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Author's notes - For Oxoniensis, because she asked. Not betaed, so all mistakes are my own.

It was unfortunate, but the bath reminded Clark of Victoria, which rather put a damper on his enthusiasm for the whole venture. Besides, he always took showers at home. They were quick and easy and they didn't use up all the hot water. Though Clark guessed that the latter wasn't likely to be an issue here at the mansion.

Lex had been a shower kind of guy too in the time that he and Clark had been together but, for some reason, today he'd said that he wanted a bath. He'd waxed lyrical about the relaxing combination of hot water, scented bubbles and naked Clark. And Clark had nothing against getting wet with Lex. There was definitely a lot to be said for Lex's oversized shower stall with its powerful jets that sent rivulets of water streaming down Lex's smooth skin. So, Clark had agreed to the bath idea.

Now, though, he kept getting flashes of rescuing Victoria from a big tub not entirely dissimilar from the one just a few feet away from him. It was disconcerting to be seeing images in his mind of long dark hair and rounded breasts while Lex was undressing right beside him.

All in all, the whole situation was doing nothing to encourage Clark's body's interest in the proceedings. When he finally stripped off his clothes it was to reveal his cock in an unusually shy mood, still nestled in the dark curls at its base. A fact that Lex hadn't precisely commented on, though his raised eyebrows were pretty eloquent.

Nevertheless, Lex climbed into the claw-footed tub, sinking into bubbles that gave off a rich, spicy aroma with a sigh of pleasure. Now he was reclining against one end of the bath, clearly waiting for Clark to join him.

"Come on in, Clark," he said. "It's lovely and hot."

Lex raised one hand, palm cupped to hold a little of the foamy water. As Clark watched, Lex carefully tipped his hand so that the contents spilled, bubbles trailing down his smooth chest.

It was enough to dispel the remaining thoughts of Victoria. Carefully, Clark climbed into the tub and Lex drew his knees up to give him room to settle into the water. Sitting down facing Lex, Clark leaned against the cool surface of the bath at his back. Bubbles frothed around him and Clark slowly began to relax.

"That's better," Lex said, smiling at him. "Care to tell me what you have against my bath-tub?"

Clark sighed. "You'll think I'm an idiot."

"Try me," Lex encouraged. He sat forward, his hand finding Clark's leg under the surface of the water and stroking it soothingly.

"It made me think about Victoria," Clark blurted out.

Lex's hand withdrew immediately.

"I see." His voice was expressionless.

"Not like that," Clark said in a rush, feeling Lex closing off from him. "It's just... She was nearly drowned and I guess seeing this tub reminded me. And I don't want to have to rescue you from drowning again. The first time scared me enough."

Lex visibly relaxed, the warmth returning to his eyes. He stretched out again, bubbles swirling as they came up to his chin.

"Is that all?" he said. "Don't worry, Clark. We're the only ones here, no invisible boys."

"I told you that you'd think I was being stupid," Clark muttered. His skin felt flushed and he was fairly sure it wasn't just from the steamy heat.

"If you prefer we'll stick to the shower in future," Lex said, his smile returning.

"No, I'm fine with this," Clark assured him. "It's nice, really." Clark scooped up handfuls of the scented foam and sniffed at it. "This smells good."

"Sandalwood, amongst other things, I like it," Lex agreed easily as his hands smoothed the lather over his chest and arms. "It's relaxing."

Clark watched with interest as Lex touched himself with long, languid strokes. His cock, which had previously shown little interest, began to stiffen. Clark shifted as he felt the brush of skin against his leg again. Slow and steady, it glided up the side of his calf before withdrawing. A second later it was back once more, this time tracing a path all the way up his leg to the inside of his thigh.

He was so caught up in the pleasant sensation and the absorbing visuals that it took Clark a moment to realise that Lex was still using both hands to wash himself. Clark glanced down, but the bubbles blocked his view and he was hesitant to use his X-ray vision. Pete had told Clark that he got an odd look on his face when he was using it and he didn't want to encourage Lex's curiosity.

The touch was becoming bolder, though, nudging gently at his balls until Clark gasped out, "Lex? Is that your foot?"

Holding up both hands, Lex grinned. "I guess it must be."

"Oh!" Clark gasped again as the errant foot found the hard length of his cock.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Lex enquired, a teasing smile tugging at his lips.

There was careful pressure from the sole of Lex's foot and the wriggling of surprisingly dexterous toes. Clark's head fell back and he let out a full-fledged moan.

"Uh - no... no problem," he panted, his hips arching into the touch. Water splashed against the sides of the tub as he sank back down heavily.

Lex laughed as the bubbles flowed around them both, a few stray trails spilling over the edge and onto the floor.

"So, you like it when I do this?" Again Lex's foot teased Clark, rubbing against his swollen cock.

"God, Lex!"

Clark reached under the water, catching hold of Lex. His hands curled around Lex's ankle and he held him in place so that he could rock against the smooth arch of Lex's foot.

Lex didn't seem to mind, an indulgent look on his face as he watched Clark move.

"Does that feel good?" he asked, his voice low and intimate.

"Yes... close," Clark gasped.

Lex's eyes fixed on Clark's face, devouring his expression.

"That's perfect," he murmured. "So beautiful..." Distractedly, Lex slid his hands over his own body, nails scraping and fingers plucking at his nipples. "That's it, Clark. Come for me."

Clark's hips surged up once more and then he was crying out in pleasure as he came. His grip tightened around the elegant bones of Lex's foot as the sensations rushed through him and his cock spilled ribbons of white fluid. His jerky movements stirred the water up again and it lapped around Clark's shoulders, wetting the ends of his hair so that they clung damply to his face.

"Lex, that was..." Clark's chest rose and fell with his rapid breathing as he slowly regained his wits. He suddenly realised just how hard he was still holding onto Lex and carefully eased his fingers' grasp.

When Lex winced slightly, Clark drew the abused foot out from under the water. Vivid red finger-marks stood out on the pale skin, doubtless bruises would follow.

"God, I'm sorry," Clark said, flustered. His thumb gently brushed over the prominent ankle bone.

"Don't worry about a little overenthusiasm, Clark," Lex said soothingly. "Mm, that feels nice," he added when Clark's fingers stroked his foot again.

"You like this?" Clark asked, a little surprised.

When Lex simply nodded, a pleased smile on his face, Clark moved his foot into a better position and began to massage it in earnest. Though he was careful to avoid pressing too firmly in the places that he'd gripped so hard before.

"Don't stop," Lex said dreamily. His hand slid slowly down his chest before disappearing under the water.

As Clark watched, Lex's arm began to move in a familiar rhythm. The movement was soon accompanied by small sounds of pleasure as Lex jerked himself off while Clark continued ministering to his foot.

Lex's eyes drifted shut and his breathing became more uneven. His skin was flushed and sheened with water and sweat as Lex brought himself towards completion with leisurely strokes. Clark swallowed at the sight of him, feeling his cock twitch with renewed interest.

"Mm, I'm so close, Clark. That's wonderful." Lex's voice flowed over Clark like honey, rich and sweet.

Clark dug his fingers into the arch of Lex's foot, massaging away every trace of tension. Almost without thinking, he leaned down and ran his tongue along the same path his fingers had just taken. The moan he got in response encouraged him and Clark slid his mouth over Lex's big toe, sucking hard.

"Fuck, Clark!" Lex groaned.

Clark kept on sucking, his tongue swirling wetly around Lex's toe. The sound of the bath-water splashing told Clark that Lex was jerking himself harder now. He glanced up in time to see Lex's face twist as orgasm hit him.

He held onto Lex, steadying him as his body shuddered. When Lex finally stilled, his eyes flickered open to look at Clark with a somewhat dazed expression. Clark let go of his foot then, carefully lowering it back into the cooling water.

Still panting a little, Lex said, "That was perfect, Clark. Thank you."

Clark beamed at him. "I think I get the appeal of a bath now, Lex," he said happily.

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