's thighs.

"You just have to ask," he replied.

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