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by Karen Colohan

The Infirmary was quiet - deathly quiet. Julian Bashir opened his office door and peered outside, but there was nobody waiting to see him. There had been no patients all morning and even now after lunch there were still none. Julian sighed, closed the door again and returned to his desk. He called up his schedule on the terminal - for once even a routine physical would have been a welcome distraction - but it was blank. Damn! There had to be something he could do.

Desultorily Julian browsed through his paperwork, but the dearth of patients had already given him ample time to get that up straight - even his ongoing research projects had had every conceivable 'i' dotted and 't' crossed in the last couple of days! Gods how he hated to have nothing to do. He briefly considered conducting an inventory of the medical supplies and then remembered he had already allocated that particular task to one of his underworked technicians. Damn, ...

Julian slumped back in his chair - profoundly bored. For the want of anything more pressing to worry about he let his mind drift back to his lunchtime meeting with Garak. He had left the Replimat feeling a vague concern for his friend's wellbeing today. The Cardassian had been in an especially argumentative frame of mind. He had seemed moody and downright irritable and their discussion had become quite heated. It was unlike Garak, Julian mused. The tailor was usually so placid and unruffled and he wondered what had been bothering Garak. As his thoughts wandered, seeking an explanation for the uncharacteristic behaviour a stray fragment of information intruded on the doctor's memory. It caught his attention and he sat up straighter, suddenly curious.

His interest now thoroughly piqued Julian reached out and began to search the Infirmary's database for all the files he could find on Cardassian behavioural patterns. He hunted through the information avidly until he found the section he wanted. He scanned it twice to be sure he hadn't misread it and then sat back, his hazel eyes wide. There was no doubt about it - Garak had been exhibiting all the signs of Cardassian sexual arousal! Julian's thoughts raced as his mind considered all the implications of this unexpected discovery.

Garak was getting turned on, sitting at lunch - with me. He was... By me? Oh bloody hell! Julian gulped in a much-needed lungful of air. His mouth was suddenly very dry. Since when had Garak started to find him sexually attractive? And more to the point since when did the thought that the tailor might feel something for him send a warm glow flooding through his body? A glow which became a tingling in his nerves and a stirring at his groin... Shit! Julian realised with a jolt that he was getting hard - insistently, undeniably hard.

The doctor glanced down at the bulge which now stretched the front of his uniform tight across the crotch. This wasn't going to go away in a hurry! Julian looked up again, his eyes darting around his empty office and coming to rest on the closed door. It was a slow day. He had nothing more pressing to attend to. He was quite alone. What the hell... Before he could think better of it Julian pushed his chair back from the desk, sprawling in it more comfortably with his long legs spread apart.

With fingers that shook just a little from the frisson of excitement that coursed through him at the somewhat illicit nature of what he was about to do Julian unsealed his uniform all the way down the front. He pulled it open as far as he could without actually sliding it off his shoulders to give himself better access. One slender hand reached down inside it, gently stroking at his straining sex through the thin material of his briefs. Ohhh... The light touch felt good and any qualms he might have had melted away. Julian began to rub harder, building the tension deliciously. Oh yes, even better still. Oh God yes! Why didn't I take the time to do this for myself sooner?

The doctor's head lolled against the back of his chair. His breath was coming in short pants as the sensations emanating from his groin grew more intense. His eyelids drifted shut, the long, dark lashes fluttering against his cheeks. With all external distractions effectively blocked out Julian's mind began to supply images to encourage his endeavours further...

He was still seated in his office, just as he was now, but he was no longer alone. In his mind's eye Julian saw that Garak knelt before him between his spread-eagled legs. And it wasn't his own hands, but Garak's which grasped his hard sex and pumped it until he cried out with the pleasure of it...

Julian's eyes flew open and he gasped in shock. Dear God! Now I'm fantasising about Garak! And yet he couldn't deny that thoughts of the tailor were what had brought him to this state in the first place. Glancing down the doctor could also see just how swollen his sex was. The fiery tip, crowned with a drop of moisture pushed its way firmly out of the prisoning material that sought to confine it. With one hand Julian pulled back the waistband of his briefs, allowing himself unobstructed access to his aching erection. His long fingers curved around the exposed shaft and a loud sigh escaped him as he began to caress the smooth skin. Oh yesss... That feels wonderful. Gods, Julian my lad, you need this badly...

Julian's eyes closed again as the increased friction of skin on skin built the pressure in his groin to almost unbearable levels. He squeezed and tugged at his erection urgently until with a loud moan he came. His hips thrust up convulsively from the chair as the pleasure cascaded over him and his warm fluids spilled out much to the detriment of his uniform. His skin shone with sweat; his hands were sticky - and frankly Julian didn't give a damn! He felt far too good to care.

As he slumped in his chair, breathing deeply to calm himself Julian heard a faint sound. Slowly his sex-clouded brain processed the noise and recognised it for what it was - his office door opening! He had forgotten to lock it. The doctor looked up in horror and found himself face to face - with Garak. The tailor's bright blue eyes rapidly took in the unexpected, but diverting scene before them and avidly devoured the sight of Julian's sprawled, semi-naked body.

"Garak!" exclaimed Julian in a shocked voice. "What are you doing here?" Gods, how do I get myself into these situations?

"I could ask you the same thing, doctor," observed Garak dryly. "Though I rather think I already know the answer to my question," he added throwing the doctor a sly look. Julian blushed furiously and the tailor's eyes sparkled with a mischievous light, noting his discomfiture. His expression became more serious though as he continued. "Actually I came to apologise for my behaviour over lunch. I thought I might have offended you. I was just feeling out of sorts and it was unfair of me to take it out on you."

"Um - that's fine, Garak," stammered Julian. "But, ah - I think I already figured out why you were so irritable."

"Yes, I believe that maybe you did," agreed Garak thoughtfully. He reached behind him, activating the office door's locking mechanism. The possibilities of this situation intrigued him, but he wasn't about to take unnecessary risks at the moment. The doctor made no comment on his actions as Garak now strode across the room and round to the far side of the desk. He swivelled Julian's chair around to face him, granting himself an entirely unobstructed view of the young man. His ridged brow quirked upward in mock surprise. "Oh dear, there seems to have been a slight mishap here, doctor..."

Julian flushed an even deeper shade of red as the tailor regarded his creased and sticky uniform critically - he really should clean that up before it became irrevocably stained. A second later all such prosaic thoughts were driven from Julian's mind and he gasped as Garak reached down, his broad fingers brushing the doctor's damp skin caressingly. A moment more and Garak was sinking to his knees between Julian's invitingly spread legs. He bent his head over the doctor's lap and flicked his tongue lightly across the exposed skin. The young man's breath caught in his throat and no matter how hard he tried he was unable to form any coherent words.

Garak applied himself diligently to his task. Delicately he lapped at the dampness pooled on the doctor's belly, savouring the strangely salty taste. Then he moved lower, his tongue tracing the contours of Julian's now flaccid member. The tight, dark curls of hair which surrounded its base tickled at the Cardassian's facial ridges as he bent low over the doctor's groin and sent a pleasant tingling through his own nerve endings - such wonderful new possibilities this human peculiarity afforded! Julian's musky scent rose to Garak's sensitive nostrils and he breathed deeply of it. It seemed more delightful to him than the most exotic and expensive cologne.

As the tailor continued his efforts the doctor's sex began to stir, starting to harden again. Encouraged Garak closed his lips around it, sucking gently at the firming flesh. The sudden sensation of the Cardassian's hot, moist mouth enveloping his erection sent Julian's thoughts scattering. Oh! That feels incredible. Gods... His lips parted, but the only sound that emerged was a faint, desperate whimper. Garak had a definite talent for this! His lips, teeth and tongue conspired together to bring Julian fully erect and he was soon proving quite a mouthful for the tailor. Undaunted Garak continued his skilful ministrations until the doctor's body was writhing helplessly with pleasure. His slender frame convulsed one final time and with a loud, triumphant cry he came. The tailor eagerly swallowed the salty- tasting seed which filled his mouth, sucking Julian dry.

When Garak raised his head, the tip of his tongue delicately licking his damp lips, the doctor was watching him from heavy-lidded eyes.

"Well, that was unexpected," murmured Julian.

"Oh?" Garak looked surprised.

"Hm, well, I thought you were the one who was getting turned on over lunch," observed the doctor with some amusement, "but I seem to be the one who's just come twice in quick succession!" Garak smiled lazily.

"Oh, I was," he agreed, "and I still am. Actually I was rather hoping to make an appointment to see the doctor. I think he might be able to prescribe something for the problem. I'm given to understand he's very good..." Julian's hazel eyes sparkled with mischief.

"I think I have - an opening right about now," he deadpanned. "Would that suit you, Garak?" The tailor's cornflower gaze dropped to his lap where the front of his own trousers bulged revealingly, then slowly travelled back up to rest on Julian's smiling face.

"Why, doctor," said Garak with feeling, "it's most kind of you to fit me in at such short notice. I do believe that would be perfect."


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