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by Karen Colohan (copyright January 1995)

"Why don't we go to my quarters and find out?" So Julian had said, and so here he was. The transporter had duly delivered Julian and Garak to the doctor's quarters, but where did they go from here?

Once again Julian found himself uncomfortably aware of the fact that he was quite naked. Garak's intense scrutiny only served to heighten that awareness.

"Garak, do you really have to stare at me like that?" asked the doctor plaintively.

"I'm sorry, my dear doctor," replied the Cardassian with a smile. "It's just that, up until now, I've had to rely on my imagination when it came to deciding how you would look without that uniform of yours. I was merely curious about how closely the reality measured up to my expectations."

"Whatever do you mean, Garak? Surely you've done enough alterations..." Julian stopped abruptly as he recalled just how thorough Garak had always been when he'd gone to him to have an outfit altered. "That isn't precisely what you meant, is it?"

"No, I'm afraid it isn't," said Garak neutrally. "Ah, doctor, your naivety really is one of your more charming traits." In spite of his embarrassment, Julian smiled.

"And just how well does the reality measure up to what you imagined?" he enquired archly.

"Oh, believe me, doctor, when I say that what I have seen so far really does not disappoint!"

Garak continued his appraisal of Julian, looking at him in a way the doctor could only describe as hungrily. Julian shivered and Garak licked his lips in obvious anticipation.

"Would you like to see some more of this, doctor?" asked the Cardassian, holding up the data clip which had set this whole train of events in motion.

"Ah, no, I don't think that will be necessary." Julian blushed furiously at the memory of how Garak had discovered him with Dax and Kira.

"Oh well, if you're quite sure, doctor," said Garak dismissively. He set it down on Julian's desk. "I'll leave it here in case you change your mind."

"Whatever gave you the idea of doing that?" asked Julian, suddenly curious.

"Do you really want to know, doctor?" Garak's expression had changed and his eyes looking into Julian's suddenly held a peculiar intensity. The doctor felt as if he were standing on the very edge of a precipice, with nothing but a dizzying fall in front of him. He wished he could think more clearly, but the effects of all the punch he had drunk were still making themselves felt. Carefully, Julian nodded.

"Yes, actually I do," he replied. "It was - rather a shock when Dax first showed me what was on the clip."

"Ah, the delightful lieutenant, so it wasn't you who decided to watch it then?" Garak's voice held a note of regret.

"No. I wasn't going to," admitted Julian.

"Weren't you even the slightest bit curious about it?" Garak's eyes never left Julian's.

"Well, yes, I suppose I was, but..." The doctor was becoming increasingly flustered. He broke eye contact, turned away from the Cardassian and retreated to a chair. He sat down. Somehow it made him feel less - exposed. When he could bring himself to look at Garak again he found the other was still watching him, an expression of faint amusement on his face.

"Why don't you just come right out and say it, doctor? You found my pursuit of you an uncomfortable experience, didn't you?" said Garak.

"Yes, of course I did!" exploded Julian. "I wasn't in the mood for... And you haven't answered my question yet!" He hurriedly changed the subject, feeling himself on dangerous ground once more. His head was spinning disconcertingly and he felt suddenly very hot. Garak merely nodded.

"Very well then, doctor, but if I tell you what my motivation was when preparing the data clip, it seems only fair that you should answer my questions properly."

"All right, I will," Julian conceded.

"Well then, where shall I begin?" Garak carefully seated himself on the edge of Julian's bed, where he could watch the doctor's reactions easily.

"The beginning is the usual place," observed Julian acidly.

"Yes, of course, doctor, how foolish of me." Garak matched the doctor's sarcasm with his own. "Well, to be honest, I have been seeking a way of - attracting your attention, so to speak, for many months now."

"But why?" interrupted Julian.

"I thought I had already made that perfectly clear, doctor," replied Garak. "I find you most - attractive. I wished to pursue a more intimate relationship with you. I must admit, I thought you would have realised that long before now; but there are times, my dear doctor, when you can be infuriatingly unobservant."

Julian looked across and met the Cardassian's eyes again. Garak's expression held a strange mixture of wistfulness and lust. Julian swallowed hard and tried to ignore the fact that his arousal was intensifying once more. He hoped Garak hadn't noticed. To distract himself he voiced a question which had been puzzling him.

"I still don't understand, Garak. The file on the data clip could easily have been misinterpreted. If it was me you were trying to attract why include Dax and Kira? Why not just come right out and say all this before? Wouldn't it have been simpler?"

"Oh, very probably, doctor," agreed Garak, "but when has the opportunity arisen for us to talk like this before? It's hardly a topic to discuss over lunch in the replimat, is it now?"

"I see your point. I suppose it's not." Julian had to agree that Garak was right about that at least.

"Besides, you might simply have rejected the idea out of hand if I'd broached it so openly. No, don't interrupt, doctor, you have to concede that your initial reactions this evening were hardly encouraging."

"No, they weren't, were they," admitted Julian. "I was just - taken aback by your sudden interest in me. I thought we were friends and then..."

"Oh, but we are, doctor," interrupted Garak hurriedly. "Whatever comes of this conversation I don't want it to affect our friendship."

"How can it not affect it, Garak?" protested Julian. "I've just discovered that the man I've been lunching with every week for nearly three years has been fantasising about going to bed with me all that time. I don't see how that can fail to affect how I view our friendship. Do you?"

"I'm sorry, doctor," said Garak stiffly. "If that's the way you feel then maybe I'd better leave."

"No, Garak, you don't have to go." Julian tried to keep the note of exasperation out of his voice.

"I fail to see the point of continuing this conversation, doctor," said Garak with as much dignity as he could muster.

"Garak, will you just listen to me!" The doctor's tone brooked no argument and the Cardassian looked at him in surprise.

"Very well, doctor, after all you do still owe me an answer, don't you?"

"Yes, I do, Garak, and you're not making it at all easy for me." Julian watched as Garak sat twisting his hands together in his lap. It was an uncharacteristic outward display of emotion. The doctor took a deep breath and continued.

"I have to admit that I found it rather - disturbing, when you began, well, flirting with me earlier. It had simply never occurred to me that you might feel anything more for me than friendship. Surely you can see that, Garak."

"Of course I can, doctor. That's why this party of Commander Sisko's seemed such a fortuitous event. It presented the ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities. You know as well as I that people always do uncharacteristic things on such occasions. They have too much to drink then, come morning..."

"And you thought that if I weren't interested I'd dismiss it all as being due to too much of the commander's punch; that our friendship would simply carry on as before. That's pretty cold-blooded, Garak!" protested Julian.

"Perhaps, but do continue, doctor," said the Cardassian with a slight smile. "I find it most interesting; the way in which you contrive to change the subject each time we approach the important part of this conversation."

"Which is?" Julian asked curiously.

"Why, how you feel now, of course, my dear doctor," Garak positively beamed. "You've been dancing around that particular question since we came to your quarters."

"Yes, I suppose I have," admitted Julian. "The truth is, I'm not really sure how I feel. It's not something I ever expected to have to address and especially not when I'm still too drunk to think straight!"

"That's just another excuse, doctor, and you know it." Garak got up from his seat on the bed and moved across to where Julian sat. He reached down and, catching hold of the doctor's hands, pulled him to his feet. "Now, you've been sitting there coyly for much too long. So, why don't we see what your body has to say on the subject. Oh now, doctor, I really think you've been holding out on me."

Julian blushed furiously as Garak held him at arms length and studied him critically. The doctor's state of arousal was plain enough to see and the Cardassian eyed the newly revealed delights with barely disguised hunger.

"Garak, I..." Julian's words died in his suddenly dry throat. Garak looked at him questioningly and with an effort he continued. "Well, I won't deny that there have been occasions when I... when I wondered... I mean, when I considered... Oh, damn it, Garak! Yes, I've had a few fantasies about you myself from time to time. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"That, my dear doctor, is precisely what I wanted to hear." Garak's voice was low and positively seductive. "So, would you like to explore a few of our mutual fantasies? This would seem to be an ideal..."


"Yes, doctor?"

"I thought I was supposed to be the one who talked too much!"

A sudden grin spread across Julian's face, bringing an answering smile of delight from Garak. It was difficult to say which of them moved first, but in a moment the two were in each other's arms, clinging together as if their lives depended on it.

Garak was the first to draw back, his hands resting lightly on Julian's shoulders. He studied the doctor's face carefully.

"Doctor, I wonder if I might ask one small favour of you."

"Of course, Garak, what is it?"

"Would you mind undoing this costume of mine," said Garak neutrally. "The fastening is there, at the back." The tailor gestured over his shoulder with one hand. Julian became very still, but Garak could see the pulse fluttering wildly at the base of his throat. "Doctor, if you have any doubts, now is the time to voice them."

"No, Garak, not doubts," Julian breathed in deeply. " I just don't know much about Cardassians that's all. I know what another human would find pleasurable, but with you I'm not sure." He laughed self consciously. "I'm not used to being in that position."

"Oh, I'm sure you're not, my dear doctor. Your exploits are legendary on this station," Garak sounded amused.

"Maybe they are," said Julian with a faint smile. "But if you're talking about the same stories I've heard, they're also grossly overexaggerated. If even half of them were true I'd be walking around permanently exhausted!"

"Perhaps," conceded Garak. "But as for me, doctor, simply treat me as you would another Terran. We really aren't so very different."

Julian nodded slowly. He reached up and found the fastening of Garak's leather Harlequin costume. It undid all the way down the back and required very little effort to remove it completely.

Once Garak stood naked before him, Julian couldn't resist the temptation to study him with frank curiosity. The first thing he noticed was that the Cardassian was every bit as aroused as he was himself. Julian ran his tongue over his suddenly dry lips and resumed his scrutiny. As far as he could see the only real difference between them was their skin; Julian's own soft, smooth and golden brown, whereas Garak's was leathery, grey-hued, ridged about the neck and shoulders, and somewhat reptilian in appearance.

A little self consciously, Julian reached out and drew Garak back into his arms. His hands moved firmly over the Cardassian's broad, well muscled back. Julian found, to his surprise, that Garak was hot to the touch. Somehow he'd expected that reptilian-looking skin to be cool.

In his turn, Garak set about exploring the delights of Julian's body. The doctor's firm erection, pressing against his own sent a flurry of sensations through him. Carefully, he sought out Julian's mouth with his. As he watched, the younger man's eyelids fluttered shut and Garak let his own eyes close, revelling in the soft warmth of the other's lips.

Julian felt Garak's agile hands begin to move over his skin. One lightly caressed the nape of his neck, the fingers tangling in the errant strands of soft brown hair which curled there. The other moved down to stroke the doctor's pert behind.

With a soft sigh, Julian simply gave himself over to the enjoyment of the sensations inspired by Garak's actions for a few more moments. Then he resumed his own explorations. Gently he withdrew his lips from the Cardassian's. Before the other could protest, Julian began to run his tongue lightly over the ridges around Garak's eyes, tracing the line of them upwards. Then, carefully, he probed the protuberance in the centre of the tailor's forehead. To his surprise, Garak moaned intensely. Julian drew back, startled.

"Oh, my dear doctor, please don't stop," Garak's voice was barely more than a whisper. "I thought you told me you knew very little about Cardassians. How did you know that?"

"Know what?" Julian was genuinely confused.

"You mean, you didn't realise what you were doing?" Garak looked nonplussed. "I felt sure you must... Doctor, I really think I should tell you. That particular part of a Cardassian's face is one of our most sensitive erogenous zones."

"You mean, like a Ferengi's ears?" asked Julian, wide eyed with curiosity.

"Precisely," agreed Garak with satisfaction. "Now, if you wouldn't mind, doctor, what you were doing really was most - stimulating." Julian eyed the tailor's broad smile for a long moment before relenting. He resumed his gentle licking motions and was rewarded with what was almost a purr from the enraptured Garak.

After a long interval Garak drew back from Julian's attentive tongue. The doctor looked at him in surprise.

"Did I do something wrong, Garak?"

"Oh no, doctor, not at all," Garak hurried to reassure him. "Two things occur to me though; don't you think we might be more - comfortable on the bed?" Slowly, Julian nodded his agreement and Garak drew the doctor with him across the room. As they settled themselves onto the bed Julian frowned.

"What was the other thing?" he asked.

"Oh, of course, doctor," Garak smiled. "It seems to me that I'm being a little selfish, don't you agree?"

"Why do you say that?" Julian's expression was puzzled.

"Well, here am I being pleasured by your admirably agile tongue, doctor, and what am I doing for you in return? Nothing! You really must tell me what pleases you." The look Garak bestowed upon Julian was openly flirtatious. The doctor felt the heat rising in his cheeks again. The thought of actually telling Garak what turned him on was just too embarrassing.

In spite of that, as Julian let his mind review a few of his fantasy encounters with Garak, he found his arousal intensifying once more. The Cardassian watched with interest as Julian's erection grew. Carefully, Garak reached out, taking it into his hand and caressing it rhythmically. He felt the doctor tense at his touch, and then slowly relax as a tremor of delight ran through him.

With a smile Julian reached up and drew Garak down for another kiss. As the sensations of pleasure radiating from his groin intensified, Julian sought out Garak's erection with his own hands. Like the rest of the Cardassian's body it was hot, but the skin there felt smoother to the touch, more like Julian's own. Slowly the doctor matched the rhythm of his caresses to that of Garak's hands on his own body.

For a timeless interval the two of them floated on a tide of mutual pleasure. At last Julian felt himself lose control, crying out in inarticulate delight as he came. His hands tightened involuntarily Garak, drawing the Cardassian over the brink as well, his cries mingling with Julian's.

After, as they lay companionably side by side, Julian was the first to break the silence.


"Yes, doctor."

"Why do you always call me 'doctor'? I do have a name and you can call me Julian, you know."

"Oh I know, but it just wouldn't feel right," said Garak equably. Julian propped himself up on one elbow, regarding the tailor's recumbent form, a frown on his face.

"But why not?" he persisted. Garak merely smiled.

"I'm sorry, but to me, you will always be simply 'doctor'. It's the designation which seems to suit you best."

"Even after this?" asked Julian, somewhat perplexed. "It seems a little formal - under present circumstances."

"Consider it a term of endearment then, if you will." Garak's smile broadened.

"A term of endearment! That's the strangest suggestion I ever heard." Julian shook his head.

"Well, my delightful young doctor, I don't believe that I shall change my mind. So, I think you'll have to resign yourself to it. Now, I'm sure there are far more interesting things we could be discussing," said Garak firmly.

"Oh, such as...?" Julian raised one eyebrow questioningly.

"Why don't you let me show you." Garak reached across, flipping the doctor neatly over onto his back. With practised ease the Cardassian bent over him, his mouth trailing kisses over Julian's already sensitised skin. Garak began at the base of the doctor's throat, slowly working his way down to his nipples. These he caressed lovingly, first one and then the other, with his hot, rough tongue. By the time Garak's lips proceeded with their steady downwards progress, Julian was trembling with desire; all his nerves on fire with renewed arousal.

Garak delighted in Julian's pleasure. He had waited a long time for this moment, dreaming of it often, especially after one of his weekly lunches with the doctor. But all the fantasies and holosuite programs in the galaxy couldn't come close to the reality Garak decided. There was something quite unique about Julian's uninhibited pleasure at his caresses - the sensation of the doctor's smooth, sleek body against his own and the wonderful taste and scent of his caramel coloured skin.

Re-collecting himself with difficulty Garak discovered that his lips had encountered Julian's sex, once more erect. The tailor glanced up at the doctor's face speculatively. The anticipation in Julian's eyes was undeniable.

"So, doctor, is this what gives you pleasure?" asked Garak with an uncharacteristically mischievous smile. The question was quite unnecessary, as the look on Julian's face was answer enough, but the Cardassian derived a moment's perverse enjoyment from making the doctor admit it.

"Yes." The single word, spoken on a long exhalation of breath, was all Julian was capable of. His whole body was tense with anticipation at the thought of Garak's lips and tongue touching him so intimately.

Garak felt the heat of arousal spread through his own body. The doctor was so keyed up it was infectious! With as much restraint as he could manage, Garak began to caress Julian's erection with long, slow strokes of his tongue. The younger man's reaction was immediate and vocal. Gently Garak explored, probing Julian's most sensitive places, the touch of his tongue by turns delicate and voracious. He was rewarded by a series of delicious moans and whimpers as the doctor writhed in total abandonment.

As he followed the progress of Julian's arousal, Garak realised the doctor was almost at the point of no return. With infinite care he closed his mouth over Julian's erection. Almost immediately the doctor came, his back arching and his hands twisting the sheets into knots. Garak rested his own hands lightly on Julian's hips, steadying him.

Slowly, Julian calmed. He watched as Garak sat back on his haunches and regarded him affectionately. His eyes held the Cardassian's unblinkingly. At length he held out his arms, like a child seeking a hug of reassurance. Garak leaned forward and drew Julian up into his embrace. The doctor hugged him fiercely, thanking him wordlessly.

A moment or two later Garak felt Julian become a dead weight in his arms and glancing down realised that the doctor had drifted off to sleep. Carefully the Cardassian loosened his grip on Julian, trying to move him to a more comfortable position. The movement jarred the younger man and his eyes fluttered open again.

"I'm sorry, doctor, I didn't mean to wake you," Garak apologised.

"Oh, Garak!" Julian looked faintly dazed and it took him a moment to remember exactly where he was. He struggled back to a sitting position and with a sigh Garak relinquished his hold on him completely. The tailor studied his companion narrowly. The doctor looked as tired as hell; it seemed only fair to make a strategic withdrawal and allow him to rest.

"Well, doctor, I'm glad we've finally spent time together like this," observed Garak. Julian smiled, his face lighting up and the shadows of exhaustion vanishing.

"So am I, Garak."

"It's a great pity it took us so long. I hope next time..." the Cardassian's voice trailed off wistfully.

"You don't have to leave, Garak," said Julian, understanding the other's sudden despondency.

"But you're exhausted, doctor," protested Garak.

"Perhaps, but there are worse things to be," said Julian seriously. "And right now, the one thing I don't want to be is on my own." He reached out, his hand lightly brushing Garak's cheek. "I want to explore all the possibilities of this new relationship of ours, Garak. I want to do to you what you just did to me; I want to know what it feels like to be inside you and to have you inside me. The thought of spending the rest of tonight with you excites me more than anything I've ever done before. I'm not going to let a little thing like tiredness get in the way of that."

Garak stared back at the doctor in total astonishment. He shook his head slowly.

"My dear doctor, even now you have the capacity to surprise me! Your enthusiasm quite takes my breath away." Garak smiled, his expression once more seductive. "And your sweet words are enough to turn any man's head. Now, precisely which possibility would you like to explore first, doctor?"

"Oh, any of them, all of them!" Julian's eyes glittered wickedly, all trace of tiredness banished by the adrenaline rush of his desire. He slipped off the bed and headed for the replicator. He returned with a small jar which he held out for Garak's inspection.

"Ah, lubricant - ever resourceful, doctor," observed the Cardassian with approval. "May I?" He reached for the jar, which Julian readily relinquished to him. Garak opened it and studied the contents critically. Julian perched on the edge of the bed watching him for a moment and then made a decision. He grabbed the pillows and settled himself comfortably face down over them. He found he was suddenly apprehensive, but equally the thought of Garak actually being inside him was almost unbearably arousing.

Garak surveyed the delightful prospect before him. Then he moved to kneel between Julian's legs. As his hands worked gently over the doctor's backside he felt the shiver that ran through him.

"Are you all right, doctor?" he asked with concern.

"I'm fine, Garak," came Julian's tremulous reply. The tailor smiled; the doctor was nervous and doing his damnedest to conceal the fact. He didn't fool Garak for a moment. The Cardassian resumed his gentle stroking until he felt Julian relax. Carefully, he slipped one finger, and then two inside him, eliciting a startled gasp from the younger man.

"Relax, doctor, I won't hurt you," Garak soothed.

"You're really very good at this, Garak," murmured Julian. "With a bedside manner like that you should have been a doctor."

"I'm so glad you appreciate it," replied Garak, smiling.

Julian was now beautifully relaxed and Garak slowly withdrew his fingers. The doctor began to protest until he felt the Cardassian's hot erection slip smoothly into him in their place. The resulting delicious sensations rendered Julian incapable of anything but inarticulate sounds of pleasure.

As he moved languidly inside the doctor, Garak closed his eyes. He didn't want any external sensations to interfere with the incomparable feelings of delight which now began to flood through his body. Consequently, it took him by surprise when Julian began to move as well, thrusting back against him firmly. Garak gave a moan of pleasure and matched his own thrusts to those of the doctor.

Julian's lips curved in a delighted smile. He sensed he'd caught Garak unawares and that thought pleased him. As he revelled in the unaccustomed, but wonderful, sensation of Garak's erection throbbing inside him he felt the Cardassian's hands resume stroking the soft, sensitive skin of his backside. Julian wished the pleasure would go on forever, but at length he felt Garak begin to tremble violently. As the tailor came his nails raked across Julian's back; the intense sensation was enough to trigger the doctor's own release.

As Julian's tremors subsided he felt Garak's gentle lips and rough tongue against his back; the Cardassian's tacit apology for the weals his sharp nails had raised on the doctor's more delicate skin. The light caress was soothing and Julian sighed contentedly. He found that Garak's touch alone was enough to excite him, banishing the weariness which once again threatened to steal over him. Julian wondered idly how he could keep feeling so aroused. One thing he was certain of though, was that he didn't want Garak to stop - not even for a moment.

For his part, Garak was quite content to indulge Julian's passions until they were satiated. His Cardassian constitution was more than equal to the task of making love to the doctor all night, if that was what he desired. For now he decided to satisfy a more prosaic need. He climbed from the bed and padded across to the replicator, ordering himself a refreshing glass of kanaar. At his withdrawal Julian rolled to a sitting position, looking surprised.

"Can I get you something, doctor?" asked Garak.

"Please. Tarkalean tea, if you wouldn't mind," replied Julian automatically.

"Ah, of course, doctor - extra sweet, isn't it?" Garak laid just the faintest stress on the words and Julian couldn't help but smile at his tone. He accepted the mug of hot liquid from the Cardassian gratefully and sipped at it carefully.

Garak seated himself back on the bed, propping himself up on the pillows relinquished by Julian. The doctor's scent clung to the material, which also still held a trace of his body's warmth. The tailor settled himself more comfortably and proceeded to study Julian over the rim of his glass.

The doctor reclined against the headboard, his legs drawn up to his chest. His arms rested on his knees and he clasped his hot mug of tea in both hands. His eyes were half closed, veiled by his dark, silky lashes. As Garak watched him, deciding that of all the Terrans he'd encountered, both male and female, Julian was undoubtedly the most beautiful, the doctor spoke quietly.

"I wish you wouldn't do that, Garak."

"I'm sorry, doctor; what do you mean?" Startled out of his reverie Garak almost spilled his drink.

"Stare at me like that - it's most disconcerting." Julian's eyes were fully open now and met the Cardassian's squarely.

"I didn't think you would notice," admitted Garak. "I was simply - admiring you."

"And by Cardassian standards, am I worthy of admiration?" said Julian, in as light a tone as he could manage.

"By anyone's standards, doctor," replied Garak. He took another sip of kanaar as his mouth became suddenly dry. Julian ducked his head, abruptly unwilling to meet Garak's eyes. For some reason the Cardassian's words caught him off guard and he felt unexpectedly vulnerable. He developed an absorbing interest in his remaining Tarkalean tea, staring into the depths of the liquid as he sipped at it, until the mug was empty. As Julian set the mug aside he realised Garak was still watching him.

"Have I offended you, doctor?" asked the tailor neutrally. Julian shook his head.

"No, Garak, of course you didn't offend me. It's just... I think you suddenly made me realise there was more to my feelings than I thought. And that scared me," Julian finished simply.

On an impulse, Julian slid down until he lay facing Garak. He plucked the half empty glass of kanaar from the Cardassian's unresisting fingers and put it to one side. Reaching out he drew Garak into a tight embrace, leaning forward to kiss him. Garak's lips parted under Julian's, allowing his tongue to intertwine with the doctor's, carrying with it the unmistakable tang of kanaar.

As they kissed, Julian slid his hands down to rest on Garak's firmly muscled backside. His fingers kneaded the leathery skin gently.

"Would you like the lubricant?" murmured Garak, his lips still moving against Julian's.

"Mm, please, Garak." The Cardassian retrieved the small jar, placing it on the bed where the doctor could reach it. As Julian leaned across to dip his fingers in the cool gel, Garak rolled obediently onto his stomach, pillowing his head on his folded arms. The doctor settled himself comfortably behind Garak and resumed his caresses, his long, slender fingers pushing gently into the Cardassian.

Garak relaxed totally and enjoyed the sensation of the doctor's cool touch. His excitement began to mount when Julian bent down to trail soft kisses over his buttocks. When Garak moaned with anticipation the doctor nipped at him slyly with sharp teeth, but before the tailor could protest Julian's mouth retreated. A moment later the doctor's firm erection slipped inside Garak, whose intended protests were rapidly transmuted to cries of pleasure.

As Julian thrust slowly, but firmly into Garak his hands continued to rove over the rest of the Cardassian's body, seeking out the most sensitive spots. Finally he settled on Garak's erection, teasing at it with his fingers, feeling its growing warmth. Julian decided he liked the feel of the soft, human-like skin, which proved to be admirably responsive to his attentions and considerably more sensitive to his touch than the rest of the tailor's body.

"Ah, doctor," murmured Garak almost inaudibly, "How easily you find my weaknesses."

"I'm not looking for weaknesses," smiled Julian. "I only want you to enjoy what I'm doing, and unless I'm much mistaken you really do seem to be enjoying this."

"Believe me, doctor... aaah!" Garak's voice disintegrated once more into inarticulate moans as Julian's talented fingers found an especially sensitive area. His heightened response only compounded the doctor's arousal. Julian felt himself slipping out of control long before he expected, thrusting with renewed vigour into Garak until he came.

As Julian slumped forward, exhausted, against the Cardassian's broad back he became guiltily aware that he had left Garak aroused and unsatisfied. He pulled himself upright and rolled the tailor over onto his back. The Cardassian's erect sex presented itself to his gaze and Julian closed his mouth over it tenderly. As Garak got a good look at the doctor's face he was shocked by how tired he looked and would have forestalled him, but even semi-comatose Julian's technique was faultless. In a moment Garak was writhing in ecstasy, any thought of stopping Julian gone. Quickly the doctor's lips and tongue brought him the release he craved.

When Garak recovered his composure sufficiently to investigate, he found Julian had finally succumbed to sleep. His cheek was pillowed on the Cardassian's broad stomach and Garak didn't have the heart to move, for fear of disturbing him again. He smiled indulgently.

"As ever, doctor, your devotion to duty is quite admirable." Garak reached down and very gently stroked Julian's tousled brown hair. At the touch the doctor whimpered slightly and moved even closer to the reassuring warmth of Garak's body. Settling himself as comfortably as he could the Cardassian closed his own eyes and in moments was also asleep.


Julian awoke to conflicting sensations. The first to intrude on his consciousness was the vicious headache which exploded behind his eyes when he reluctantly opened them. A moment's consideration reminded him of the copious quantities of highly alcoholic punch he'd consumed the previous evening. This set his mind on a faintly disturbing train of thought, which led in turn to the other, and infinitely more pleasant, sensation.

The doctor was not alone in his bed. The comforting warmth of another body pressed close against him. Slowly, Julian raised his head, and full awareness returned in a rush. Curled next to him was the solid figure of Garak. Julian hurriedly closed his eyes again, remembering exactly what had passed between them the previous night. What on earth would they say to one another when the Cardassian woke?

Carefully, Julian got up, making sure he didn't disturb the sleeping Garak. He made his way unsteadily across the room and sought out his med-kit. Quickly he fixed himself a painkiller. When the pain in his head had subsided somewhat, Julian set about reviewing his situation.

At first the doctor feared he was late for duty, until he remembered that Commander Sisko had decreed that today would be observed as a holiday. So Julian would only be disturbed if there was an emergency. Which left him with time on his hands to figure out exactly what he felt about what had happened betwen himself and Garak.

Whichever way he looked at it Julian had to admit that, after his initial doubts, he'd had a great time with the Cardassian. And this morning, despite his hangover, he felt relaxed and pleasantly satiated. On impulse Julian headed back to his bed and bent over Garak. Now was the time to discover if he had any regrets. Gently the doctor began to kiss the still slumbering Cardassian's forehead, remembering the reaction this had drawn from him before.

As Julian persisted, Garak began to stir - in more ways than one. Slowly the tailor came fully awake as Julian's tongue caressed him. He stretched and sighed languidly.

"Doctor, what a pleasant way to be woken up," Garak observed, after enjoying Julian's touch for a few more moments. "I was afraid that, in the cold light of day, you might not be so eager for my company."

"I wasn't sure that I was at first," admitted Julian, with admirable honesty.

"And now?" prompted Garak. Julian simply smiled and turned his attention back to the ridges on the Cardassian's forehead. Garak returned the smile and reached to pull the doctor onto the bed, settling him atop his body. "I'm so glad to hear it, doctor!" he observed sardonically, setting himself to arouse Julian's passions once more.

Garak's actions were soon rewarded as he felt Julian's erection grow hard, pressing against his own. He sighed with pleasure as the doctor began to rub himself against him. Julian turned his attention to Garak's mouth, sliding his tongue between the other's lips and kissing him deeply. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Julian was aware of the errant thought I should wake up like this every morning; closely followed by the realisation that, if he wished it to be so, he doubted that Garak would object!

Julian resumed his leisurely stimulation of Garak's sex with his own eager erection. He marvelled anew at how deliciously warm the Cardassian felt against his skin. For his part Garak revelled in the unaccustomed experience of being the focus of the doctor's whole attention. After the long, frustrating wait Garak wanted to savour every last second of his time with Julian, especially while the doctor was making love to him so delightfully.

The growing heat between them warned Julian they were both close to coming and he pressed his body more energetically against Garak's. The resultant flood of sensations left them both trembling helplessly, clinging tightly to one another as their mutual passion flared. When the tremors finally subsided Julian rolled away from Garak. He felt more contented than he could remember feeling in a long time. Glancing across at the Cardassian he noted that his eyes were closed and he appeared to be dozing again; consequently, when he spoke Julian practically jumped out of his skin.

"So, doctor, am I forgiven?"

"I'm sorry, Garak, I don't know what you mean." The doctor's expression was puzzled.

"For making the data clip - and for tampering with the design of your costume," explained Garak, opening his eyes and watching the doctor with faint amusement. Julian threw back his head and laughed, covering his face with his hands.

"Oh god, my costume! What on earth is the commander going to say when he finds that in his office?"

"I'm sure speculation will be rife as to who had the pleasure of divesting you of it, doctor," observed Garak.

"But what if someone, apart from Dax and Kira of course, actually works it out?" asked Julian.

"Does that bother you?" The doctor considered this for a long moment before shaking his head emphatically.

"No. No, I don't believe it does," he concluded.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that, doctor," said Garak. "And if that's so, perhaps you'll do me the honour of joining me for lunch in the replimat later."

"I'd be delighted to, Garak." Julian smiled to himself, already looking forward to it. He had no doubt that, from now on, lunch with Garak would never be the same again.


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