The Final Revelation - A brief coda to the final fight and joint Quickening in "Revelation 6:8". PG-13

The Things We Do For Love - After the end of the episode "Deliverance" Methos finally comes to terms with his feelings for MacLeod, but Duncan isn't the only person he has to think about. NC-17  D/M 

Just A Little Friendly Advice - Methos gets a nudge in the right direction from an unexpected source. NC-17  D/M  

The First Impressions series:

i) Prelude - Methos' thoughts on his first meeting with Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. PG  

ii) Intermezzo - A companion piece to "Prelude": Duncan's thoughts on his first meeting with the oldest Immortal. PG-13

iii) Overtures - Just what was Duncan thinking when Methos offered him his head in the episode "Methos"? Did he seriously consider taking it, even for a moment? Or was he too busy trying to figure out Methos' motivation? What about Methos himself - how did he react to Duncan turning down his offer? And why did he make it in the first place? PG-13  

iv) Sonata - Methos counts his blessings for the way things have turned out since Duncan first walked into his appartment in Paris. NC-17  D/M

The Rapprochement series:

i) Alternatives - Duncan finds himself reliving the final moments of the events in Bordeaux, but things aren't happening quite the way he remembers them... R  

The Shape Of Things To Come - Mac uses some suggestive sculptures as a visual cue to convince Methos that his feelings for the oldest Immortal are more than platonic. NC-17  D/M  

Tight Corners - 1 - Just what are two Immortals to do when they find themselves unexpectedly locked in the boot of a car? R  D/M  

Everything Comes... - Methos had plans for the Highlander when he returned to Seacouver after his trip to Katmandu, but Duncan had too much else on his plate to notice. When Duncan finally realises what Methos had in mind he sets out to coax the oldest Immortal out of his bad mood. NC-17  D/M  

Honourable Intentions - A Methos/Mac first time story threaded through the background of the episode "Chivalry". NC-17  D/M  

This story has been published in the zine Chronicles of the Heart. The zine is available through Secret Pleasures Press.

How Long? - A boring Sunday afternoon spawns an overly competitive sparring session which has unintended fallout for Duncan and Methos... R  D/M  

And The Winner Is... - Methos has a brief time to consider his options during "Revelation 6:8". PG-13

It's All Greek To Me - Methos shows Duncan that there are more things to do in a library than just read the books... NC-17  D/M

Exorcising Ghosts - Methos is finding it hard to comes to terms with the death of Alexa. NC-17  D/M  

Sweet Like Chocolate - Methos indulges in some comfort eating! NC-17  D/M  

The Thousand and First Regret - Methos takes time to assess the emotional fallout of the events of "Comes A Horseman" and "Revelations 6:8".  PG-13  

Playing the Hero - What goes through Methos' mind when Duncan leaves to face Liam O'Rourke in the episode "To Be..."?  PG-13  

Flight - Written in response to the 'Where does he go?' challenge at the Net Cafe. This is, perhaps, not so much a where does Methos go when he disappears story as a why does he go story...  PG-13  

Sleeping Beauty - Mac and Methos go shopping! A piece of parochial silliness inspired by the opening of a new local shopping centre.  G  

Another Day in Paradise - Methos retreats after the death of Byron, but a tropical paradise isn't much fun when you're alone...  NC-17  D/M  

The Question - A post "Not to Be" first time story...  NC-17  D/M  

Who Watches Over The Watcher? - After Duncan kills Richie at the end of "Archangel", Methos finds himself having to try and pick up the pieces and ease Joe's grief.  NC-17  M/JD  

Technically Hitched - A computer glitch leads to an interesting encounter for Duncan and Methos. This is unashamed PWP time!!  NC-17  D/M  

It Never Rains But It Pours - Duncan talks Methos into a camping trip, but the weather intervenes in his plans.  NC-17  D/M  

I Know What I Like... - Methos decides to supplement his wardrobe with an item from Duncan's...  NC-17  D/M  

Impulse - Impulse... sometimes even Immortals can't help acting on it. A 'missing scene' from the episode "Methos".  NC-17  D/M  

Poetic Justice - While Duncan and Methos try to resolve their differences over the death of Byron, Methos relives some of his memories of the poet...  NC-17  M/B  

Anticipation - Some things really are worth waiting for...  NC-17  D/M  

The Spaces series:

i) Spaces - Just another Methos disappearing act... but how does it affect the lover he leaves behind?  PG-13  D/M  

As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us - After Amanda's late night visit in Forgive Us Our Trespasses Methos has a few things to think about...  R  

Birthday Treat - Duncan decides to give Methos a birthday surprise he'll never forget!  NC-17 D/M  

A Muse Scorned - The Muses are revolting - well, even more than usual - when their Writer strays... (Rats! I swore to myself I'd never write a Muse piece. Ho hum... and they're not even my Muses!!)  PG-13  

Changing Faces - Methos finds things don't run as smoothly as he had hoped when he takes Duncan to the holy spring seeking a cure for the Dark Quickening...  NC-17 (non cons.)  D/M  

Chivalry Is Overrated - What would have happened after the spar in Chivalry if Richie hadn't walked in at just the wrong moment? Just a few thoughts...  NC-17  D/M  

Strands of Time - Duncan wants to take Methos to Scotland to see in Y2K, but it seems nothing is ever straightforward for the two of them. NC-17  D/M  to site

This story has been published in the zine Chronicles of the Heart 2. The zine is available from Secret Pleasures Press.

The Truth in Dreams - Duncan's been talking in his sleep and Amanda hears something that's not at all what she's expecting... This story is set post Finale part 2. NC-17  D/A (just a hint or two) D/M  

Trick or Treat - Some Halloween musings... PG-13  D/M  

Everything that goes around... - A resurrection fic (check out Sleeps with Coyotes' site for more!) - Methos experiences a sense of deja vu... R  M/K  

To Catch a Highlander (with Margaret Turner) - Ever wonder what happened after Duncan swiped Methos' nose with that paintbrush in Chivalry? Maybe, just maybe... NC-17  D/M  

The St. Valentine's Day Massager - For the ODM Valentine's Day story challenge - two Immortals and a bottle of massage oil... NC-17  D/M

The Highlander and the Horse Master - The Muses try their hand at fanfic - with mixed results. NC-17  D/M

The Perversion of War - Death on a Horse offers his services - all of them - to a God.  NC-17  HL-Xena crossover   Methos/Ares, M/K (implied)  

Take My Hand - Methos indulges himself with a hot bath and lots of bubbles while Duncan indulges in a little voyeurism. Mindless PWP alert!! NC-17  D/M  

...And The Law Won - New names, but old faces. What will happen when two 'brothers' are unexpectedly reunited?  G  QoS/HL crossover  

At Home With The Muses - Muse silliness ahead - the Muses are unhappy with their accommodations...  R  HL/QoS/Eroica/X-Files crossover  

Presence - What is lost can sometimes be found in unexpected places...  PG-13  

Sexaholics Anonymous - More Muse silliness - the Muses attend a sex therapy self-help group...  PG-13  HL/Eroica/X-Files/Smallville crossover  

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