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by Karen Colohan

In the Infirmary on Deep Space Nine Doctor Julian Bashir regarded his latest, and most unexpected, patient thoughtfully. A short time ago Garak had presented himself in the young doctor's office complaining of some curiously non-specific malaise. Repeated tricorder scans had revealed no obvious symptoms, but the tailor had been so insistent about the discomfort he was experiencing that Julian had finally decided on a physical examination. Garak had greeted the news with surprising equanimity and now lay naked on a diagnostic bed in a private corner of the Infirmary.

"Garak, when we commenced this examination your skin was a uniform grey all over. Now, unless I'm much mistaken, certain - parts seem to be changing colour." Julian's brow furrowed in puzzlement.

"Why, doctor, how intriguing. What do you think could account for the phenomenon?" Considering the pain he had claimed to be suffering Garak's voice was unaccountably bright.

"I have no idea, Garak, my information on Cardassian physiology is still lamentably limited." Julian eyed the tailor with sudden suspicion. "Are you quite sure you don't know what's causing this?"

"Doctor, if I knew don't you think I would tell you?" asked Garak with an air of injured innocence. Privately Julian was by no means convinced of that, but he wisely kept his thoughts to himself.

"Well, I suppose I'd better investigate further then," said the young man slowly, turning his attention back to the afflicted region.

As he did so he didn't miss the small smile which briefly curved the tailor's lips. His nagging suspicions abruptly confirmed Julian's eyes narrowed dangerously. Nevertheless he gave no other outward sign as with professional detachment he lifted Garak's now semi-erect sex, balancing it on one slender palm. He bent over it close enough for his warm breath to caress it. The colour of the skin, previously just tinged faintly lilac, rapidly flushed to a deeper lavender hue.

"Hm, what an interesting response," observed Julian dryly. "Now, why don't you try telling me the truth about this whole charade, Garak!"

"I rather suspect, doctor, that you have already divined the truth," said Garak, breathing unsteadily. "Ah..."

Julian's hand had closed tightly around the Cardassian's tormented member at the evasive response and Garak could not contain his startled gasp.

"Yes, the change of colour is related to sexual arousal, doctor," he rasped. "Now, I suggest that unless you really mean what you are doing you let go. I fear my tolerance to such treatment may not be..."

"Garak, you disappoint me! Wherever has your scientific curiosity gone all of a sudden?" said Julian archly as he began slowly rubbing his fingers along the length of the now quite respectable erection. He paused briefly to admire the latest colour change. "What a delightful shade of magenta your skin is turning now. How many more changes do you have in store for me?"

But Garak was now quite beyond caring whether the doctor was doing what he was doing because he wanted to bring the tailor pleasure or because he was already planning his next blockbusting medical paper! Garak had also quite lost track of just how many chameleon-like transitions his member had undergone as Julian's hand worked its magic. As the doctor watched with intent curiosity he saw the purplish colour begin to brighten and gradually a deep cherry red suffused the tailor's engorged sex instead.

"Doctor..." cried Garak warningly, but before he could say more a shudder passed through him. The tailor's hips jerked convulsively as he came and Julian found his hand suddenly coated with Garak's creamy seed. The doctor gently stroked the rapidly softening member a couple more times and noted absently that its colour was once again changing, slowly fading back to its customary grey.

"Well, that was an interesting - experiment," muttered Julian wryly, staring with faint disbelief at his damp fingers and wondering just how he managed to get himself into these situations. Because you've been fantasising about doing something very much like this for months, a small voice inside his head reminded him matter-of-factly - and Julian realised that it was the truth.

"Hmm, if that's a representative example of your technique then I'm all in favour of empirical research," said Garak drowsily, bringing the doctor back to the present. "Of course, if you should feel the need to verify your findings at any time..."

"I think I can safely say that this study will require some exhaustive research," said Julian with a flash of a sardonic grin. "And you know, when I find a subject I can work well with I tend to stick with them."

"I'm delighted to hear it, doctor," said Garak, his eyes widening as he realised the implications of what Julian was saying. "Just how soon do you think you will be ready to continue with your experiments?"

"Oh, I think with a subject of this importance the sooner the better, Garak," declared Julian. "Why don't you drop by my quarters this evening, say about 1900 hours, and we'll see if we can't devise a mutually satisfactory programme."

"I'll be sure to come," promised Garak - and the renewed flush of lilac tinging his sex left both men in no doubt at all that the Cardassian would do precisely that...

The end!!

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