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by Karen Colohan

Lex paused on the threshold of the small room and glanced across at his slightly embarrassed host. "Clark, remind me again exactly what we're doing up here."

Clark shot him a sideways glance, greenish hazel eyes half-hidden behind dark lashes. "I told you. We spend so much time over at your place - and yes, I know we have to, what with how Dad feels about you - but I want you to feel at home here as well. Besides, I always wanted to, you know..." Clark cleared his throat. "I want to be with you, here in my bedroom."

It took an effort, but Lex managed to bite back the smirk that threatened to take control of his features. "You want to - be with me," he repeated thoughtfully, one pale brow arching.

Clark merely glared at him reproachfully.

It had been months since they'd taken the step from simple friendship to something more, but Clark still stumbled over his words whenever he tried to talk about sex. Lex found it endearing - a fact which he probably ought to find terribly worrying, if he stopped to think about it for long enough. It was only one step away from saying he found Clark's blushing innocence when it came to talking dirty cute, after all. And Luthors sure as hell did not do cute!

Dragging his mind back on track, Lex looked around Clark's cramped bedroom. He took in the piles of school books and the array of flannel shirts draped over various pieces of furniture, finally giving Clark's single bed the evil eye.

Leaning back against Clark's wardrobe, Lex tucked his hands into the pockets of his jacket and gave his lover a measuring stare. "Clark, as you well know, I have a perfectly comfortable bed that's actually big enough for two people back at the mansion. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the gesture, wanting to make me feel at home here, but..." Lex frowned. "Tell me, why do you really want to have sex here? Especially as your bed barely looks big enough for you on your own."

Clark blushed before saying, defensively, "It'll be fine if we snuggle up a bit."

At the mere mention of the word snuggle, Lex's eyebrows raised. That was something else no self-respecting Luthor did, after all. At least, not in so many words. "Clark..."

"All right, but you'll think I'm being stupid," Clark said finally.

Relenting, Lex pushed away from the wardrobe and strolled across to the bed. He sat down on the edge and patted the space next to him invitingly. "I won't, I promise. Now, tell me," he ordered.

After a moment's hesitation, Clark dropped down beside him and Lex waited patiently for him to say what was really on his mind. He had the feeling there was more to this than Clark simply wanting them to spend some time together at the farm.

"I just... well, I wanted my room to, to smell of you... of us," Clark mumbled eventually. He carefully avoided looking at Lex as he continued, "You smell so nice and I... well, I like it after we, you know, have sex. But it's always at your place and then I have to leave afterwards and come back here where it just smells like me." Clark quickly glanced at Lex, then back down at his hands. "So, when I knew Mom and Dad would be out today, not back until really late..."

"You asked me over here to christen your bed," Lex finished for him. He leaned against Clark, resting one hand on his thigh. Lex's fingers kneaded the strong muscles carefully, hearing the hitch in Clark's breathing.

Clark flushed again, but nodded. "It's kind of... well, like having you mark this room as your territory. I - I like the idea of that, Lex."

"And are you my territory as well, Clark?" Lex's voice had dropped to its lowest register. He turned his head until his lips rested against Clark's throat, moving on the warm skin as he spoke.

"God, yes..." Clark whispered fervently. He arched his neck, laying it bare for Lex's mouth to possess.

"So, should I mark you too?" Lex asked roughly. His tongue found the pulse point just beneath Clark's jaw, feeling the strong beat of his lover's heart. He lapped at the sensitive spot, hearing Clark gasp. "Do you want my scent on your skin?" he murmured directly into Clark's ear. "So that everyone will know you're mine."

"Ohhh, please, yessss..." came Clark's hissed reply.

He rested one of his own hands on top of Lex's, moving them both upwards to the hard swell of his cock where it stretched the front of his well worn jeans. They both gave low moans as Clark pressed down, grinding the heel of Lex's hand against his erection. It was a rough caress, completely without subtlety, and exactly what Clark needed.

"I'm yours, Lex," he whispered. "Always. Make me feel it."

"Christ, Clark!"

Lex could feel his own cock pressing against his pants, hard and insistent. Clark just kept on surprising him, and that was a good thing. Lex had never dreamed that the boy would be turned on by the idea of being possessed and marked, but if that was what he wanted... Lex felt a pleasurable shudder run through him at the thought. If Clark wanted to feel it, well, Lex was more than happy to oblige. And what the hell did the size of the bed matter? They'd manage.

Clark felt the sharp scrape of teeth against his exposed throat. He knew Lex couldn't really hurt him, but it still sent a shiver of sensation skittering along his nerves. At the same time, Lex squeezed Clark hard through his jeans. For a second Clark thought he might come just from that, but he fought off the impulse even as he arched up into the touch.

Then Lex was shifting his weight, turning so that he could push Clark onto his back. Clark moved with him, sliding all the way onto the narrow bed and stretching out. Lex followed him, poised over Clark on his hands and knees. Lex's head dropped so that he could feast on Clark's neck again, nipping and sucking at the smooth skin.

After a while Lex sat back on his heels, straddling Clark's thighs. Intent blue eyes traced the lines of his lover's throat curiously, noting that for all his efforts the tanned skin remained completely unmarked. Fingers followed the path of his gaze, touching lightly, as Lex looked up to meet Clark's half-closed eyes.

Clark flushed under the sudden, sharp scrutiny, seeing the unspoken question in Lex's stare. "Don't ask, Lex, please," he whispered. "Not - not now."

Lex continued to hold his gaze for a long moment before leaning forward and claiming Clark's mouth in a brutal kiss that spoke of both leashed anger and possession.

Feeling the rough demands of Lex's lips, Clark whimpered with pleasure. Lex had always been so much more controlled with him before. It almost felt as if he were seeing the real Lex for the first time, and Clark thought it was easily the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He strained upward, wanting more of that hungry kiss.

Breathless, Lex finally pulled back. He stared down at Clark fiercely. "You're mine now, remember that, Clark. So, soon..."

It was a clear demand, and maybe a warning too. It was a moment Clark had known would have to come once he and Lex became intimate. Lex wasn't a fool, there were things he would have to notice.

Clark met the sharp blue gaze, his own eyes troubled. Eventually, he nodded. "Soon," he promised, and wondered if it was a promise he could keep.

It seemed to satisfy Lex, at least for now. He leaned down again, renewing the rough kisses. The single word, "Mine", was breathed against Clark's lips between each one.

As Lex paused for a moment, panting lightly, Clark tilted his head back into the pillows, offering the vulnerable seeming column of his throat for more of Lex's attention.

The move didn't go unnoticed and Lex slid slowly down Clark's body. His mouth dragged gently over tanned skin, never losing contact as he tasted the curve of Clark's cheekbone and the whorl of an ear. Then Lex trailed more wet kisses down the side of his neck until he reached the hollow at the base of Clark's throat, lapping at the tender skin.

All the while Lex's fingers worked at the buttons of Clark's shirt, finally opening it to reveal the broad, strong chest underneath the worn softness of the flannel. Lex dipped his head lower, suckling the dark circles of Clark's nipples, teasing them to hardness. Then he bit down on the pebbled nubs, teeth grazing harshly.

Clark gave a helpless moan, feeling only pleasure at the sharp bites. He bucked frantically, seeking more contact with the body stretched over him. His hands curved around the smooth contours of Lex's scalp, urging him to more, harder, rougher.

When Lex responded, raking his nails across the taut skin of Clark's belly, it only made Clark thrust his hips faster and more desperately. The movement ground his swollen cock against the firm muscles of Lex's stomach and Clark groaned at the new sensations.

He wasn't allowed to enjoy them for long, though, as Lex pushed back, lifting himself away from the demanding pressure of Clark's body.

"Not so fast," Lex insisted, planting a hand in the middle of Clark's chest to hold him still.

"Lex, please," Clark begged. "I'm going to... I'm going to come."

"No, you're not - not until I say you can." Lex caught hold of Clark's chin and turned his head until their gazes locked. His expression was stern and Clark swallowed a little nervously.

"Lex..." he began a little uncertainly, but Lex shook his head and Clark fell silent again.

A slight smile tugged at Lex's mouth for a moment and he brushed his thumb gently over Clark's lips to calm him. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy this. I know you will."

Clark's eyes stared into his trustingly and he nodded his agreement. Lex patted his cheek in approval.

"All right." The note of authority was back in Lex's voice. "You told me you were mine, Clark, now you're going to prove it to me by doing exactly what I ask you to. Do you understand?"

Once again Clark nodded. When Lex didn't move he added, out loud, "Yes."

"Good." Lex seemed satisfied with his response this time. "Now, I think you're wearing too many clothes for my liking..."

With that, Lex slid off the bed with an easy grace. He bent over Clark, urging him to sit up so that Lex could pull off the already opened shirt. Dropping it on the floor, he pushed Clark back down onto the mattress, then walked to the end of the bed. Lex quickly tugged off Clark's shoes and socks, discarding them with as little care as he had the shirt.

Clark's eyes followed Lex's predatory prowl avidly. Always intense, Lex's presence seemed almost overwhelming in the close confines of his small bedroom. He was so confident and in control now and Clark shivered as Lex's fingers slowly traced the line of his waistband.

Carefully, Lex unfastened the metal button, fingers working it through the stretched buttonhole. Then he pulled the zipper down with the same deliberate care.

The slow, measured actions were almost enough to make Clark scream with frustration.

Once again Lex moved to the foot of the bed, this time dragging the well worn jeans down Clark's legs. They tangled around his ankles for a moment and then pulled free, disappearing to join Clark's other clothes on the floor. That left him clad in just a pair of blue cotton boxers, while Lex remained fully dressed, albeit a little more rumpled than usual.

It seemed completely unfair and Clark longed to catch hold of Lex and remedy the situation as fast as possible. But something in the pale blue eyes held him in place as Lex came back to the side of the bed, dropping casually down onto it.

Lex's hand reached out, smoothing over the front of Clark's boxers. The touch outlined his swollen cock against the thin material. Lex's fingertips found the darker patch of fabric, damp with pre-come, covering the head. He pressed a little harder, making Clark gasp as he fought not to come.

He was rewarded with a smile and Lex took hold of the boxers, easing them carefully down over Clark's hips, baring him completely. Clark kicked them the rest of the way off, breathing harshly as he stared up at Lex. Despite the approving curve of his lips, Lex seemed so remote and untouchable, which wasn't at all what Clark had wanted.

"Lex..." he began softly, but Lex shook his head. He reached up and placed a finger to Clark's lips, silencing him.

When Lex took his hand away, he replaced it with his mouth. He kissed Clark deeply, licking at the firm lips until they parted for him. Then his tongue dove inside, tasting and exploring. He coaxed Clark's tongue into responding, stroking over it for a moment before drawing it back into his own mouth to play. Only when they were both breathless did Lex pull back, nipping at Clark's lips and the very tip of his tongue as they finally drew apart.

"Wow!" Clark sighed when he was capable of speaking again. His tone of near reverent awe made Lex smirk smugly.

Clark looked dazed, his eyes all wide, dark pupil. He tried to ignore the insistent aching of his cock, but it was difficult when Lex's fingers sneaked down to tease it with strokes that were too light to bring the relief he needed. The sudden, sharp scrape of Lex's nails down the swollen length of the shaft tore a cry from Clark's lips. He squirmed on the bed, desperate for more.

Seeing the way Clark was moving into his touch made Lex smile. The quick flash of white teeth only reinforced the image of Lex as a predator, with Clark his willing prey.

At this point it would be so easy to bring Clark off with just a few firm strokes, but Lex wasn't ready to end their game quite yet. Besides, there was still the question of exactly how much he could do to Clark without leaving a mark on that perfect skin. Clark had said he wanted Lex to make him feel it, but what, precisely, would that take?

Clark was watching him, eyes begging mutely. Lex bent over him again, scattering a mixture of kisses and bites onto the broad chest and taut stomach. His fingers sought out the peaked nipples, abruptly pinching and twisting them viciously. Clark moaned happily at the rough handling, not seeming to find it painful at all. His cock seemed pleased by it too, spilling pre-come onto Clark's belly.

Lex trailed his fingers through the sticky liquid, still avoiding any contact with Clark's cock. Clark responded by drawing his legs up, offering himself to Lex.

"Please..." Clark begged again.

Shifting down the bed to get better access, Lex pushed Clark's thighs even further apart. His fingers were still slick with Clark's pre-come and Lex trailed them down the soft skin behind his lover's balls. Slipping back a little more, Lex circled the tight opening. He felt Clark thrust against his hand frantically, wanting him inside. Locking gazes with Clark, Lex abruptly pushed two fingers hard into his body. The ring of muscle opened for him easily, his fingers sliding into the clutching heat.

Clark gave a loud groan and had to grab the base of his cock tightly to keep from coming on the spot. When Lex curled his fingers, pressing on his prostate, Clark bit his lip hard to keep from screaming out his pleasure. He rocked against Lex's hand, fucking himself on the invading fingers.

Lex watched the wanton display, feeling his own cock aching in sympathy with Clark's. God, he was amazing like this. Lex knew he had to fuck Clark before they both went insane with need.

Ignoring Clark's protests and the tight clench of his muscles as they tried to hold him inside, Lex pulled his fingers free. Clark was begging desperately, reaching for him as Lex stood up. With scant regard for the expensive fabrics he was ripping, Lex began to strip off his clothes with frantic speed.

"Clark, do you have something?" Lex asked, his eyes hurriedly searching the room. He dropped the last of his clothing onto the floor and turned back to Clark. To his surprise, Clark was shaking his head in denial.

"You don't need anything, Lex," Clark insisted. "I don't want you to... Please!"

Breathing hard, Lex considered for a moment, then nodded his agreement. Clark had taken his fingers easily enough and if he really wanted to feel it when they fucked... Well, Lex could live with that, even though he would end up more than a little sore himself. His skin wasn't as invulnerable as Clark's gave the appearance of being.

Naked, Lex climbed back onto the narrow bed, moving over Clark. Clark's thighs were still spread wide and Lex moved into position between them. He felt Clark clamp his legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

Lex stroked his own cock roughly, smearing pre-come over the head. Then he brought his hand up to his mouth, spitting into the palm. He used the saliva to slick his shaft at least a little. It wasn't the best way of doing this, but Lex wanted to give Clark what he'd asked for.

Pulling at Clark's hips, Lex tilted them so that his cock brushed against his lover's hole. With little finesse, Lex thrust hard, sliding into Clark's body with a delicious burn of friction. Clark's heels dug into his back, tugging him closer. There was another flare of pain, but then Lex was sheathed balls deep in Clark and he really didn't care if it hurt or not.

Hands clutched his hips with a grip that felt hard enough to bruise as Clark urged him to move. Lex resisted the pull, taking a few moments to catch his breath and just enjoy the sheer heat surrounding his cock. When he was ready, Lex drew back before thrusting into Clark a second time, fast and rough and absolutely perfect.

"More! Lex, please..." Clark was still demanding, arching up from the bed. The movement trapped his cock between their bodies, smearing sticky wetness across their skin.

Lex snaked a hand between them, clamping his fingers around Clark's cock, determined to prevent him from coming yet. He was in control here, not Clark, and the sooner his lover accepted that, the quicker he would be allowed release.

"Wait, Clark," Lex insisted. "Only when I tell you to, remember that."

It looked as if Clark would protest again, but he subsided when Lex fixed him with a fierce stare, blue eyes glittering behind pale lashes.

Lex kept his vice-like grip on the swollen shaft as he began to fuck Clark in earnest. Using all his strength, Lex pounded into Clark. He felt the rawness of his skin as his cock plunged into Clark again and again and welcomed the burn running along his nerves.

All the while, Clark was moaning steadily, his hips rising to meet each of Lex's thrusts. Sweat slicked their skin and Lex bent his head to lick the salt taste from Clark's throat.

When Clark pulled his knees up closer to his chest, mutely begging Lex to go deeper, Lex seemed quite happy to oblige. He had found a steady rhythm and his cock was grazing Clark's prostate with each pounding stroke.

Lex was aware that he was tiring, but he was damned if he was going to ease up now. His breath was coming in short, harsh pants and Lex was grateful to feel the tension in his body that heralded the approach of his orgasm.

He let go of Clark's cock, sliding both hands up his lover's broad chest to pinch and twist his nipples. Clark cried out again, writhing under Lex and clenching hard around his shaft. With a last snap of his hips, Lex felt his climax hit him. It threatened to sweep away his capacity for rational thought, but there was something Lex still needed to do before he gave himself over to it.

His nails raked down the tanned skin of Clark's stomach as his body spasmed. When his fingers reached Clark's cock they wrapped around it, pumping strongly.

As if acting on instinct, Clark's eyes locked with his.

"Come for me, Clark," Lex rasped as he spilled his semen into the dark heat of Clark's body. His fingers closed convulsively on Clark's cock as he shuddered with the intensity of his orgasm.

Clark's hands still clutched at Lex with enough strength to leave marks - finger shaped bruises that darkened on the pale skin. In the heat of the moment neither of them noticed or cared. Clark moaned with relief as he was finally allowed release. He came hard, scalding heat pulsing between them.

He kept his eyes open through it all, hazy green looking deep into unguarded blue, connecting him with Lex even more intimately than their joined bodies.

Shivers of reaction shook them both for long minutes after Lex collapsed bonelessly on top of Clark, quite exhausted. His eyes slipped shut, releasing Clark from Lex's stare.

No longer the focus of that intent gaze, Clark felt strangely alone as he carefully shifted Lex onto the bed at his side, settling him comfortably. Propping himself up on one elbow, Clark peered down at the rapidly purpling marks on Lex's skin with a growing feeling of guilt.

He ran a hand carefully over the sweat damp planes of Lex's back and along his flank. The lax body shuddered at his touch as Lex fought to slow his breathing, but he didn't seem to be in any pain.

Clark moved closer, tucking his face into the curve of Lex's neck. He breathed deeply, taking in the scent of his lover. Clark brushed apologetic kisses over the warm, damp skin under his lips. He smiled as Lex made a small sound of contentment low in his throat and instinctively burrowed into Clark's warmth.

Eventually Lex stirred, pulling back a little and turning his head so that he could look at Clark. He found a pair of worried eyes watching him pensively, scant inches from his own. Lex gave a tired smile.

"Stop looking so guilty, Clark," he said indulgently. "I'm fine, more than fine, in fact."

"But..." Clark's fingers moved down to trace the unmistakable outlines of broad hands on Lex's hips.

Lex glanced down, following the path of Clark's touch. He noted the vivid bruises almost clinically.

"You just got a little over-enthusiastic, Clark. It happens... and I wouldn't let you come, so I guess I only have myself to blame, right?" Lex looked up through his lashes at Clark, in time to see the guilty flush stain his cheeks.

"I could have hurt you, Lex," Clark whispered. "I mean, really hurt you."

Lex leaned forward the few inches required to allow him to brush a kiss onto Clark's still-moving lips.

"But you didn't," he said firmly as he drew back. "The bruises will be gone in a few days, no harm done. And in the meantime," he added, his voice low and sultry. "Well, you may be my territory, Clark, but I'm yours as well. It's only right that you should leave your mark. You wouldn't want anyone else making a move on me, would you?"

Clark's cheeks burned scarlet as he considered Lex's words.

"Are you sure it's okay?" he asked. Clark still sounded so uncertain, so... young.

"Positive." Lex nudged Clark gently, giving him a sly grin. He wanted to get rid of that guilty look in Clark's eyes, which he strongly suspected had something to do with the secrets he still had every intention of drawing out of his lover very soon. "Besides, I like to play a little rough."

"You do?" Clark brightened visibly.

"Yes, I do." Lex kissed him again, slow and deep. He nipped at Clark's lower lip before adding, seriously, "But that doesn't mean I won't keep asking you how it is that I can scratch and bite you without leaving a mark on your skin, Clark. Then again, if my car hitting you at sixty miles an hour didn't hurt you..." Lex let the implication fade into silence.

Clark didn't rise to the bait, but he didn't deny what Lex was suggesting either. Lex nodded thoughtfully, as if that were answer enough, at least for the time being.

"So, Clark," Lex continued, "does your room smell enough like me to make you happy now?"

Clark grinned at the reminder of why he'd brought Lex here in the first place. He settled onto his back on the bed, pulling Lex on top of him. His hands moved over Lex's skin, softly, possessively.

"I'm not sure. I think maybe I'd better keep you here a while longer, just to make certain." His arms tightened around his lover for a moment. "And, Lex... thank you."

He didn't elaborate further, but Lex understood what Clark was referring to. He reached up, running his fingers through Clark's hair and smiling just a little, wanting to reassure.

Lex could be patient, he would be. Clark was worth the wait, whatever it was that he was hiding. But those secrets would be his very soon, Lex promised himself. If Clark was his territory, then that was his prerogative.

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