DISCLAIMER - Not mine, I couldn't afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I'll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I'm done with them. Story, such as it is, copyright Karen Colohan, July 2003.

Author's notes - Snippet (this turned out far too big for a drabble) as requested by Kormanfan - pre-slash Clex cooking and flirting was the brief. I hope I've managed that.

"Clark, far be it from me to doubt your abilities, but your mother is a tough act to follow," said Lex as he peered sceptically into the large mixing bowl Clark was currently filling with various ingredients.

"I do know how to read a recipe!" Clark protested. "Besides, I'm only baking cookies."

"Only cookies." Lex rolled his eyes. "Shame on you, Clark, we're talking Martha Kent's renowned recipe here. You have a family tradition to uphold."

Clark grinned at Lex as he began to stir the contents of the bowl. It was an open secret that Lex was addicted to his mom's baking and Clark was hoping that Lex would be equally impressed with his efforts.

Needing to consult the recipe book again, Clark jabbed the spoon into the mixture, not wanting to get any of the sticky dough on the kitchen's pristine surfaces.

Lex was leaning against the edge of the counter beside him, watching him. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, his fingers reached for the handle that stuck up out of the bowl, clearly intent on getting an advance tasting.

Clark hurriedly batted the offending hand away. "Not yet, Lex, it's not ready." As if agreeing with him, the spoon chose that moment to keel over, coming to rest at half mast against the side of the bowl. "Hm, I think I need more flour. It's not stiff enough yet," Clark muttered.

Lex's lips twitched as he retreated, but he didn't say anything as Clark measured out more flour and began stirring again.

When he was happy with the dough, Clark looked around for the raisins he'd set aside earlier to flavour the cookies.

"Are these what you're after?" Lex's hand appeared in his field of vision, proffering the missing ingredient.

"Thanks." Clark took the small container from him, their fingers brushing in the process. The contact seemed to last a little longer than was strictly necessary. "Nearly done," he informed Lex, glancing sideways at him through his lashes.

"I can't wait," Lex replied, his tone teasing.

Eventually, Clark was happy with his creation and ready to get Lex's seal of approval. He scooped up a generous sample of the cookie dough with his finger and offered it to Lex to taste.

"Tell me what you think," he said.

Leaning forward, Lex closed his mouth around Clark's finger and sucked the gloopy mess off of it with obvious relish. He took his time about it before he slowly drew back, his tongue lingering to remove every trace of stickiness from Clark's skin.

By the time Lex was done Clark's eyes were staring at him a little wildly and his cheeks were flushed. Lex seemed as calm as ever.

"Hm," he said thoughtfully, "it tastes rather sweet."

"Cookies are meant to be sweet," Clark replied, trying to drag his mind back to the subject at hand. It wasn't easy when Lex was making such a show of licking his lips.

"Well, it's nice," Lex conceded, "but..."

"But what?" Clark's eyes fixed on the flash of tongue as Lex ran the tip across his lips yet again.

"Perhaps you could spice it up a little?" Lex suggested.

"Spice it up? How?" Almost without realising it, Clark found himself leaning towards Lex over the mixing bowl. He felt a small container being pressed into his hand and his fingers closed around it instinctively. "What...?"

He looked down and felt a stab of disappointment as he registered the writing on the label. His eyes darted back up to meet Lex's, questioning. "Cinnamon?"

Lex smirked. "To spice up the cookies, Clark. What did you think I meant?"

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