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*flick* *flick* "You know, I think I must be having an identity crisis." *flick* *flickflickflick*

"What? What's wrong, Lex?"

"Lex... L.E.X...."

"Yeahhhh... Rhymes with sex." *leers* "Tell me what's up, Lex."

*sniggers* "Stupid question, Clark..." *frowns* "That is, if you really are Clark."

"Of course I'm Clark. Who else would I be? Well, except when we play those games..." *leans forward* *sniffs* "Have you been drinking? Or have you been buying from Toby again?" *disapproving* "You promised you wouldn't!"

"Clark, Clark, relax! I'm not drunk; I'm not high. I'm just... confused."

"Confused?" *worried* "You're not having doubts about your sexuality now, are you?"

"Hell, no! That sweet ass of yours is mine, farm boy!" *pats the ass in question*

"Thank God! You had me worried there for a moment. So what is this all about? Tell me, Lex."

"Who am I, Clark?"

"Um, I'm not sure I'm ready for one of those big philosophical discussions, Lex."


"Okay, but that's a really silly question."

"Humour me."

"All right then... You're Lex Luthor - billionaire businessman, party animal, debaucher of innocent farm boys..." *grins* "Any arguments so far?"

"Farm boy singular, Clark."

*blushes* "Awwwww, that's so sweet... Um, yeah, right... Anything else?"

"I don't know, Clark, I don't know." *flourishes sheaf of papers* "Take a look at this."

*scans papers* "What is this stuff, Lex? It's... weird." *reads further* "Adam?" *continues* "What?! Adina? Who the fuck is Adina?"

"Language, Clark... And frankly, I have no idea."

*sharp look* "Lex... are you sure there isn't something you're not telling me?"

*reminiscent smile* "Well, there was this one club I... Um, but that's a whole other story." *clears throat* "No, nothing, but... Clark, this is me! Look at the pictures."

"I'm looking... That is you... Well, that or your twin sister... er, brother, I mean."



"You think this is confusing, Clark? Well, take a look at this one." *hands over more papers* "I think you're gonna love this..."

*reads avidly* "Lex..."

"Yes, Clark?"

"Who is this Tom Welling, guy?"

"Apparently he's your doppelganger... or you're his. I actually have no idea how this works."

"I think I'm confused, Lex."

*snorts* "Where have I heard that before?"

"Jeez, Lex... Rosenbaum? What the heck kinda name is that?"

"I have no idea, but apparently he... I, have good taste in men." *grins* *holds up photo*


"Yeah, oh."

*faintly* "Nice jacket."

*leers* "Seems like a farm boy by any other name is just as cute."

"Hm... Y'know, I think I like you with hair... I don't suppose you'd consider a wig, would you?"

"Clark, I was a natural redhead - and I mean red - what do you think?"

"Oh, so that accounts for all those freckles in... interesting places. Mm, but I think you'd look kinda cute as a blonde..." *waves photo* "... Lexa."

"Fuck you, Clark!"

*primly* "Language, Lex."

"I am going to spank your ass until you can't sit down!"

"Ooooh, I'm scared." *wiggles said ass* "So was that Rosenbaum... or Rosybum?"


"Y'know, I think this whole identity crisis thing could be fun, Lex. Adds a whole new dimension to playing with yourself..."

*snorts* "Speak for yourself, Clark. You're not the one trying to cover your assets with a scrap of red silk!"

"What? Oh my... you are a big boy... er, girl... whatever!"

*growls* "Being cute does not make you invulnerable, Clark."

*mutters* "That's what you think..."

"Clark? Clark!! Clark, get your ass back here and explain that remark right now! Clark..."

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