DISCLAIMER - Not mine, I couldn't afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I'll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I'm done with them. Story, such as it is, copyright Karen Colohan, April 2003.

Author's notes - Thank you to Barbara for betaing. This is RWR fic.

"Lex..." Clark pouted spectacularly as he dropped onto Lex's lap, interposing himself between his lover and his computer screen.

Lex slid his chair away from the desk just far enough to allow Clark to fit his long frame more comfortably across Lex's thighs. Clark wiggled his ass appreciatively and peered at Lex through a fringe of dark lashes.

"Yes, Clark?" Lex's expression was one of amused tolerance.

Uttering a long-suffering sigh, Clark adopted a lecturing tone. "How many times do I have to tell you that all work and no play..."

"Makes Clark a sexually frustrated boy," Lex interrupted with a smirk.

"I was going to say, makes Lex a dull boy," Clark replied primly. "That's how the saying goes... well, aside from the name. You just made your version up."

"That's true," Lex agreed, "but mine's more accurate in this case." To illustrate the point, Lex's hand fell to Clark's lap, curving over the firm bulge in the front of his jeans. "And to answer your question, you tell me every day - usually more than once - whether you have to or not. I think you're insatiable as well as invulnerable, Clark."

Clark wriggled again, pressing up into the warm palm covering his cock. The move also had the effect of rubbing Lex's cock against the firm muscles of Clark's ass. As a result, Lex gave a small gasp.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Clark said, his expression one of faux innocence.

Lex drew in another sharp breath. "I don't... recall mentioning... anything about it being... bad," he finally got out as Clark began a determined writhing in his lap. "Clark!"

"Yes, Lex?" Clark's smile was a positive inducement to sex.

"Will you stop playing and just fuck me!" Lex hissed as Clark abruptly stopped moving.

Clark tilted his head to one side, considering.

"No," he decided eventually, his tone regretful.

"What?" Lex glared at his lover in disbelief.

"Well, you were obviously very busy when I came and interrupted you and I know I shouldn't keep you from your work." Clark began to slide off of Lex, ignoring his poleaxed look. "And I have a project due soon that I really do need to put in some time on..."

Lex made a grab for Clark, but he evaded Lex's clutching fingers and was gone from the study before Lex even had time to get out of his chair. Indeed, with his cock hard and swollen inside his pants, Lex got up and followed Clark with something less than his usual grace.

As he stepped out into the hallway of the penthouse Lex stopped, looking down. On the floor at his feet was Clark's flannel shirt. A short distance away was the blue T-shirt he'd been wearing underneath. Further pieces of clothing laid out a path for Lex to follow.

Lex thought about picking up the discarded clothes, but decided against it. He'd let his ingrained sense of neatness have its way later. For now, he was far more interested in tracking down his tease of a lover. On the scent, Lex stalked down the hall, following Clark's tracks.

Maybe it wasn't the most subtle of invitations, but there was nothing in the world that would have stopped Lex from following this particular trail to its source. Knowing what would be waiting for him was an irresistible incentive.

Not that he'd had any doubts about his destination, but the final item of clothing - Clark's boxers - lay outside their bedroom door. Lex paused for a moment, breathing in deeply to calm himself. He was already far too close to coming and he didn't want to give Clark the satisfaction of knowing just how effective his provocation had been. When Lex had his libido back under control he reached for the door handle and opened it, quickly stepping into the room.

No matter how often he saw the sight, Clark naked was still enough to make Lex stop and look in appreciation. Lex's eyes took in the strong, muscular body with its lightly bronzed skin and dusting of hairs. He paused a little longer to admire the thick, uncut cock rising from the dark tangle of curls at Clark's groin. Lex licked his lips instinctively, meeting Clark's heated gaze when he turned to look at him.

"What took you so long?" Clark asked, his voice low and sexy.

"The best things are worth waiting for," Lex countered with a smile. It was time to turn the tables on Clark just a little, to repay him for his earlier teasing.

Not moving any closer, Lex slowly began to undress himself. He kicked off his shoes and reached down to peel off his socks first. Then his fingers went to the buttons of his shirt, taking his time to work each one through its buttonhole before moving on to the next. He was very much aware that across the room Clark had rolled onto his side, propped up on one elbow watching him eagerly. Lex didn't allow himself to be rushed, though. He was going to take his time.

When the shirt was completely undone, Lex shrugged it off his shoulders, pausing again to unfasten the buttons at each cuff. It slid off all the way then and he draped it carefully across the back of a chair, brushing at imaginary creases. Not that it would be worn again without laundering, but the small growl of impatience that escaped Clark at the delay had Lex smirking as he went back to his slow undressing.

Hands dropped to his waistband and Lex undid his belt buckle, sliding the strip of leather through the loops and then coiling it neatly before setting that aside on the chair too. The button and zipper were next and then Lex eased his pants down over his hips, letting the soft wool glide down his legs before he stepped out of them. Picking the pants up he folded them with care before placing them with the rest of his clothing.

That left Lex clad only in his boxers and they did little to disguise his arousal. He smoothed his hands over the wrinkled silk, pulling it taut for a moment so it outlined the hard length of his cock. Another whimper came from across the room and when Lex glanced over he saw that Clark had flopped onto his back again. He was breathing hard, his head pressed back into the soft pillows.

Pleased with the effect his impromptu striptease had had on Clark, Lex finally pulled off his boxers, tossing them at the pile of clothing on the chair. As casually as he could manage, he strolled across the room to the bed. Coming to a halt, he stood looking down at Clark, his eyes drinking in every inch of him from head to toe. Oh yes, definitely worth waiting for, he always had been.

Done with simply looking, Lex moved again, climbing onto the bed. Clark grinned up at him as Lex crawled over his lover's bared body until he was braced on all fours above him. Leaning down, Lex ran his tongue across Clark's mouth until the grin was erased by a moan, the full lips parting for him.

Lex plunged his tongue into the familiar heat and sweetness, licking at the roof of Clark's mouth, tracing the sharp edges of his teeth. He stole the taste of Clark, drawing it back into his own mouth along with Clark's willing tongue.

Clark responded to the hungry kiss, reaching up to slide his hands along Lex's jaw, his fingers brushing across the smooth skin of Lex's cheek. At the same time his tongue flicked over Lex's in a slow, lazy caress.

Carefully, Lex lowered himself until he was lying fully on top of Clark, making sure not to break the kiss. Clark was warm and solid under him, the hard ridge of his cock sliding against Lex's, leaving the slickness of pre-come sticky on his stomach.

When the need for air finally forced Lex to end the kiss he pulled away with considerable reluctance. Glancing down he discovered that Clark's eyelids had fallen shut, long eyelashes dark against the smooth curve of his cheek.

The tempting mouth was slack as Clark breathed harshly, his parted lips reddened and wet. Lex reached between them carefully, his fingers tracing across saliva slick skin. Clark's lashes fluttered, but his eyes didn't open. Then his tongue stole out, wrapping sensually around Lex's questing digits.

Lex gave a sharp gasp as his fingers were abruptly sucked into Clark's mouth. He watched as Clark's cheeks hollowed and his head lifted from the pillow slightly, fellating the long fingers as diligently as if they were Lex's cock. Lex's hips bucked frantically as the sensation transmitted itself from his hand to his groin.

"Fuck, Clark!" he groaned, grinding down hard.

Clark didn't stop what he was doing, but he spread his thighs further apart to accommodate Lex. When Lex settled into the space that he'd made for him, Clark twined his legs around Lex's waist, using the strength of his muscles to pull him in closer.

The added pressure on his swollen cock was perfect and Lex rode the sensations, feeling more of the sticky wetness spreading between Clark's stomach and his own. Clark's cock was just as hard as his and Lex could hear the small sounds of pleasure he was making, even though they were muffled by Lex's fingers.

Lex spared a brief moment to wish that it was his cock rather than his fingers that was surrounded by the wet, sucking heat of Clark's mouth. It was clear, though, that Clark had no intention of letting him go so that he could correct that oversight. Besides, Lex could feel just how close he was to coming, so it was probably academic at this stage.

Clark's hands had slowly migrated from Lex's face to his back, finally coming to rest on the curve of his ass. Blunt digits probed between his cheeks and Lex made a guttural sound when one rough fingertip circled his hole. Clark didn't try to penetrate him with the dry finger, but Lex pushed back impatiently, wanting to impale himself regardless of the discomfort. But Clark matched the movement, just teasing Lex with the promise of more, never quite breaching his body.

Frustrated, Lex thrust hard against Clark, then bucked up sharply again. Still the penetration he wanted eluded Lex. On the next thrust, Clark arched up to meet him and the extra friction on his oversensitised cock finally pushed Lex over the edge.

His head fell back and Lex squeezed his eyes shut as pleasure flashed through him. Clark was wrapped around him, arms and legs holding Lex tightly as his cock pulsed between them, spilling wet heat across their skin.

When Lex stilled, his head falling forward to rest on Clark's shoulder, Clark began to move again. He rocked against Lex, cock slipping through the come on Lex's belly as he pushed towards his own release. It only took a few more rough thrusts before Clark tensed and finally let Lex's fingers slide from his mouth.

Once more warm wetness spread between them as Clark shuddered and came hard. For a second his legs clamped around Lex like a vice, but before the pressure could become too much they relaxed again. Clark slumped back bonelessly onto the mattress, breathing harshly.

Lex draped himself over Clark's lax body, making himself comfortable. He supposed he really ought to get up and find something to clean them both off with before the come dried on their skin, sticking them together. He couldn't quite summon up the energy. It felt too good right where he was.

Apparently Clark thought so as well, as he snaked his arms around Lex, holding him firmly in place. He gave a contented sigh, nuzzling against Lex's neck. After a moment his tongue stole out, licking at the beads of sweat that had gathered in the hollow of Lex's throat.

As he enjoyed the lazy swipes of Clark's tongue, Lex could feel the silly grin spreading across his face. He didn't even try to stop it forming. Work was overrated anyway, he decided. Sex with Clark was a much better use of his time. Lex's fingers were still wet where Clark had been sucking on them so he reached up, trailing them over one pronounced cheekbone and across the bridge of Clark's nose.

At the touch, Clark's eyes finally opened, still heavy lidded. The sleepy green gaze fixed on Lex's face and Clark smiled.

"Love you," he whispered.

Leaning down, Lex brushed a soft kiss across Clark's still moving lips. Even now he still found the words hard to say, but he knew Clark understood when his arms tightened briefly around Lex in acknowledgement. Moments later he drifted off into a light doze, Lex following soon after.

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