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Part Two

The next few days left Julian wondering exactly which deity he had managed to offend, and how. Circumstances conspired to make his life hell, as a spate of minor accidents and illnesses suddenly afflicted the inhabitants of the station, keeping him busy in the Infirmary almost constantly. Normally the extra workload wouldn't have bothered him, but now it seemed that every time he turned around there was Nurse Sedi, looking at him reprovingly. He sighed deeply. She hadn't actually come out and said anything about finding him with Garak, but her disapproval was plain enough.

To make matters worse still, it seemed that on those rare occasions he was able to escape from the Infirmary for a few minutes the first person he ran into each time was Gul Dukat. The Cardassian was unfailingly polite and made no mention at all of their earlier encounter. Nevertheless, Julian had the distinct impression that these chance meetings were anything but, and he couldn't shake the uncomfortable sensation of being toyed with, pursued. It hadn't helped when he had chanced to look back over his shoulder after one of these encounters to see Dukat, standing quite still and watching him intently, a covetous gleam in his pale eyes. The sight had sent shivers running through the doctor's slender frame and he had retreated to his office as fast as dignity permitted.

Julian also found himself missing Garak's company. He had been too busy with his patients and, in his rare off duty hours, simply too tired to seek out the tailor. He hoped Garak wouldn't misinterpret his neglect. The doctor had managed to exchange a few brief words with him as he hurried back from the Replimat after a rushed meal, but not surprisingly Garak had chosen to stay away from the Infirmary after his last eventful visit.

All of these things were churning around in Julian's mind now as he strode through the habitat ring in the direction of the guest quarters. This evening he had barely stepped into his own room at the end of his shift when his commbadge had beeped insistently at him. It seemed that one of the visiting Cardassian delegation had been taken ill and was refusing to be attended by the Bajoran medical assistant on duty. So much for the peace treaty, Julian had thought sourly to himself as he picked up his med-kit and headed back out the door.

Julian stopped outside the quarters he had been directed to and touched the door chime. At the sound of a voice from within he opened the door and went inside. Even by Cardassian standards the room was dark and the doctor paused a moment, allowing his eyes time to adjust to the gloom. Eventually he was able to make out the shape of someone seated in a chair on the far side of the room and he picked his way slowly across towards them. As Julian drew closer the lights were unexpectedly brightened, finally allowing him to see the quarters' occupant clearly. He stopped abruptly, a chill stealing through him.

"Gul Dukat," said Julian nervously, "I was told you were unwell. What exactly is it that seems to be the matter?"

"There's nothing the matter with me, doctor,"admitted Dukat. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that was simply a minor subterfuge on my part, I'm afraid."

"Why?" asked Julian tersely.

"Because I wanted to talk to you, doctor. There are some things I believe we need to discuss and somehow I didn't think you would agree to see me under normal circumstances," replied Dukat with a slight shrug of his broad shoulders.

"You're probably right," agreed Julian as calmly as he could. "There wouldn't have been much point in my seeing you as I don't think we have anything to say to one another at all. Now, as it seems there is no medical problem for me to attend to, with respect I think I shall return to my quarters." Julian turned to leave, acutely aware of just how fast his heart was beating.

"Ah, doctor, I'm afraid it isn't quite that simple," said Dukat regretfully.

"What do you mean?" said Julian, stopping in spite of his almost overwhelming desire to run from the room as quickly as he could. "Are you threatening me? You know you can't stop me from leaving if..." He regretted uttering the words the moment they left his mouth. A look of unholy joy crossed Dukat's features as he leapt to his feet, in the same instant reaching out to wrest the commbadge from Julian's uniform. The doctor whirled towards the door, but before he could reach it Dukat called out an instruction to the computer to lock it, reinforcing the command with one of his old Cardassian security codes. Julian froze, bemused at the suddenness of his entrapment. His fear must have reflected in his eyes as Dukat hastened to reassure him.

"You have nothing to fear, doctor," said the Cardassian smoothly. "I have no intention of hurting you. Now, why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable. I'd rather this were as pleasant as possible - for both of us. Perhaps you'd like something to drink."

"No, thank you," said Julian stiffly, "if you have something to say to me just say it and let me go." Dukat sighed deeply.

"You're angry with me, aren't you, doctor?" he said after a moment's pause. "You have a lovers' quarrel with Garak and you blame me. I really don't think that I can be held accountable for his jealous nature." Against his better judgement Julian rose to the bait. He fixed the Cardassian with an angry stare, incensed by his air of injured innocence.

"You lied to Garak knowing that it would make him jealous. You were deliberately trying to cause a rift between us," said Julian angrily. "It was just your petty way of paying us back for what happened on Risa. Well, it didn't work, Dukat. Garak didn't believe your lies. He trusts me..."

"You accuse me of lying, doctor," interrupted Dukat, "but I think you're conveniently forgetting what really happened in the Infirmary." He held the doctor's gaze steadily and Julian blushed furiously as he was forced to remember the way the Cardassian had looked at him then, clearly taking note of the all too obvious erection he had been unable to suppress. "Ah, but maybe you do remember after all," continued Dukat his voice softening, becoming unexpectedly low and seductive. He stepped a little closer to Julian, his pale eyes looking intently into the warm brown depths of the doctor's. The younger man stood transfixed, his heart pounding wildly. He swallowed hard as his mouth became suddenly dry.

"The only thing I remember," insisted Julian with an effort, "is that you've already tried to use me to hurt Garak once. I won't let you do it again."

"Oh, but you misjudge me, doctor," protested Dukat, gesturing theatrically with his hands. "I'm not trying to step on Garak's toes, but if I may be frank, I have to admit that you intrigue me."

"What?" Julian looked at the Cardassian disbelievingly. Exactly what kind of game was he playing here?

"Well, doctor, Garak obviously thinks very highly of you. After all, he risked his life for you, didn't he?" Dukat grinned maliciously, provoking a vicious glare from Julian as anger warred with his fear. The Cardassian raised his hands in tacit apology, but the doctor wasn't so easily mollified.

"I really don't see where this conversation is getting us," he said in exasperation. "What is it you want of me, Dukat?"

"Oh I think you know precisely what I want, doctor," breathed Dukat, his expression suddenly predatory as he decided he had the doctor sufficiently off balance to proceed. "Garak generally has exquisite taste in his choice of bedfellows - in that at least I have to give him his due. But for him to devote so much time and attention to you, a human, not even one of his own kind... Well, you must be very special indeed, doctor, and I think it's time for me to find out for myself just what it is that Garak finds so appealing about you." Dukat's pale eyes glittered with suddenly awakened lust and his hot breath caressed Julian's cheek as he leaned in closer. The doctor's terror threatened to overwhelm him.

"No!" he whispered in protest. "No, I don't want you, Dukat. I told you that before. This achieves nothing. Please, just let me go." He looked around wildly, trying to control his rising panic, but there was nowhere for him to go. As Dukat moved closer still Julian found himself pushed inexorably backwards until he fetched up against the wall. The Cardassian eyed him appreciatively, noting the fearful expression on his delightfully flushed face, the rapid rise and fall of his chest and, most tantalising of all, the growing erection which now strained deliciously at the front of the doctor's uniform.

"Ah, doctor, I don't think you're being entirely honest with me, are you?" purred Dukat. Julian looked back at him helplessly, only too aware of the way in which his body was once again betraying him, and hating himself for it. Why was he so aroused? Why had he reacted like this to Dukat that last time in the Infirmary too? Dear God, it wasn't as if he were so starved of sexual contact he needed to satisfy himself with anyone who cared to take him... But surely he didn't really feel anything for Dukat. No! It was Garak he wanted, not Dukat. At the thought of the tailor Julian closed his eyes, suddenly fighting back tears. Whatever would Elim say if he knew how totally he had betrayed him?

"Dukat, please stop this," he begged. "I know you hate Garak for whatever it was he did to your father, that you blame him for his death, but this isn't the answer."

"Why don't you just relax, doctor?" said Dukat, ignoring his plea. He was plainly enjoying Julian's fear and unwitting arousal, relishing the control he was able to exert over the doctor's emotions. "I'm told I have some skill in these matters. I'm certain that you will find this a most pleasurable experience, and surely Garak won't begrudge me your delightful company for just a little while. He may even enjoy watching us together. Voyeurism always was one of his special talents."

"You're recording this?" Julian stared at the Cardassian in horror. He felt physically sick at the thought of Garak seeing him with Dukat, knowing how easily he'd been aroused...

"Of course, doctor, I wouldn't want Garak to miss a single moment of this," said Dukat triumphantly. "He has so few things left to him now and I intend to take from him the one he values the most - you."

"Oh God," murmured Julian helplessly, "Elim, I'm sorry..." He had no time to say more as Dukat pinned him firmly against the wall, pressing his hard muscled body to him, inflaming his treacherous erection still further. Like a hawk stooping to its prey Dukat bent his head, closing his cruel mouth over the doctor's.

Julian struggled, but the Cardassian's superior physical strength held him in place. Dukat's hands roved lazily over the doctor's resisting body, finally moving to unfasten the front of his uniform. Julian fought him every inch of the way, but couldn't prevent the blue and black jumpsuit from being stripped from him. As the doctor continued to resist Dukat tired of indulging him and grabbing hold of the lavender undershirt he simply ripped it apart along the seam. Julian gasped in shock as the tattered fabric was peeled from his torso. He stood before Dukat clad only in his briefs, shivering uncontrollably.

"Now, are you going to be sensible, doctor, or shall I remove them the same way?" enquired Dukat menacingly.

"No, I'll do it. Don't touch me," said Julian, his voice barely more than a whisper. With unwilling hands he pulled off his briefs, dropping them to the floor with the rest of his clothing. It took all his control to resist the temptation to cover himself with his hands as Dukat surveyed him with barely suppressed hunger. The Cardassian's own arousal was becoming increasingly apparent. It seemed he was deriving more than a little pleasure from his act of revenge.

"Well, doctor, I must compliment Garak on his excellent taste," said Dukat huskily. "You really are quite exquisite..." He reached out, caressing Julian's erection lightly with one hand. Slowly he ran his fingers along the shaft to the head, savouring the desperate moan which the doctor couldn't entirely suppress at his touch. Pleased with the reaction he was provoking the Cardassian ran his other hand gently over Julian's chest, teasing his nipples with skilled fingers. An involuntary shudder ran through the younger man's slender frame and with an effort he pulled away from the enticing caresses.

"No, don't touch me, Dukat!" he pleaded once more, horrified at the way his body was submitting to Dukat's seductive advances. Finding himself momentarily free Julian ducked past the Cardassian, into the centre of the room. He couldn't just allow himself to be backed into a corner and raped without the slightest resistance! Dukat, however, had no intention of letting him escape his attentions for long. Swiftly he advanced on Julian again, shooting out a hand to grab his arm in a vice-like grip.

"Oh no, I haven't finished with you yet, doctor," he hissed, giving the doctor's arm a vicious twist that brought him to his knees. "I thought perhaps you would choose to make this easy on yourself, but apparently not. Well, so be it." Releasing him Dukat turned his attention to his own uniform, quickly freeing himself from its confines. Julian looked up at him, curious in spite of himself. Dukat was taller and slimmer than Garak, his muscles sharply defined under his leathery, grey skin. He was also, at that moment, very much aroused, his impressively erect sex poised just out of the doctor's reach. Julian found himself fighting the sudden urge to take it into his mouth and lick and suck at it until Dukat was the one gasping and moaning with pleasure. He was saved from a humiliating capitulation as the Cardassian leaned down, hauling him unceremoniously back to his feet.

Julian flinched as Dukat pulled him roughly into a tight embrace. The sensation of the Cardassian's firm erection thrusting forcefully against his own made his head spin as he struggled to repress his body's instinctive reaction. No, he wouldn't give Dukat the satisfaction of drawing a response from him this time! The Cardassian's mouth closed over his own again and he fought to keep his lips pressed tightly together, refusing entry to Dukat's questing tongue. He might even have succeeded had Dukat not chosen that particular moment to slide his hands down over Julian's smooth backside, slipping two fingers firmly inside him.

The doctor gasped a protest at the sudden invasion and Dukat's tongue immediately pushed deeply into his mouth. Julian nipped sharply at it with his teeth, but his actions only seemed to excite Dukat further. The Cardassian ground his hips against the doctor's, pushing him ever closer to the brink. At the same time his fingers continued to plunge into him in a steady rhythm. Julian struggled ineffectually, trying to pull free before his body betrayed him completely, but Dukat held him in a relentless grip.

The Cardassian released Julian's mouth, pulling back far enough to see his face. The younger man's expression was one of abject humiliation.

"Ah, doctor, you're not enjoying this it seems," he observed sardonically. "Perhaps this will be more to your taste then." Carefully Dukat took Julian's throbbing erection into his hand, massaging it firmly. His touch was too much for the doctor's fragile control. A loud moan escaped his lips and his body convulsed as waves of pleasure broke over him. Angry tears burned trails down Julian's cheeks as he clutched desperately at Dukat, trying to stay on his feet as his knees buckled under him.

Dukat smiled unpleasantly and abruptly let go of Julian. The doctor collapsed at the Cardassian's feet, shivering violently as the warm glow of his climax faded. Dukat could hear his quiet sobbing, but the sound left him completely unmoved. He crouched down beside Julian, quickly turning his unresisting body onto his stomach. He felt he had accomplished everything he had set out to achieve, proving a point to both the doctor and Garak - at least he would have done once the tailor saw the recording. So, now he had the leisure to attend to his own satisfaction.

Julian no longer made any attempt to resist as Dukat's hands moved impersonally over his backside. He had already utterly betrayed Garak, making precious little effort to stop what was happening to him, taking pleasure in it even. What was the point in fighting now? He had already cheapened himself and his relationship with the tailor beyond any hope of redemption, so why invite further retribution from Dukat? It was better to simply remain passive, allowing Dukat to do whatever he wanted. He would detach his mind from what was happening to his body and hope that it would all be over soon.

In a daze the doctor felt Dukat move to kneel between his legs and was dimly aware of the Cardassian's fingers slipping into him again, readying him. With a vague sense of relief he registered the coolness of a lubricant on his skin. Nevertheless a brief cry of pain escaped him as Dukat pushed his erection roughly inside him, stretching him uncomfortably as he began to thrust firmly. The Cardassian ignored the feeble protest, not caring how much he might hurt the doctor. Overloaded with sensation, Julian's mind finally switched off and he felt nothing more as Dukat carelessly used him for his own pleasure.

When Julian came back to himself a while later he found he was alone. Dukat, together with the incriminating data clip, was nowhere to be seen. With an effort he pulled himself to his feet, swaying unsteadily. He felt stiff and sore and as he glanced down at himself he was disgusted at the sight of his stained and sweaty skin. A wave of nausea swept over him and he dashed for the bathroom where he was violently sick. As he rinsed the unpleasant aftertaste from his mouth Julian caught sight of himself in the mirror.

His hair was a tousled mess, errant strands plastered to his damp forehead. His face was unnaturally pale, except around his eyes, where the skin was red and swollen from weeping. He regarded his reflection with distaste. God he looked awful! Julian wanted nothing more than to climb into the shower and wash away the lingering traces of Dukat's touch from his skin, but not here where the Cardassian might return at any moment.

Julian hurried back into the main room and quickly gathered up his scattered clothing. He struggled into it as fast as he could. The ripped undershirt was unwearable so he pulled the jumpsuit close about his neck to hide the fact that it was missing. Finally he snatched up his discarded med-kit. To his relief the door wasn't locked. Evidently Dukat had finished with him. He bolted from the room and made for his own quarters, oblivious to the startled looks his dishevelled appearance drew from the people he passed. Once safely inside the doctor locked the door and stripped off his uniform.

He switched on the shower and stepped into the small cubicle, simply allowing the hot water to flow over him. As he slowly began to relax a little Julian started to shiver, the delayed shock of his ordeal claiming him. Unwanted an image of Garak formed in his mind. How would he ever be able to face him now? Then again that might not be a problem. Once the tailor had seen Dukat's data clip the chances were he wouldn't be able to bring himself to talk to the doctor again.

Julian clasped his arms tightly across his slim chest, trying to still the tremors which coursed through him. He found himself wishing desparately that Garak were here with him now, holding him close, stroking his hair softly, reassuring him that everything was alright... Just who was he trying to fool? Dukat had tainted him, destroying everything he had shared with the tailor. Garak would never want anything more to do with him now. Julian felt suddenly more alone than he ever had in his life and a deep chill permeated his body in spite of the hot water which still cascaded over him.

The tears spilled over once more and Julian fought them angrily. He couldn't allow himself the luxury of feeling anything now. He scrubbed viciously at his skin, needing to eradicate every trace of Dukat's touch, real or imagined. By the time he finally stepped from the shower his entire body was red and sore. He grabbed a towel, drawing its soft folds protectively around him. He padded into his bedroom and threw himself down onto the bed. Finally exhausted, physically and emotionally, he quickly fell into a disturbed sleep.

Garak unlocked the door to his shop and stepped inside. He moved across to his desk, mentally listing all the things he needed to do today. He glanced down at his terminal, reaching out to activate its display and stopped short, frowning. Lying beside it was a data clip, nothing remarkable in itself, but an oddity nonetheless as Garak knew with absolute certainty that it hadn't been there when he left the shop the previous night. He quickly scanned the interior of the shop, but nothing else was out of place. Whoever it was that had got past his security system had evidently only wished to deliver the data clip anonymously.

He picked it up and stood staring at it for a long moment, turning it over and over in his hands. Finally curiosity got the better of him and he slipped it into the viewer as he switched on the terminal. The data clip contained a single file and the tailor quickly accessed it. For a moment the screen remained dark, but then an image resolved itself, an altogether familiar figure - Julian. Garak leaned forward, a puzzled look on his face. What was this? A few seconds later his expression changed to one of anger as a second person appeared on the screen. What in hell was Dukat doing in the same room as Julian - alone?

All too soon Garak learned the answer to that question as he watched Dukat make his first approach to the clearly aroused doctor. For a second the tailor believed the promptings of his earlier jealousy, but then he registered the look on Julian's face. The doctor was plainly terrified... Garak slammed his hand down, cutting off the playback. He sat stricken for a long moment, uncertain what to do next. Part of him wanted to destroy the data clip without watching the recording, but in his heart he knew he couldn't do that. Denying its existence wouldn't change whatever had happened and despite his deep misgivings he had to know what Dukat had done to his beloved Julian.

With a decisive gesture Garak snatched up the data clip and headed for the door. Whatever the recording contained he had to watch it, but he couldn't risk doing so here in his shop in case he were disturbed. He locked up once more behind him - DS9 could survive without his services for one day - and hurried off towards his quarters. So agitated was he that he never noticed the tall figure watching him from the shadows of another shop doorway.

Dukat looked after the tailor's retreating back with a smile of satisfaction. Everything was falling into place, precisely as he had intended it should. Soon Garak's cosy little relationship with Doctor Bashir would be in pieces. Looking inordinately pleased with himself Dukat stepped from concealment and crossed the Promenade, heading for Quark's. Even though it was a little early in the morning he felt he owed himself a celebratory glass of kanaar.

Garak reached his quarters and quickly let himself inside, stopping only to place a privacy lock on the door. He moved swiftly across to his desk and seating himself in front of his terminal called up the mysterious file once more. Again he was confronted with the disturbing image of Julian's terrified face. It rapidly became apparent that the doctor's terror was well justified as Dukat advanced menacingly on him.

On screen the doctor's lips moved, but Garak couldn't make out the words. He touched a control on his terminal, wanting to hear what was being said and hoping it might give some clue to how this situation had arisen. The volume increased in time for him to hear clearly the desparate apology Julian had uttered as Dukat moved to pin him against the wall, holding him immobile and halting his frantic struggles. "Elim, I'm sorry..." Garak's throat constricted as he realised the doctor must have known not only that he was being recorded, but also what Dukat intended to do with the recording afterwards.

The tailor's eyes closed. This time Dukat had gone too far, but what could he do? If he went to Odo or Commander Sisko they would doubtless insist on viewing the file themselves by way of proof. He had no illusions about his standing here on the station; they would never simply take his word for it. Garak knew he could never make Julian's ordeal public in that way. It would be a betrayal of trust and he had no desire to humiliate the doctor still further. There had to be some other way.

With an effort Garak forced himself to open his eyes and continue watching as the sordid drama played itself out on the screen in front of him. Julian had had no choice but to endure Dukat's attentions, the least he could do was to watch and then hope to find some means to comfort the doctor. Perhaps if he knew what had happened to Julian it would be easier for him to find the right words...

Now Dukat was caressing the naked Julian's erection, making him tremble in a way that was all too familiar to Garak. With a sickening shock the tailor realised his own sex was growing hard in response to the images on the screen. He groaned, ashamed at his reaction to what the doctor was enduring. This wasn't some holosuite program. How could he possibly allow himself to become aroused by this? His beloved Julian was being assaulted, no raped, before his eyes and he was getting turned on by it... How low had he sunk?

Garak slammed his hand hard against the desk, furious with himself. His attention was dragged unwillingly back to the recording. Dukat was also naked now; in spite of himself Garak had to admire his magnificent physique as he thrust himself against Julian's resisting body. The tailor could feel his own erection straining at the confines of his clothing, pulsing agonisingly as Dukat brought Julian to his climax and then callously released him to fall at his feet.

With a cry of frustration Garak unfastened his trousers, slipping his hands inside to grasp his errant sex. As he watched the image of Dukat roughly penetrate the doctor's passive, prone form he began to stroke himself. Tears of shame rolled unheeded down Garak's smooth, grey cheeks as he unconsciously matched the rhythm of his caresses to that of Dukat's thrusts. Blindly the tailor pushed himself closer and closer to the peak, desparately trying to blot out the reality of Julian's ravishment. Garak's own cry of release mingled with the recorded sounds of Dukat's satisfaction.

When the tailor came back to himself the screen was dark, the recording ended. He stared at it blankly as he tried to rationalise what had just happened to him. Garak laid his arms on the desk before him looking in disgust at his hands, coated with the sticky residue of his climax. In sudden pain he buried his face against his forearm, weeping bitterly. Julian had been raped and all he could think of was his own pleasure! Besides which this whole mess was his fault in the first place. He was the one Dukat was trying to destroy, but it was Julian who had been caught in the crossfire and made to suffer.

Thinking of the doctor made Garak wonder abruptly where he was now. Had Dukat let him go? He knew that he had to see him, to apologise to him for allowing this to happen. Why had he ever let him be alone while Dukat was on the station? It occured to him as well that Julian might blame himself for what had happened and Garak hated to think what that might do to his self esteem. Quickly the tailor wiped his hands and rearranged his disordered clothing, hiding the traces of his shameful arousal. Then, snatching up the data clip, he hurried from his quarters, heading for the Infirmary.

Continued in Part Three