You Call That Art?

Lately I've been having some fun exploring my artistic side and making a few manips. I'm definitely still learning my trade, but here are a few of my better attempts. They're all work safe unless stated otherwise.

The Summer of Scruff - A birthday tribute to Michael Rosenbaum

Stuck In The Middle With You - A little piece of Clexas

Double The Sexy - Two Lexes are better than one for Pun's Double Men challenge

Two Lexes For The Price Of One - More Lexiness for Pun's Double Men challenge

More Michael For Your Money - Twin Rosenbaums for Pun's Double Men challenge

Home - Lex's definition of home

Lex's Obsession - A tribute to Lex's Blue Room of Obsession

Pretty As A Picture - Lex admires the new, improved RedK!Clark

A New Season - Season three Clark and Lex

Someone To Watch Over Me - Even alone on his island Lex has a guardian angel

Make Me Over In Your Arms - Clark and Lex reunited

Still Running - Lex still remembers being on the island

Shattered cartoon - A birthday gift made for an LJ friend

A number of pieces inspired by Shattered:

The Death Of You

United We Stand...

... Divided We Fall

Never Let Me Down

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