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Author's notes - I have no idea where this came from. It's nothing but pointless, plotless porn with absolutely no redeeming features... well, aside from the fact that these boys are pretty. This takes place after the end of the film and, as far as Smallville goes, it's post Exodus. With thanks to Barbara for betaing.

Since he wound up spending time in jail after being hustled by a pro with a side order of getting the crap kicked out of him, Danny's outlook on life has changed a little. And he's not ungrateful to Johnny for what he did to bail his sorry ass out, but the fact is that he felt the need to get away and prove to himself that he can stand on his own two feet without his brother's help. Besides, Danny knows he screwed up and he doesn't like seeing that on everyone's face every day.

So his plans for this road trip were born. Johnny hated the idea, naturally, but Danny's doing things his way from now on. He's been on the road for almost a month now and nearly every town has a pool hall where he can hustle a few bucks from the locals. He might not be travelling in style, but he's getting by.

He's got as far as Kansas now and Metropolis is the latest stop on Danny's grand tour. The buildings downtown are big and brash as they spear up into the night sky. This neighbourhood has far less pretensions and Danny is watching his back as he sits in the run- down cafe, trying to stretch his cup of coffee out as long as possible. As the hours pass the cafe is starting to get crowded and Danny is suddenly aware of a tall figure looming over him.

"This seat taken?"

Danny looks up to see a dark haired kid standing by the empty chair across from him with a coffee in one hand and a plate filled with a massive slice of pie in the other. He looks harmless so Danny shakes his head.

"Be my guest."

"Thanks." The kid sits down and begins digging into his pie with an appetite that suggests he hasn't eaten for a while. When his mouth is empty for a moment he asks, "You're new here, aren't you? I haven't seen you around."

"I just got into town today." There doesn't seem to be any harm in making small talk. Actually, Danny's grateful for the company. "I'm kind of putting off looking for a place to stay," he adds, gesturing to his own half drunk coffee.

The kid fixes him with a clear green gaze. "Perhaps I can help you out there. I know of a few places that might have a room," he offers.

After assessing the offer for a moment, Danny nods his head. "That would be good. Thanks. I'm Danny by the way."

"Hi, good to meet you, Danny," his new friend replies, but he doesn't venture his own name. "Just let me finish this and then we'll go."

As he waits for the rest of the pie and coffee to disappear, Danny finds himself wondering if he's some kind of runaway. He does look pretty young. But he pushes aside his misgivings when the kid smiles at him, warm and friendly. He's hardly in a position to judge anyone for wanting to strike out on their own.

Danny's feeling pretty good about things when they finally strike out from the cafe in search of the promised room. He doesn't even really notice that the streets they're walking down are getting narrower and darker. The first hint of trouble is when they turn into a rubbish strewn alley, passing quickly into deeper shadows.

"Are you sure you know where you're going?" Danny asks, a prickle of unease running down his spine.

"I know exactly where I'm going." All of a sudden the voice is harder, with an edge of menace running through it.

Before he has a chance to think about running, Danny find himself pinned against the rough brick of a wall. He curses himself silently for trusting a complete stranger as he tries to push free, but the kid isn't moving and he holds Danny in place with casual ease.

"Look, I don't have much, but take it, take all of it," Danny hears himself babbling. "I'm not looking for trouble."

"Neither am I and trust me, I intend to take what I want."

In the half light Danny manages to catch a glimpse of his captor's face. It's not entirely reassuring. The wide eyed innocent look is gone, replaced by a much more knowing expression that makes him shiver as it slowly travels over him as if assessing his worth.

"My wallet's in my jacket," Danny tells him, wanting this over. He's surprised when laughter greets his comment.

"I don't want your money, Danny," the kid informs him, getting right in his face. "I want you."

Danny gasps when a big hand slides slowly down over the front of his shirt, skimming lower until it stops, cupping his crotch in a way that leaves no doubt as to precisely what he wants.

"Fuck you!" he yells, his voice echoing off the dirty walls.

"Not on a first date," comes the immediate response. "Maybe next time."

Danny tries to kick out, anything to get the kid away from him, but it's like pushing against one of the tall buildings that dominate downtown Metropolis. Apparently they breed them tough in Kansas.

"Get the fuck off of me!" he shouts angrily.

"Just relax, I know you'll like it if you do."

The bastard sounds insufferably smug and Danny gets ready to scream at him again. Before he can get another word out, Danny finds his hands are pinned above his head by a single broad palm that easily spans his wrists. Then a demanding mouth latches onto his, effectively silencing any further protests.

Danny wriggles and squirms, but that really isn't helping. He just ends up rubbing against the big body that's holding him in place and very quickly he feels the effect that his struggles are having on his captor. Fuck, this guy is hung and he's already hard. Danny slumps against the wall at his back, trying to create a little breathing space, but the kid's having none of it. A muscular thigh is shoved between Danny's legs, thrusting into his groin with unmistakable intent.

With an effort, Danny wrenches his mouth free and his head bangs against the brickwork, releasing a fine mist of dust that makes him cough.

The hand that isn't restraining his wrists is suddenly between his head and the wall. Danny finds himself meeting a puzzled stare.

"Why do you want to hurt yourself? I'm only trying to make you feel good," the kid insists.

"Don't you get it? I like girls," Danny spits out angrily. "I'm not into guys."

Green eyes widen and then the toothy grin is back. "I like girls too, but this is better. Trust me."

The last two words are breathed directly against Danny's lips, hot and hungry. Fuck, but this kid has a mouth that doesn't take no for an answer. It devours him ruthlessly, the agile tongue invading, wet and insistent. Danny groans and feels his defeat in the way that his cock twitches inside his jeans. It's a fucking traitor, but Danny hasn't got laid in months and right now apparently it isn't very discriminating.

Danny tries to focus on thoughts of Scarlett, those perfect tits that fill his palms just so, warm and soft. He moans and humps the thigh that's still pressed firmly against his crotch. The hand that was pinning his wrists finally lets go. Danny's grateful for the rush of returning circulation when his arms drop to his sides.

His relief is short lived. Those strong fingers are now free to work their way between their close pressed bodies and they quickly pop the button on his fly, the zipper parting seconds later. Danny tries to protest, but the sound is stolen by the lips that are still hungrily moving against his own.

The night air is chill on his skin as Danny is laid bare, but then the heat of that incredible mouth is moving downwards and it's surrounding the hard length of his cock before he can even think of saying no. Seconds later he's so far down the guy's throat that he doesn't want to say it, lost in the visceral pleasure.

The hot, wet suction is better than anything a girl's ever done for him down there and Danny grabs handfuls of dark, silky hair as orgasm rips through him. He expects the kid to pull away then, but he doesn't and Danny empties himself into the eager mouth until he's got nothing left to give.

He hates the feeling of loss when he's finally released. The smug bastard pulls back, licking his lips as if he enjoyed having him come down his throat. The sleek head tilts up and lazy green eyes slowly travel over his half naked body in an obvious show of approval.

There's just enough light to catch on the stone set in the ring the kid is wearing and the brief red flash distracts Danny as he's carefully tucked back into his boxers and jeans.

He's favoured with another slow smile. "I like you, Danny. I think I'll keep you around for a while. After all, you did say you needed a place to stay here in Metropolis."

Once again Danny would like to say no. Instead, he finds himself nodding dumbly.

Metropolis is a big city and Danny has his pool cue, a couple of changes of clothing and less than two hundred dollars in his wallet. He suspects he's going to need all the help he can get.

"Good, come with me then and I'll show you somewhere you can sleep." The tone of command sounds instinctive and Danny finds himself following without question.

When they reach the mouth of the alley the kid stops, looking over his shoulder at Danny as he tells him, "My name's Kal, by the way."

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