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Author's notes - Written for alax's Moment In Time Challenge. The inspirational artwork was Lady Angel's delightful Come and Play. Barbara, as ever, provides her invaluable beta skills. Thank you.


by Karen Colohan

It had been a good evening, Lex reflected as he closed the door of the penthouse behind him and walked through to the spacious living room. The benefit had gone well and LexCorp's sponsorship had been favourably remarked upon. Though not everyone had been pleased by it.

Lionel had haunted Lex's steps all night, a spectre at the feast. His conversation had mainly consisted of none too subtle digs about the advantages of philanthropy to the profile of an up and coming businessman. And, to top off the annoyance of his presence, he'd interspersed that topic with a running commentary on the plethora of rich, beautiful and available young women at the dinner.

As if he didn't know perfectly well that Lex was already taken, even if Lex wasn't yet in a position to make that clear to Metropolis society. In fact, it still made Lex more than a little suspicious that his father was aware of his relationship with Clark, but hadn't chosen to do anything with that information... so far.

Clark was now in his second year at Met U and Lex had been adamant that he should have as normal a time while he was there as possible, right down to living in the dorms. Clark had protested the decision, but Lex had stood his ground.

The one thing Clark didn't need was the kind of exposure that would inevitably follow should the true nature of his friendship with Lex Luthor suddenly become the province of the gossip columns. Just the fact that Lex would drop by the campus to visit him or that Clark would spend time at the penthouse had been enough to set some tongues wagging. Thus far, it hadn't gone further than that and Lex hoped they could keep it that way until Clark graduated.

Irritated by the unsettling effect his father always had on him, Lex tugged at his tie. All at once, he felt restricted by the tightness of it around his throat and he pulled it off, tossing the length of fine Italian silk across the back of the couch. Restlessly, his fingers kept on working. They moved down the front of his shirt, quickly unbuttoning it and dragging it partly free of his waistband.

Once he felt as if he could breathe again, Lex ran his hand slowly across his chest. He let himself sink into the feel of his hand skating over the bare skin. Lex let it drift lower until it was skimming the top of his pants, fingers flicking open the button there as well, the zipper parting just an inch or so. It was good to be able to finally relax, without the pressure of so many eyes on him.

Pulling back from his bout of sensual introspection, Lex walked across and poured himself a drink. He sipped at the smooth liquid as he headed for the couch. He set the crystal tumbler on a side table and then slumped down, sighing with pleasure as he sank into the comfortable seat, legs sprawled.

A while later, the sound of a door cracking open made Lex look up, suddenly tense again. His expression softened when Clark padded barefoot into the room. He was still mostly dressed, but his tousled hair and heavy lidded eyes were evidence that he'd fallen asleep while waiting for Lex to come home.

That afternoon, Clark had been at the penthouse studying, making use of Lex's eclectic collection of books to do some research for a paper. He'd insisted on staying when Lex left for the benefit, alone. With a sly grin he'd told Lex that if Lionel was going to be there he was bound to have some frustration to work off by the time he came home.

The place had been so quiet when Lex returned that he'd assumed Clark had given up on waiting for him and gone back to his dorm room. Obviously he'd been wrong.

The still sleepy green gaze took in Lex's half clothed state with interest and Clark smiled.

"So, was it a good night?" he asked.

"On balance, yes," Lex replied. "There are more people in Metropolis who will look favourably on LexCorp after this, I think."

"And how was your dad?" Clark ventured, watching Lex's face for his reaction.

Lex gave a tight smile. "Oh, he was as charming as ever - which is to say, not at all. Added to which, he insisted on parading every eligible woman at the event in front of me."

Clark growled softly at that piece of news. "And were any of them - suitable?"

Pleased with the possessive note in Clark's voice, Lex slid down just a little more on the couch. He pulled at his shirt, letting it fall open even further to expose the whole of his chest and stomach to Clark's suddenly hungry gaze.

"I'm sure they're all eminently suitable," he said. "And that any of them would be the ideal wife for someone who was looking to create the perfect appearance of respectability."

Another low growl escaped Clark's throat.

Lex looked up, meeting Clark's eyes steadily. "But as I'm not that someone, I didn't talk to any of them for long enough to find out."

"Good!" Clark prowled across the wide room. The bulge in his jeans was large and obvious, straining the button fly in a thoroughly appealing manner.

Eyeing his lover appreciatively, Lex licked his lips in anticipation. He loved the all too rare occasions when Clark got jealous enough to want to reclaim his territory. Lex tilted his hips, letting his thighs fall further open. The movement showed off his own crotch, accentuating the way his cock tented the front of his dress pants.

As Clark continued to advance on him, a purposeful smile on his face, Lex decided that while sleep was one way of relaxing after a long evening, this was a much better one.

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