DISCLAIMER - Highlander and its characters is the copyright of Rysher and Panzer/Davis Productions and no infringement is intended. The story, such as it is, is copyright Karen Colohan October 2001.

Author's note - Long ago and far away a mailing list I was on hit upon the idea of writing stories of exactly 169 words. That is what this is!


by Karen Colohan

There is still a trace of your presence, even now, after so long. I can feel it inside me - a tangible reminder of things lost, only to be unexpectedly regained.

When I took the head of an unfamiliar Immortal who sought Adam Pierson, not Methos, I never dreamed the prize - far greater than THE Prize - that I would receive.

I wonder how many Immortals held that precious spark and died, unknowing, in the years that passed between the day I saw you die - cut down before your time in a hopeless fight you nevertheless refused to back away from - and this day?

Today, when I took a Quickening I didn't want, only to feel a familiar thread of presence uncoiling deep inside as the lightnings pierced me and drove me to my knees.

Was it fate? Perhaps. Or a stubborn Highland will, driving those who carried your essence until, finally, that nameless Immortal found me tonight. And, in doing so, brought you back where you belong. With me - inseparable.

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