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Author's note - Okay, you can blame this bunny on Thamiris and Hope and their little exchange about church architecture on the ClarkLex list!

Caught mid-step, Clark stood in the doorway to the library and watched in silent appreciation.

Seated at his desk in a pose of total concentration, eyes fixed avidly on the computer screen in front of him... Lex.

Indeed, Lex looked as if nothing else existed in his entire world at that moment, though Clark was well aware that wasn't true.

He smiled fondly to himself as he considered how utterly false that supposition was. Just one word, or a single step through the door right now - that was all it would take, Clark knew. All he needed to do was announce his presence and, doubtless, Lex would prove it to him all over again.

But, Clark wasn't sure he wanted to disturb all that focused intensity. There was a beauty to Lex in his stillness. It was highlighted by the play of colour over his face and smooth scalp, painted there by the sun shining through the stained glass of the library windows. The ruby tint gave Lex an exotic look that made Clark itch to touch and lick the subtly shaded skin - a plan that his cock heartily approved of.

Clark smiled again, leaning against the door frame as he let his imagination roam free. He would lay Lex across the glass surface of his desk, totally naked. Lex's entire body would be brushed with those rich red patterns. Then Clark would make it his self-appointed duty to learn every inch of Lex's bared flesh, to find out if the different coloured parts tasted the same or not.

Could light and colour have a flavour, Clark wondered? It was the kind of question that would surely intrigue the scientist in Lex.

The subtle shifts Clark found it necessary to make to accommodate his growing erection apparently caused him to make some audible sound.

Lex's head came up, looking towards the door. When he saw Clark standing there, Lex relaxed back into his chair. A smile of greeting graced his lips.

"Clark, how long have you been waiting there?" Lex asked. "You should have said something."

"Not long..." Clark ducked his head, regarding Lex through his down-swept lashes. "And I really didn't mind."

"I'm sorry. I got caught up in these reports." Lex indicated the computer with a quick nod of his head.

"It's okay," Clark assured him. "I like watching you..."

Lex's smile turned from welcoming to predatory in a heartbeat. "Really?"

As he became the object of Lex's total concentration, Clark swallowed, feeling his mouth go dry. "Yes."

The ruby glow of the light filtering through the high windows still touched Lex's face. It added a flush of colour to his lips that Clark knew he simply had to taste.

Clark pushed away from the door frame he'd been leaning against and crossed the floor in a few long strides. He rounded the glass topped desk and stopped in front of Lex. Leaning down, Clark rested his hands on the arms of Lex's chair, effectively trapping him there.

"Lex," he asked thoughtfully, "can you taste a colour?"

Caught a little off guard by the odd question, Lex looked puzzled. "What?"

"Mm, it doesn't matter," Clark decided, eyeing Lex. "I can find out for myself."

Clark closed the last few inches between Lex's mouth and his own, touching their lips together softly. Curiosity to the fore, his tongue stole out, tasting.

After a long, leisurely study of the subject, Clark drew back with a pleased expression on his face. He licked his lips slowly, reconfirming what he had discovered.

The rosy hued light did, indeed, have a flavour - it tasted of Lex.

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