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Here - Lex enjoys some quiet time with Clark...  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

Speaking In Tongues - Lex shows Clark how to ask for what he wants.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Rub-a-Dub - Lather and bubbles and suds, oh my!  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

A Night's Tale - On Halloween Lex has some unexpected visitors.  PG-13  

Homecoming - Two reunions.  PG-13  Lex/Helen, Clark/Lex  

Truth Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - Written for the Smallville cliché: a pairing of your choice gets drunk (one or both) and lets slip some truths they hadn't mentioned before. They end up having sex, but the next day forget all about it. Or did they?  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

Changes - The first day of school, and so much has changed since she last walked through the doors of Smallville High.  G  

Love's Ice Cream Shop - Clark and Lex take a European vacation.  R  Clark/Lex  

Belonging - Lex likes the feeling of being welcome.  G  Clark/Lex  

Sacrifice - Sometimes sacrifices are necessary.  PG  Clark/Lex  

Faded Legend - Who is left to remember?  G  Clark/Lex implied  

First Edition - Clark is interning at the Daily Planet during his summer break from Met U and Lex decides to pay him a visit.  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

Fear Of Falling - Lex learns the way to fly again.  R  Clark/Lex  

Lead Me On - Clark discovers Lex has hired a karaoke machine for his 17th birthday party and decides to give it a test run.  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

First Steps - Chloe considers her alliance with Lionel.  G  

No Dancing Teapots - Clark and Lex discuss the revival of the performing arts in Smallville.  PG-13  Clark/Lex  

Games - Lucas likes playing games.  NC-17  Clark/Lucas, Lex  

Watching Me Fall - Will Superman come between Clark and Lex?  R  Clark/Lex  

One Good Turn Deserves Another - Lex relaxes.  R  Clark/Lex

Red Means Danger -  Danny decides to go on a road trip after he gets out of jail and finds himself in Metropolis.  NC-17  Smallville/Poolhall Junkies crossover  Clark/Danny  

Taking A Cue - Clark and Lex play pool.  PG-13  Clark/Lex  

Everybody Hurts - Lex knows what it feels like to lose a brother.  PG

Evidence - Lex protects Clark.  G

Laundry Day - Clark is folding laundry.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Aubade - Clark wakes up.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

In The Line Of Fire - Lex gets shot.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Sugar And Spice - Clark follows in the Kent family baking tradition.  PG-13  Clark/Lex  

Without Wings - Lex finally gets answers to his questions.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Keeping It Quiet - Lex finds himself in a tight spot.  R  Clark/Lex  

Black And Blue - Clark learns Lex's body, bruises and all.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

A Matter Of No Consequence - Clark discovers Lex is in peril.  G  

Absence - Lex has too much time to think.  R  Clark/Lex implied

Eye Of The Storm - Clark tests his invulnerability.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

A Thin Line - To trust... or not.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Getting Into The Swing Of Things - Clark shows Lex the appeal of a hammock.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

A Flawed Race - Clark reveals the last of his secrets to Lex.  R  Clark/Lex

Scrabbling Towards Ecstasy - Clark and Lex play Scrabble. No, really.  R  Clark/Lex  Lady Angel's cover for Scrabbling Towards Ecstasy  

Something New Under The Sun - Clark wants Lex to have a new experience.  R  Clark/Lex  

3:30 a.m. - Lex finds it hard to sleep in Smallville.  PG-13  Clark/Lex  

All Work And No Play - Clark wants Lex to play.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Burned - Clark needs to show Lex that passion isn't always a bad thing.  NC-17  Clark/Lex  

In Your Hands - Lex and Lucas get to know one another a little better.  NC-17 incest  Lex/Lucas  philtre's cover for In Your Hands

Honesty - Lex just wanted Clark to be honest.  NC-17 non cons Clark/Lex

The Good Seed - Barn + sweaty Lex = Sex  NC-17  Clark/Lex

It's Been A While - Coming home.  R  Clark/Lex

Beaten To The Punch - Lex needs some stress relief.  R  Clark/Lex   Lady Angel's cover for Beaten To The Punch

Soft - Clark discovers that Lex has been keeping two secrets from him.  PG-13  Clark/Lex

For Services Rendered - Why accrual is the sexiest word in the tax lexicon...  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Making It Better - Everyone has a bad day from time to time.  PG  Clark/Lex pre-slash

Baby You Can Drive My Car - Clark wants Lex's Ferrari, but what else does he want as well?  NC-17  borderline non cons. Clark/Lex

More Grace Than Boy - Teenage rebellion, Luthor style.  R

Mistletoe and Wine - Clark and Lex find their own way to celebrate Christmas.  R  Clark/Lex

Deck The Halls - Clark wants Lex to celebrate Christmas properly.  PG  Clark/Lex

We Can Work It Out - Clark returns to the LuthorCorp plant for the first time since the incident with Earl Jenkins and Level Three. Written for the ClexFest.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Touched - Just a touch...  PG-13  implied incest

Identity Crisis - Musefic. The problems that can occur when you have clone Muses...  PG-13  Clark/Lex... maybe

Daisy, Daisy - "He loves me, he loves me not..."  PG  Clark/Lex pre-slash

Claiming Territory - Clark wants Lex on his own territory, not Lex's, for a change, but there are complications.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

A Mother Always Knows - Martha notices the little things... For the ClexFest challenge: Write a story about Clark and Lex through the eyes of someone else. Your choice who this someone is.  PG  Clark/Lex

Senses Working Overtime - In the dark, sex is a complete sensory experience...  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Pure - Lex remembers flying...  PG-13  

Drive Me Wild - Clark discovers a new obsession.  NC-17  Clark/Lex (sort of)

If Wishes Were Horses - After a frustrating night Lex gives in to his fantasies.  NC-17  Clark/Lex (sort of)

Seeing The Light - Clark sees Lex in a different light.  PG-13  Clark/Lex  

Provocation - What exactly does it take to provoke Clark?  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Under Canvas - Lex finds a way to make the Farmers' Market more interesting than usual for Clark. An answer to the ClexFest challenge: Clark and Lex have sex in public. Where - and do they get away with it?  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Real - ClexFest challenge: Clark and Lex watch TV, and talk about sexy people, and Lex makes an offhand remark about finding some guy very sexy.  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Wake For The Living - In the aftermath of the storm, Lex remembers.  PG-13

Not A Virgin - Sillyfic! PWP with absolutely no redeeming features. The title might reasonably be construed as indicative!  NC-17  Clark/Lex

The Art of the Possible - Lex visits Clark in his Fortress of Solitude...  NC-17  Clark/Lex

Je Souhaite - Lex reflects on family and love.  PG-13  Clark/Lex implied  

Whipped - A PWP with no redeeming features - Clark, Lex, whipped cream lust...  PG-13  Clark/Lex

Come Undone - Serious Lex angst post Hourglass.  PG  Clark/Lex

Sexaholics Anonymous - More Muse silliness - the Muses attend a sex therapy self-help group...  PG-13  HL/Eroica/X-Files/Smallville crossover

The Smallville Drabbles  

You Call That Art? - My misadventures in Smallville related manipping.