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by Karen Colohan (copyright March 1996)

It was especially noisy in Quark's this evening - or so it seemed to Garak as he sat nursing the beginnings of a headache and wondering what he was doing here. He had no idea why Julian had insisted on coming to Quark's of all places tonight. It was a definite break from the routine they had established. Normally they dined in the Replimat once the doctor's shift was over and then repaired to Julian's quarters - their quarters he should say - to amuse themselves in whatever way took their fancy. A faint, remembering smile curved the tailor's lips as he thought of precisely what usually seemed to take their fancy these days! But today the doctor had been quite insistent about wanting to visit Quark's and who was Garak to deny the young man his desires...

So, here they were, seated at one of the more secluded tables in a shadowy corner of the bar - a small oasis of calm in the mad whirl and press of bodies. One of the Ferengi waiters had just delivered their order of drinks and Garak sipped slowly at his kanaar, watching his young companion curiously and wondering just what had got into him this evening. That was another mystery to add to the unknown reason for their being in Quark's in the first place. Julian was behaving most - oddly.

Garak studied the doctor covertly over the rim of his glass, trying to put his finger on what exactly it was in the human's behaviour that seemed so out of place. Julian appeared - nervous, excited perhaps? The tailor wasn't entirely sure which it was, but certainly the young man's hazel eyes glittered with a strange light and his colour was high. It suddenly occurred to Garak that he had seen Julian like this in the past, but not since before they had first acknowledged their mutual sexual attraction. Then the doctor's frustrated feelings for Garak had manifested themselves through his too-bright eyes and nervousness around the Cardassian, but what did it all mean now?

While Garak watched Julian picked up his own glass and took a small sip from it. As the doctor set it down again he glanced up at the tailor coquettishly from under his long, dark lashes. With studied casualness the very tip of Julian's pink tongue stole out to slowly trace the contours of his now moistened lips. Garak drew in an involuntary breath - the look in those shining, hazel eyes! Oh... and the sight of that agile tongue - the tailor wanted nothing more than to lean forward and claim it for his own. He ached to capture that full, pouting mouth and smother it with deep, probing kisses...

And Julian knew it perfectly well! He looked down demurely, using the movement to mask the amused smile which curved his lips. He knew exactly what he was doing and was quite aware of the effect he was having on Garak. Indeed he had counted on the Cardassian's powerful reactions to certain teasing, provocative behaviour - and he still had a few more tricks up his sleeve yet.

Strange as the doctor's behaviour seemed to Garak it did have a purpose. It had occurred to Julian that he and the tailor had fallen into something of a rut where their relationship was concerned. The sex was still sweet and satisfying, but it felt to the doctor as if they had lost the power to surprise one another in the well-ordered routine of their life together. So tonight Julian had determined to inject a little excitement back into things - which was why he had asked Garak to meet him in Quark's and was now flirting with him so outrageously. The doctor sneaked another look at his companion. The Cardassian was watching his every move avidly - time to turn the heat up just a little more.

Julian slid his chair a little closer to Garak's. He leaned forward, elbows planted on the tabletop and his chin resting on his interlaced fingers. Very deliberately the doctor looked deep into the Cardassian's cornflower eyes, bestowing the most seductive smile he could muster upon the bedazzled tailor. Garak's eyeridges quirked upward and his pupils dilated until his eyes seemed to be pools of inky blackness.

With a casual gesture Julian dropped one hand to his glass, drawing a single fingertip idly around the rim. As the tailor's gaze followed the lazy movement the doctor dipped his finger down into the liquid, swirling it around slowly. After a moment or two Julian withdrew his hand, bringing it up to his mouth and sucking the glistening drops of kanaar from his finger delicately. Garak's eyes feasted on the sight and his own tongue stole out to moisten his suddenly dry lips.

Satisfied that he had removed all traces of kanaar from his skin Julian lowered his hand to the table once more. As he did so he made sure that it brushed against Garak's broad, grey fingers which still laxly circled his own glass. The doctor felt the Cardassian's involuntary start at the light touch. Julian smiled again. Garak was responding to him perfectly. With studied casualness the doctor slid his hand off the tabletop altogether. It came to rest on Garak's thigh.

This time the tailor let out a faint gasp. His gaze fixed on Julian's warm, hazel eyes and it was full of questions - and unalloyed desire. The doctor's answering look held a hint of mischief and a full measure of undisguised lust. Garak opened his mouth to speak; to beg Julian to leave with him so that they might give free rein to the passion blossoming in both of them. Before he could say the words though the human shook his head slightly, forestalling him. Just what game was the young doctor playing, Garak wondered? A moment later the tailor decided he didn't really care as Julian's fingertips began to trace patterns along his thigh, first massaging deeply and then skittering caressingly all the way from his knee up to his groin.

Garak didn't need to look down to know that he had an erection and he knew that Julian was equally aware of it - the doctor's fingers brushed against it at every opportunity! Why was Julian doing this... here... now? What was he trying to prove? Whatever it was Garak was quite prepared to concede the point. Finally, unable to answer the questions, the tailor gave up trying and let his eyelids flutter closed, concentrating instead on the delightful sensations Julian's surreptitious caresses were evoking. Another small sound escaped the Cardassian's lips as the wonderful feelings suddenly stopped. The doctor had withdrawn his hand. Garak's eyes opened regretfully and he looked across at Julian to find out why.

The doctor had evidently paused to take a drink as the first thing the tailor saw was the young man setting his glass back down on the table. Both Julian's hands rested in front of him in plain view and he made no move to resume his ministrations. Then Garak noticed the doctor now held something small that caught the light as he turned it between his fingers - it looked like a slip of latinum. The tailor frowned, disgruntled to find himself ignored like this and wondering why the young man was so engrossed with his new found treasure. Didn't Julian know the state he'd left him in?

As Garak watched the doctor, hoping he would turn his attention back to where the tailor most wanted it focussed the small object Julian had been fiddling with slipped from his grasp and fell to the floor. The doctor uttered a muffled curse and after a quick glance first at Garak and then at the crowd in the bar he slid from his seat and out of sight under the table. The tailor's eyes widened in surprise at this strange behaviour. He waited for Julian to re-emerge, but he did not. Just as Garak was on the verge of bending down to ask the doctor if he needed any help the Cardassian abruptly froze in place, stunned. All of a sudden Julian's earlier actions made sense as his renewed touch left Garak in no doubt at all as to what he intended.

"Julian!" the tailor hissed through clenched teeth as loudly as he could without drawing any unnecessary attention to himself. The doctor's busy hands simply kept to their task of quickly working open the fastening of Garak's trousers. If Julian heard the tailor's protest he chose to ignore it and Garak didn't dare lean down to where the young man knelt under the table for fear of alerting the denizens of the bar to what he was doing. So the tailor merely sat stiffly in his chair, trying to keep his features impassive. He clutched his glass of kanaar in a death grip and tried desperately to ignore the touch of Julian's fingers at his groin as they freed his achingly hard sex from the constraints of his clothing.

Kneeling at Garak's feet Julian worked swiftly until the tailor's erection was revealed to him. He could feel Garak tense as he curved his hands around the smoky grey, patterned shaft and began to caress it with long, slow strokes. Julian wished he could see the tailor's face. He was quite sure the Cardassian wouldn't be wearing his usual placid, unruffled expression now! The young man took a moment to savour Garak's delightfully spicy scent. It was one of the many things which he found attractive about his lover. As he leaned in closer Julian noticed the single drop of moisture that glistened at the very tip of the tailor's sex. A sudden, impish grin crossed the doctor's face and he bent forward, swirling his tongue across the swollen head. He was rewarded by a clattering sound and a muffled exclamation - half curse, half moan.

The unexpected touch of Julian's warm, moist tongue on one of his most sensitive places had startled Garak into dropping his drink. He managed to retrieve the glass before too much had spilt, but his mishap had drawn Quark's attention. Ever the solicitous host the Ferengi hurried to Garak's side - in the hope of selling him a replacement drink.

"Here, let me clean that up for you, Garak," said Quark with admirable attentiveness.

"No! It's - quite all right, Quark," ground out Garak, raising a hand quickly to forestall the Ferengi. He wanted to keep him at as great a distance as possible. "There's no harm done - only a little was spilt. Please don't trouble yourself I'm sure you have, ah... other customers more in need of your attention." The tailor was finding it ever more difficult to hold in the gasps and moans which threatened to escape him at each touch of Julian's teeth and tongue on his helplessly quivering sex.

"It's no trouble at all," Quark assured Garak with a toothy smile, dabbing at the tabletop. Not when you're drinking expensive kanaar like this anyway. As another strangely muffled sound issued from the Cardassian's throat the Ferengi glanced at him curiously. Garak seemed to be unusually on edge. Was there anything here he could turn to his profit Quark wondered? "Why don't you let me get you another drink, Garak?" he suggested. "You look like you need it. Is - anything the matter?" Quark leaned in a little closer, inviting confidences.

Garak shook his head mutely, no longer trusting his voice. This was not the best time for the wretched Ferengi to turn curious on him! Why didn't he just go away and fetch that drink he had been blathering about? Perhaps by the time he returned Julian would have... Oh! Gods no, don't... Not like that.... Oh, damn you, why do you have to know my weaknesses so well!

Hidden from sight under the table Julian had felt no inclination to let up at Quark's approach - in fact from his perspective it made things even better. Let Garak squirm for a bit! Julian could well remember more than one occasion in the Replimat when Garak had got him achingly hard with his unremitting flirting. It was about time he got a taste of his own medicine. So the young man had simply redoubled his efforts, taking Garak's erection fully into his mouth and sucking it firmly. Oh yes, the tailor's predicament amused Julian vastly and he had no intention of letting him off the hook!

Quark meanwhile was becoming more than a little concerned about his uncommunicative Cardassian customer. Garak looked as if he were on the verge of a seizure - his eyes were wide and his breathing rapid and uneven.

"Are you sure you're all right, Garak?" he asked anxiously. Quark remembered the last time Garak had thrown a fit in his bar and he wasn't keen to repeat the experience. "Do you want me to call Doctor Bashir...?" This suggestion only seemed to increase the tailor's agitation and the Ferengi paused, remembering at that moment who had been sitting with Garak earlier. "But the doctor was here with you, wasn't he? Where'd he go? Typical hu-man, never around when you need him!" Under other circumstances Garak could have appreciated the unconscious irony of Quark's words - but not at this moment with Julian's mouth still firmly latched onto his poor, tormented sex!

"Doctor Bashir was, ah... he was called away to see a patient. I'm - sure he'll be back soon." With an effort Garak found his voice. At that moment he wished desperately that Julian were indeed in the Infirmary - instead of kneeling, concealed, at his feet and wreaking havoc on his senses with this exquisite assault on his erection! The tailor also prayed silently to every Cardassian deity he knew that Quark would go away before Julian finally brought him to orgasm.

The doctor was finding it increasingly difficult not to laugh aloud as Garak now squirmed in his seat, trying to escape from his skilful ministrations. Poor, Elim! Julian could tell perfectly well just how close to the edge the Cardassian was - he could also hear from Quark's tone that he knew something was going on, but couldn't figure out what. With a mischievous twinkle in his hazel eyes the young man drew back a little then grasped Garak's smooth, grey-skinned balls in one hand and squeezed - hard. Just how the tailor liked it. Julian heard Garak's startled gasp, hurriedly turned into a feigned coughing fit. All solicitous concern the Ferengi finally scuttled away to bring the tailor another drink.

As soon as Quark had gone Julian turned his full attention back to Garak's erection. He pumped the thickened shaft with its patterns standing out at their fullest definition steadily. All the while he licked and nibbled at the taut, charcoal skin of the flared tip. The doctor felt Garak relax, slumping down in his seat with relief at having avoided discovery by the nosy Ferengi. Julian didn't allow him to remain that way for long, intensifying his efforts to bring the tailor inexorably to the brink of orgasm. He sensed that Garak had given in to the inevitable now, surrendering to the magic woven by Julian's soft, nimble fingers and warm, eager lips. With an anticipatory smile the doctor enveloped Garak's hardness once more with his mouth, sucking firmly until the Cardassian came.

Garak tried desperately to keep what he was feeling from showing on his face - and knew that he failed. He bit down hard on his lower lip to stop himself from crying out as his climax cascaded over him, but a strangled moan still escaped him. He covered his face with his hands in a despairing attempt not to give away too much to any patrons of the bar who might chance to look in his direction. Garak could think of few more humiliating moments in his life - and none that had provoked in him such intense - and illicit - excitement.

It seemed to the tailor as if his entire being was centred on his groin and it felt wonderful. With a heartfelt sigh Garak gave up his seed and felt Julian's throat work as he swallowed it eagerly. Garak's brilliant blue eyes closed for a long moment as the doctor's slightly rough tongue carefully licked at his leathery skin to remove every trace of the sweet-tasting semen. Then soft hands gently rearranged his clothing, stroking his limp member tenderly as they did so. The long fingers refastened his trousers, covering him and finally smoothing the rumpled fabric of his tunic.

When Garak eventually opened his eyes again it was to find Julian once more sitting calmly in his seat. His hazel eyes glittered with mischief and the self-satisfied smile which twisted his lips gave him the look of the cat that got the cream! Which, Garak supposed, was as apt a description as any. The young man's dusky skin was slightly flushed and as he looked more closely the tailor noticed the faintest trace of semen glistening moistly at the corner of Julian's mouth. Before he could stop himself Garak's hand had reached out and one broad, grey finger had wiped it carefully away. The doctor caught hold of the Cardassian's hand in his own and lovingly kissed the palm. Garak's cornflower eyes narrowed. He wasn't going to let Julian distract him again.

"Would you care to explain to me, my dear Julian, exactly what that little escapade was all about?" asked Garak in a low voice.

"Why of course, my dearest Elim," purred Julian. "It occurred to me that our relationship, and more particularly our sex life, had been lacking a certain - excitement of late. I thought it was about time I did something to put that right - and I think it worked. Can you deny you enjoyed what I did?"

"No, I can't - as you well know," muttered Garak. He shivered slightly, his nerves still alive with the remembered fire of his climax. "But wasn't this somewhat of a risk? To choose Quark's of all places..."

"Elim, my love, that was precisely the point! It was the risk, the chance of discovery that made it so intense, so exciting. And if you're thinking I got nothing out of this whole incident you can think again!" Julian regarded the tailor coyly from under downcast lashes, but his lips quirked in a positively smug grin. His reaction might have been less spectacular than the tailor's but it had been no less satisfying. "So, Elim, what do you think we should do next?" he asked - and there was a definite hint of a challenge in the doctor's voice.

Garak looked at him sharply. Was Julian suggesting that he should...? That he wanted...? Oh, my sweet Julian, you are still full of surprises! Well, if that was the way the young human wished to play things in future...

"Oh, I think we should just stay here and finish our drinks. I shall need some time to think up a suitable revenge and when I exact it you can be sure there will be no prior warning," murmured Garak, his lips curving in a devious smile. "But I promise you now you will find it worth the wait." Julian's answering smile was dazzling.

"Elim, my dear one, I'm counting on it!"

THE END - for now...

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