virtu \vuhr-TOO; vir-\, noun: 1. A love of or taste for fine objects of art. 2. Productions of art (especially fine antiques). 3. Artistic quality.


by Karen Colohan

From childhood he'd raised Lex with an appreciation of life's finer things - literature, music, art. Introducing him to the classics, Lex had learned to seek the best.

Yet, Lionel hadn't expected that virtu to manifest itself like this - hadn't believed until Helen procured the key, let him see for himself.

A remarkable collection, testament to Lex's training, it was amazingly comprehensive. Although Lionel could see places his own knowledge would complete the picture... if Lex agreed to pool resources.

It would be fitting, studying this work of art together, both of them needing to unlock the mystery of Clark Kent.

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