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Author's note - Title is courtesy of Colin and his Top Gun soundtrack CD! :-) This story was written a year ago and has been languishing on my hard drive ever since, so season one characterisation abounds. With thanks to Barbara for betaing. Though I did play some more after she finished with it, so if anything got stuffed up, mea culpa.

The fact that he was turning seventeen really didn't seem that big a deal to Clark. He hadn't asked for anyone to make a fuss out of the occasion, but when your best friend and lover was Lex Luthor, thinking small just didn't appear to be an option.

Clark shook his head in bemusement as he wandered into the massive wood panelled ballroom of the Luthor mansion. A week ago it had been full of neglected white-draped furniture, but on Lex's orders it had been cleared of all such obstructions and was currently waiting to perform its designated function - or the teenage equivalent, at least. And the only draperies in evidence now were billowing red and blue banners that covered a good portion of the walls and also hung from the high ceiling. Trust Lex to go over the top, Clark thought with a grin.

As he moved further into the huge room, Clark's eye was caught by something tucked into one corner at the far end. He hurried towards it, intrigued. His well-worn sneakers slid a little on the newly polished surface as he went to investigate. When he realised what it was, Clark grinned even more broadly.

For reasons best known to himself, Lex had hired in a karaoke machine.

Laughing as he imagined the possibilities for abject humiliation inherent in the thing - even as he wondered if there was any chance at all of inducing Lex to stand up and sing 'I'm Too Sexy' - Clark set about exploring the musical selections on offer.

Lex knew Clark was somewhere in the mansion. They'd crossed paths briefly when Clark dropped off his produce delivery and as the truck was still outside he clearly hadn't left afterwards. Which was just as well, as Lex had wanted to catch Clark for a few last minute discussions about tomorrow night's party, quite apart from the fact that any time spent with his lover was a good thing.

But the telephone call that had interrupted them really had been urgent and Lex had had no choice but to take it. He hadn't been sure if Clark would wait for him to finish, though, given how long his business calls sometimes went on for. And Lex had no idea how many more deliveries Clark had on his schedule, although he always seemed to try and leave the mansion until last.

So now Lex was wandering through the hallways of his home in search of the elusive Clark, who hadn't been in any of the rooms he usually frequented. Eventually, Lex heard the faint strains of music and, following the sound, set off to investigate. When he found himself approaching the ballroom, he realised Clark must have found the karaoke machine that, on a whim, Lex had decided to hire for the party.

Lex pushed open the double doors and then stopped dead in the entrance. He'd been ready to rib Clark about his enthusiasm for the karaoke, instead Lex found his jaw dropping at the sight that greeted him.

Oh my God, he mouthed soundlessly. Lex leaned heavily against the doorframe, his blue eyes widening in disbelief.

The karaoke machine was running, though Clark had disdained both the display showing the song's lyrics - which he apparently knew by heart - and the microphone. Indeed, he seemed to have the lung capacity not to need the latter, as Lex could hear every word quite clearly over the backing track.

Quite oblivious to Lex's presence as he hovered in the doorway, Clark was - well, prancing seemed to be the only word that adequately covered it. Yes, Lex decided, his eyes following the flannel clad form, definitely prancing. The long, strongly muscled arms were waving enthusiastically in the air and making what were clearly intended to be come hither motions as Clark gave his all in a slightly off-key rendition of...

No, it couldn't be. Oh Christ! He really was singing along to 'Like A Virgin'. Lex's brain did a double flip at the incongruity of it. After all, Clark had relinquished the last vestiges of his virginity to Lex over six months ago.

Not that it stopped him from blushing beet red whenever Lex looked at him a certain way or whispered various entertaining possibilities in his ear when no one else was watching. And Lex wouldn't have had it any other way. The perfect invitation to debauchery, all wrapped up in deliciously innocent packaging; that was Clark Kent.

Meanwhile, Clark's rather worryingly accurate impersonation of Madonna's dance from the song video - and how did he know the moves so well - turned him around until he suddenly came face to face with his unexpected audience. Predictably, Clark flushed scarlet, coming to an abrupt standstill as he saw Lex framed in the doorway and watching him with wide-eyed interest.

The music played on in the background, but Clark fell into an embarrassed silence. Judging by the expression on his face, he was currently wishing for the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

Lex, however, had managed to regain his customary composure so that he seemed perfectly unfazed by the situation. Indeed, his mind was rapidly considering various ways in which he might take advantage of it.

"Don't stop on my account," he purred. "I'm intrigued by this newly discovered talent of yours, Clark."

Carefully, Lex shut the doors behind him and engaged the lock. Then he prowled across the polished floor towards his lover. "And if you really want to play the virgin then I'm happy to be the worldly-wise older man bent on seducing you," he added with a sudden, disarming grin.

Lex saw the instant flare of heat in Clark's eyes as the boy realised what he was suggesting.

Stepping over to the karaoke machine, Clark started the song from the beginning before moving to join Lex in the centre of the floor. They faced one another, separated by just a few feet. Clark cast a coy look at his lover through the unruly fringe of dark hair that had fallen across his eyes. Then he reached up, pushing the dark strands away from his face before stretching his arms above his head as he began to dance again.

After watching him for a moment, Lex slowly began to circle Clark, his blue eyes intent.

Clark seemed to be ignoring him as he once again launched into his improbable impersonation of Madonna, but it was a pretence. It was clear that he was totally aware of Lex's presence and his gaze locked with his lover's as they continued to move around one another in the wide expanse of the ballroom.

Their paths were seemingly random, but each time they intersected Lex found himself closer to Clark, until he danced out of reach once more. Clark had also started to sing along again, tossing the words at Lex like a tease.

Eyes heavy-lidded, Lex continued to stalk his prey. What had begun as a game was now a pursuit in earnest. He licked his lips in anticipation as he considered what he'd do with Clark once he caught him. No need for a breathless seduction, Clark was anything but a virgin in reality. His movements were knowing and assured as he reeled Lex in, still coyly uttering the lyrics of the song.

"Like a virgin 
Touched for the very first time 
Like a virgin 
When your heart beats next to mine."

They were, briefly, close enough for Lex to feel the heat of Clark's body as he twisted and spun around. Reaching out, Lex managed a quick touch to Clark's chest before the boy stepped back out of his grasp, still singing, his eyes fixed on Lex's.

"Gonna give you all my love, boy 
My fear is fading fast 
Been saving it all
for you 
'Cause only love can last."

And now the come on was unmistakable as Clark ran his hands over himself slowly before raising his arms above his head as he danced back with surprising grace, beckoning Lex to follow him.

"You're so fine and you're mine 
Make me strong 
Yeah, you make me bold 
your love thawed out 
Yeah, your love thawed out 
What was scared and cold."

The teasing look Clark flashed Lex through a sweep of dark lashes was anything but cold. The promise it held had Lex hard and aching as he prowled determinedly after Clark.

Clark kept one step ahead of him as he led Lex on a merry dance around the ballroom. He was acutely aware of just how hot he was getting his lover; he recognised that look on Lex's face very well. Indeed, Clark was definitely looking forward to reaping the benefits of Lex's enthusiasm once he finally let the other man catch up with him.

Another idea occurred to Clark and as he spun away again his hands went to his flannel shirt, sliding it off his shoulders. It slipped down his arms and off completely. He caught it up, flaunting the garment in Lex's face as he danced in close for a moment.

As Clark had hoped, Lex grabbed hold of it, trying to pull him off balance and into his grasp. It didn't work, though, as Clark simply let go, leaving Lex with a handful of body-warmed fabric and nothing else.

There was a dark glitter in Lex's eyes as Clark let a broad, smug smile spread across his face.

"You're going to strip for me, Clark?" Lex asked, his voice low and husky. "I think I like that idea."

"Do you want me to, Lex?" Clark knew he sounded a little breathless, caught by the heat in his lover's gaze.

"Well, I'm not sure that it fits this virginal image you're supposed to be trying for," Lex admitted. Then he added with a predatory grin, "But it will definitely save time when I get to fuck you, and I'm all for that."

Clark laughed, hands tugging his T-shirt from the waistband of his jeans. "Maybe I will do it then, but Lex... if you want to fuck me, first you have to catch me!" With that Clark stripped the T-shirt over his head with a single fluid motion, baring his broad, tanned chest.

Lex growled low in his throat as he set off in earnest to trap his teasing lover.

The music played on continuous repeat in the background, but they'd both forgotten about that now, intent only on their game.

Impatiently, Lex tossed the shirt he'd been left clutching aside, the flannel fluttering slowly to the floor. He focused his attention on Clark, who was now waving his T-shirt like a lure, daring Lex to come and take it from him. Smiling, Lex was happy to oblige.

"Are you going to strip for me too, Lex?" Clark asked with a quick grin as Lex darted in close and snatched at the soft grey T-shirt. "It seems only fair."

Once again Lex found himself with a handful of material and nothing more solid. "Are you that eager to get fucked, Clark? Do you want me naked and ready for you?"

"Oh, always," Clark breathed. "There's just one problem, though. You talk a good fight, Lex, but you still have to catch me..."

Clark was taunting him. His hands drifted over the front of his jeans, smoothing the worn denim so that it outlined the swollen cock underneath. Lex licked his lips at the sight.

Responding to the tease, deliberately provocative, Lex brought Clark's T-shirt up to his face, burying his nose in the bundled fabric. He inhaled deeply, until all he could smell was Clark's warm scent. Then, with a knowing smirk at his lover, Lex ripped off his own expensive shirt. He didn't spare a thought for the cost as the material tore. Lex wadded it up with Clark's T-shirt and tossed both to the side of the room.

"Ah, Clark, but I know you want to be caught..." Lex murmured, voice rough with his own need. He wasted no time in tugging off his belt and throwing that away too.

Long fingers slid down the zipper of Lex's pants, letting Clark glimpse the dark purple boxers he was wearing underneath. As he watched, Lex kicked off his shoes and socks and then, barefoot, set off in pursuit of him again.

Clark felt his heart speed up as he caught sight of the intent look in Lex's eyes as he stalked him. The heat of it seared him and his body responded predictably. At this rate he was going to get fucked long and hard when he finally let Lex catch him... and Clark wasn't sure he wanted to wait much longer for that to happen.

His cock was stiff and aching, eager for the touch of Lex's hand, or his mouth. Clark really didn't mind which it was, just so long as it was soon. He began to unfasten his jeans in readiness, popping the button and sliding the zip down.

Watching Clark's actions with avid concentration, Lex ran the tip of his tongue over his lips, slicking them in anticipation. Then he dipped his own hand into the front of his pants, stroking his cock through the damp fabric of his boxers.

He knew he'd got Clark's attention when the boy paused, clearly torn between making a grab for Lex and slipping out of reach again. The moment of hesitation was all Lex needed to shoot out his free hand and get a hold on Clark's loosened waistband. His fingers threaded through the belt loops and tugged.

It pulled Clark off balance just enough for Lex to reel him in. He was grinning in triumph as he slid his other hand out of his pants so that he could wrap both arms around Clark's waist, holding him fast. Lex drew him closer, Clark's back pressed to his chest. He rubbed his crotch against the taut muscles of his lover's ass, enjoying the pressure on his cock. Perfect...

Lex burrowed his fingers down the front of Clark's opened jeans, cupping his thick length through the folds of his boxers. He felt Clark shudder as he stroked him slowly, allowing the friction of fabric on sensitised flesh. Lex leaned in and trailed soft bites down the strong line of Clark's neck, tasting salt and clean skin. With a groan, Clark thrust into his hand.

"Lex..." he moaned.

"So, now that I have you," Lex murmured directly into Clark's ear. "What should I do with my overeager virgin, hm?"

"You know what I want." Clark ground his ass firmly against Lex's cock. It made them both draw in sharp breaths.

"Tell me," Lex insisted. "I want to hear you say it, Clark."

"Fuck... Lex!" Clark gasped as Lex stilled his hand, barely touching the boy's cock.

"Is that what you want?" Lex asked, his voice a dark whisper.

"Yes! God, Lex, just fuck me... hard." Clark covered Lex's hand with his own, moving them both over his shaft with rough strokes.

He allowed it for a moment, but then Lex pulled away, releasing Clark abruptly.

Clark spun round, clearly intending to protest, but he stopped, the words falling silent on his lips.

Lex glanced up, catching the heated gaze sweeping over him as he quickly and efficiently stripped off the rest of his clothing. Clark's throat moved as he swallowed hard, obviously aroused by the sight of his lover, naked, and Lex smirked at the expression in Clark's eyes.

Confident in his nudity, he advanced on Clark. Lex knew that he worked out enough to ensure that there was nothing fragile or delicate about his body and he had no qualms at all about giving as good as he got from Clark.

Strip, Clark," he demanded. "I want you naked. Or have you changed your mind about wanting to get fucked?"

"God, no..." Clark hurriedly scrambled out of the rest of his clothes, almost tripping over in his haste to be rid of them.

By the time Clark tossed his boxers onto the floor Lex was crowding him again. He invaded Clark's space with an air of possessiveness that had him licking his lips in an almost nervous gesture.

Lex pulled him in for a searching kiss, his tongue pushing past Clark's so that he could fuck his mouth with a deep hunger.

At first, Clark seemed inclined to let Lex have things his own way and just enjoy the ride. Then, abruptly, he began to respond in kind. Clark's hands slid over the naked planes of Lex's back, nails digging in roughly until Lex gasped and arched into the sharp touches.

Clark was making the most of Lex's momentary distraction as he immediately took control of the kiss. His hands moved up to frame Lex's face, holding him still. Then Clark proceeded to devour his mouth. He sank his teeth into Lex's lips, just stopping short of breaking the skin, and sucked hard on Lex's tongue as he slid his own against it.

Lex ran his hands over Clark's sweat-slick body, finally letting them settle on the taut ass. Knowing Clark's skin was invulnerable to even the deepest scratches, Lex contented himself with digging his fingertips in hard. He kneaded the firm muscles until Clark thrust his hips against him. Lex encouraged the movement, urging Clark on with his hands until the boy was moaning into his mouth, clearly on the verge of coming.

Pleased with the reaction, Lex slipped a hand between their bodies. He wrapped it around Clark's cock, starting to stroke firmly. Clark was soon pushing into the tight grip eagerly and he tore his mouth away from Lex's, drawing in ragged, gasping breaths.

His mouth wasn't neglected for long, though, as Lex brought his other hand up to Clark's lips, his fingers pressing for entrance. Clark sucked them in, curling his tongue around them as he slicked the skin, making it wet. He knew where they were going next and he lavished plenty of attention on them until Lex was satisfied that they'd been dampened enough. Clark was rewarded with another quick kiss as Lex slid his hand back down to Clark's ass.

All the while, Lex was working Clark's cock, sliding the foreskin over the hard shaft with each stroke. Pre-come leaked from the tip and Lex slicked his thumb with it, teasing around the head.

Clark leaned into Lex, resting his forehead against his lover's as Lex concentrated on driving him nearer and nearer to the edge. He could feel it in the tightness of his balls and in the tingling spreading out from the base of his spine, so very close...

"More," Clark gasped, thrusting back against the hand just teasing at his cleft. "Please, Lex!"

The damp fingers dipped between his cheeks, one moving to circle his hole, pressing inward. Lex's other hand tightened on his cock, jerking him roughly, just the way he liked it. The hard, fast strokes tipped Clark over the brink. He thrust convulsively into Lex's harsh grip, feeling the white-hot pleasure explode along his nerves.

As he let himself drown in it, crying out Lex's name, he felt his lover's finger breach his body, thrusting in as far as he could reach. Clark latched onto Lex's mouth, kissing him frantically as he rode out his orgasm. Lex's hand was still milking his come from him, squeezing his cock until he had no more to give and his skin was too sensitive to bear the continued touches.

Clark gripped Lex's shoulders hard, forcing himself to remain upright as the intensity eased. His knees still felt as if they wanted to buckle under him, but Clark used his strength to fight it. And his lover had taken control of the kiss now, using his lips and tongue to gentle Clark as the aftershocks trembled through him.

Then Lex was urging him backwards, pushing until he fetched up against the wall. Clark welcomed its solidity behind him, leaning into it gratefully.

Their lips finally parted and then Lex was looking up at him with a focused hunger that made Clark shiver. A quick thrust of Lex's finger inside him reminded Clark that they still had unfinished business to attend to. He smiled at his lover happily, anticipating the long, hard fuck that Lex had promised him. He glanced down, watching as Lex slicked himself with the handful of Clark's come. Not really enough preparation, it was going to burn when Lex worked his way inside... which was exactly how Clark liked it.

When Lex withdrew his finger and spun Clark around to face the wall, Clark was more than happy to comply. He spread his legs and pushed his ass back towards Lex, urging him to hurry.

Lex pressed up against Clark, letting his cock slide between his cheeks as he licked and bit at his lover's broad shoulders. Clark was groaning impatiently as Lex quickly and efficiently worked his fingers back into him, twisting and stretching until Clark was almost screaming in frustration.

"Enough, Lex!" he demanded. "Just fuck me!"

Lex's sudden outburst of laughter at Clark's impatience was muffled by the boy's shoulder. He slowly pulled his fingers out for the final time and pressed his cock up against the stretched hole. Then there was no more room for carefulness as Lex's hips surged forward, pushing inside Clark with a single, savage thrust.

He knew how Clark liked to be taken and had come to accept that even the roughest play didn't hurt his lover with any lasting effect. And Lex understood that when he was in this mood Clark wanted to feel every move right to his core. There was a time and a place for gentleness between them, but this wasn't it.

Lex found himself buried to the hilt in Clark and took just a moment to catch his breath. Then he pulled back, almost withdrawing all the way, before he slammed back in, hard. Lex quickly found a rhythm, pounding into Clark with all the strength of his body behind each stroke.

Lost in the sensations, Lex glided his hands slowly across Clark's back, smoothing them over the taut muscles of his shoulders. Clark's skin was hot and slick with sweat under his palms as slid them all the way up to Clark's hands. He let them simply rest there for a moment, then curled his fingers until they were laced together with Clark's.

Moving with deliberate care, Lex used his grip to spread Clark's arms. Lex stretched him out like a sacrifice against the wood panelling as he fucked Clark as hard as he could. His lover had turned his head so his cheek rested on the wall and Lex could see the almost dreamy smile of contentment that graced Clark's lips. His eyes were shut tight, dark lashes brushing his cheeks.

Clark was moaning happily now, pushing back to meet Lex's sharp thrusts. This was perfect. His ass burned as Lex fucked him and his own cock was stiffening again as it was ground against the rough grain of the wall with each snap of Lex's hips.

Lex had buried his face in the curve of Clark's neck as he pounded into him, teeth grazing the skin as he muffled his own needy sounds.

Soon Clark felt the familiar tremors running through Lex's body and he began to clench his muscles around Lex's cock. He heard the sharp gasp as Lex thrust into him as hard and as deep as he could manage. Then he felt the sudden rush of heat inside him as Lex came and it was enough to pull a second climax from Clark, his semen painting the wall and slicking his own stomach.

Lex closed his eyes and held on tight to Clark's broad hands as he came. The feeling of Clark's body clenching around him left him dizzy with sensation and Lex bit down hard on the corded muscle of his lover's shoulder to stifle the scream that threatened to rip from his throat.

God, it felt like flying over the edge of a bridge at sixty miles an hour every time they did this - terrifying, exhilarating and utterly out of control. Lex had never liked to lose control, but he loved this, loved Clark... because he knew he could always trust Clark to catch him before he could fall.

And Clark didn't disappoint him.

As Lex stilled, Clark carefully eased them apart, turning until his back was to the wall. He pulled Lex into his arms, wrapping the still shaking body tight against him. Lex had learned not to resist being held and Clark didn't say a word as he did it. He just gave Lex the time he needed to calm his breathing and pull together his shattered composure.

"Wow!" Lex muttered with a slightly shaky laugh when he finally had control of his voice again. He rested his forehead on one broad, sweaty shoulder, still a little out of breath.

Clark chuckled softly. Lex was never at his most eloquent right after sex. "Yeah, I think that about covers it," he agreed with a grin.

"Mmm." Lex straightened up and Clark eased his grip, but didn't let go of his lover.

Lex allowed Clark to keep an arm looped around his waist as he turned to glare balefully at the karaoke machine. It was still playing 'Like A Virgin' on continuous repeat.

"Does that thing play anything else?" he asked irritably. Endless Madonna was definitely interfering with the afterglow as far as Lex was concerned.

"Um, I didn't really get the chance to find out," replied Clark with a rueful smile.

"I didn't hear you complaining before," said Lex, towing Clark in the direction of the machine.

"I wasn't." Clark grinned again. "Though maybe you'd better not give a repeat performance if someone chooses this song tomorrow night."

"Spoilsport," Lex grumbled good-naturedly.

He found the on/off button and finally stopped Madonna mid-chorus. Lex began to scroll through the available tracks, his expression intent.

"What are you looking for?" Clark asked.

Lex turned and flashed him a quick, bright grin as he found the song he was searching for.

"This," said Lex, his eyes fastening on Clark's. "I asked for it specially."

"What...?" Clark began again, and then stopped abruptly as the strains of 'Holding Out For A Hero' filled the ballroom.

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