DISCLAIMER: Star Trek, Star Trek:Deep Space Nine and its characters are copyright Paramount and no infringement is intended. The story, (Story? What story? Yes, this is unabashed PWP time!), is copyright Karen Colohan October 1997. It is based on an idea posted to ASCEM by Ruth Gifford whose inspirational influence is gratefully acknowledged.

Author's notes: This story most definitely takes place in a non-canon universe. It's rated NC-17 for explicit and, at times, rough m/m sex. Once again thanks are due to Ruth for posting the following scenario to ASCEM and doing something very strange to my hormones (that's the only excuse I can come up with for this departure from my usual G/B style!!)

"Julian Bashir, wearing nothing but a very sheer red silk loin cloth and a gag, is kneeling on a Persian carpet. His eyes are made up with kohl, and his hair is disheveled, and he's trying not to look too curious.

Standing near him is Dax. She wears black, a tunic, full trousers, and soft boots. She's armed; a scimitar and dagger hang at her belt. She is arguing over prices with . . .

Kira. She's wearing a long rust and gold brocaded coat that fits snugly over a sheer bronze silk undertunic and full trousers. Both coat and tunic are cut low, not only displaying her cleavage, but an obviously expensive gold, amber and ruby necklace. Her hands are painted with henna, and she has rings on every finger, and bracelets jangle on her wrists. She wears embroidered slippers and she has just taken off her full length veil in order to bargain face to face. She hands the veil to . . .

Garak. He's dressed much like Dax only it's all dark blue. Over his tunic is a blue velvet vest trimmed with silver and mirrors. A short multi-tailed whip hangs at his belt. He is Kira's Overseer and he looks at her probable purchase with anticipation."


"Twenty bars." The fiery Bajoran did not even spare a glance for the slim, caramel-skinned young man who was the object of her negotiations. She focused all her attention on the tall, dark clad Trill who was his owner. Jadzia Dax regarded the shorter woman with cool disdain.

"If your only intention is to insult my intelligence..." she hissed, her hand resting on the elaborate hilt of her scimitar threateningly. She appeared to be about to turn away when Kira Nerys raised her hand, hennaed palm held out placatingly, halting Dax's movement.

"It is not my intent to insult you," Kira assured the Trill with a smile which did not reach her large, dark eyes. "I only wish to negotiate a fair price for my principal. So, twenty five bars," she offered confidently.

Kira knew Elim Garak would approve the increased bid. She had quickly recognised the covetous gleam which had lit her Cardassian overseer's blue eyes the moment they had beheld the graceful young human. Kira had not risen to her exalted position within Garak's household without learning how to read his moods and how to cater to his taste for exotic bedfellows.

For that matter, Kira had to admit to herself that the young man did make a tempting picture as he knelt, all but naked, at the Trill's side. He seemed a cut above the usual run of body slaves. There was intelligence and a lively curiosity dancing in the hazel eyes which flicked from Dax, to Garak and back to herself as she made her new offer. However, Dax still seemed singularly unimpressed. She rested one hand on Bashir's shoulder, stroking the silken skin gently. He remained utterly still, not one muscle so much as twitching despite the repeated caress.

"You see how impeccably he has been trained?" observed Dax conversationally. "Such obedience requires much teaching. And of course he has been much sought after for his great skill in the arts of pleasure." A lazy, remembering smile tugged briefly at the lovely Trill's mouth, momentarily softening her features.

"Thirty bars," said Kira quickly. As she spoke she half turned to Garak, her bracelets jangling with the sudden movement. The Cardassian gave the barest nod of approval. Dax considered them both for a long moment, her lips pursed. When she began to speak again - her tone now low and enticing - it was clear that her words were aimed at Garak, not Kira.

"Just look at his beautiful skin - have you ever seen such a colour? And the texture - soft, quite unmarked... it's like touching the finest spider-silk." As if to illustrate the point the Trill's long, pale fingers still caressed Bashir, contrasting sharply with the burnished gold of his smooth shoulder and bare chest. "Why, surely his exquisite face alone is worth thirty bars..."
Kira and Dax "Forty bars - and that is my final offer," interjected Kira, determined to reassert her position in these negotiations.

"Then I'm afraid you've had a wasted trip," said the Trill coolly, drawing herself up to her full, regal height. She began to urge Bashir to his feet. "I do have..."

Before Dax could continue Garak's authoritative voice interrupted.

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"I am prepared to offer one hundred bars of latinum," he announced without preamble. Kira swung about to face him fully at this, her bangles clashing discordantly. There was a look of shock on the Bajoran's face. It was unprecedented for Garak to negotiate on his own behalf. Kira was also well aware that the faint stress laid by the Cardassian on the word "I" was a subtle, but definite, rebuke. Yet she would not have dared to bid so high herself. To her knowledge Garak had never paid so much - no matter how beautiful the young men who had taken has fancy might have been!

Dax, on the other hand, was wearing a self-satisfied smile as she watched her clients and mentally tallied her profit from the deal. She had been certain of the sale all along. In her line of business she had become well acquainted with the expression which had informed the Cardassian's features as soon as he saw the delicate-seeming human. Garak had quite obviously been besotted, and the Trill had learned many lifetimes ago that lust could do wonders for one's profit margins.

"I can see you are a man of taste - with a shrewd eye for quality," Dax said smoothly. "Your offer is acceptable. Done!" she concluded brightly.

With the serious business of negotiation out of the way Dax and Garak completed the formalities of their deal swiftly as a large purse full of latinum was produced and handed over by the Cardassian.

"You are an astute business woman - a fine judge of your customer's requirements," observed Garak, just the hint of an amused smile playing about his lips. Dax nodded her acknowledgement of the compliment. Then the elegantly attired Cardassian turned his attention to his highly priced purchase. "Come, my treasure, on your feet," he ordered. "I wish to take stock of my acquisition more thoroughly."

Bashir rose from his position on the rich carpet with flowing grace and stood poised as Garak slowly circled him. Intense blue eyes inventoried every muscle and smooth expanse of flesh appreciatively, lingering for just a moment on the sheer red silk at Bashir's hips and the hinted at curves beneath.

In his turn Bashir watched his new master covertly from under demurely lowered lashes. He was intrigued in spite of himself. He had seen Cardassians before, but they had all been dressed in identical harshly angular, black military uniforms. This one wore richly decorated midnight blue civilian clothes. Bashir eyed the prominently displayed whip with some trepidation. He had heard whispered stories of the violent preferences of some species, including the Cardassians. Carefully though he schooled his face to show no outward sign of his nervousness. Surely the Cardassian would not have paid so much if he intended anything which might cause him serious harm.

Dax gave Bashir one last, faintly regretful look, but she was satisfied with the deal she had struck. Besides, it was a weakness to become too attached to one's slaves. They were simply another commodity to be traded like any other. She turned to Garak once more before she walked away.

"Be sure to take your pleasure of him," Dax told Garak with a lascivious smile. "His body was made to be - enjoyed."

"Oh, my dear lady, I intend to," breathed Garak in hushed tones. Abruptly the Cardassian broke from his anticipatory thoughts, snapping his fingers in peremptory dismissal of Kira. There was a smouldering trace of anger in the Bajoran's expression as Garak casually tossed her veil back to her. She caught it and refastened it as she turned and stalked back to her tent, incensed at being dismissed like that in public. Kira had worked and schemed long and hard to reach her exalted position in Garak's household and did not appreciate being treated as if she were the least of the kitchen slaves!

Kira's displeasure went quite unnoticed by the Cardassian as he turned and beckoned Bashir to attend him. The human followed obediently as he was led to Garak's opulent pavilion. Bashir's dark, kohl-lined eyes widened in awe as he took in the richness of the furnishings. He had never dreamed of being owned by such an obviously wealthy man. If he pleased his master well who knew what rewards might await him.

Their progress continued until they entered a large, curtained off area which evidently served as the Cardassian's bedroom. Garak moved to the cushion-strewn divan which dominated the space and settled himself on it, lounging elegantly. After the briefest moment of hesitation Bashir sank to his knees, head bowed, to await his master's pleasure.

Garak considered the perfect picture of submission before him. Yes, this one was worth twice what he'd paid for him! But as the Trill had pointed out this long, lean body had been created to be used and enjoyed, not merely studied from a distance.

"Come here, my treasure," ordered Garak, his voice deceptively soft. Bashir rose and stepped cautiously to the side of the divan. Garak patted the space beside him in invitation and Bashir sank down onto the soft mattress, arranging his long limbs gracefully. He still kept his gaze modestly averted, as much to mask his nervousness as to show respect. The Cardassian radiated an unmistakable aura of power and command that both fascinated and terrified Bashir.

Garak watched the human intently, noting the signs of fear that even the best training could not entirely hide. It pleased him. Control was an admirable trait, but the Cardassian liked his body slaves to be appropriately demonstrative too. He was sure this one would be. Garak toyed idly with the whip at his belt considering how best to proceed. He wanted to win not just this young man's obedience, but his utter devotion. On an impulse Garak reached across and carefully removed Bashir's gag, discarding it on the floor.

"Ah, much better, my dear. Now I can see all of your exquisite face." One broad, grey finger trailed lightly along Bashir's slightly bruised lips. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"I am Julian - master." Bashir found the courage to meet the bright blue eyes of his new benefactor for the first time. The gesture won a smile of approval from Garak. Good, the human was properly submissive, but not without spirit. It was just as he had hoped.

"Julian," repeated the Cardassian. "Such a delightful name - and an equally delightful voice. I shall enjoy hearing it cry out in pleasure and pain at my bidding. And you will experience both at my hands, my treasure - I am a fair man." Julian bowed his head in grateful acknowledgement. "Ah yes, and so you know to whom your gratitude is due I shall entrust you with my name also. I am Garak. Never presume to address me thus in the presence of others - you will be punished severely for such presumption. However, between ourselves - when it seems appropriate..."

Bashir bowed even lower, aware of the honour shown him by his new master in allowing him the use of his name. Garak took advantage of the moment to reach out and touch Julian for the first time. His broad fingers dug deeply into the thick, dark hair and forced Bashir's head up again. Their eyes met and held for a long moment before the Cardassian sent Bashir sprawling back amongst the piled cushions.

Julian lay unmoving, breathing deeply as he watched Garak warily. He was uncertain just what was expected of him. The Cardassian's bright gaze wandered hungrily over his supine form, taking in all the fascinating details. Then Garak was leaning over him and his strong grey hands were exploring - none too gently. Julian bit his tongue, holding back the cries of protest that threatened to escape as the Cardassian's fingers pinched his nipples hard, rolling the sensitive nubs of flesh between his fingertips. Then Garak's sharp nails were scraping red trails of fire down Bashir's smooth, golden chest and it was all Julian could do not to give voice to his pain.

All at once Julian found his head reeling from a stinging, open-handed slap. This time the yelp of pain escaped him before he could call it back and he looked up at his master fearfully. To his surprise Garak was smiling, evidently pleased with his reaction.

"That's much better, my dear," purred the Cardassian. "Didn't I tell you that I wanted to hear that beautiful voice of yours? Whoever trained you to silence robbed themselves of a delightful experience. It's a folly I do not intend to repeat. So, we'll have no more of this nonsense!"

With that Garak resumed his rough, exploratory caresses and Julian allowed his naturally vocal inclinations - which had only been trained out of him with considerable difficulty - full rein. The Cardassian revelled in the intense reactions he was able to evoke from the human; the moans and cries he pulled from that long, slender throat. Julian was so wonderfully responsive to pain - how might he respond to pleasure?

Garak dropped his hand to the scrap of red cloth at Bashir's waist. One sharp movement of his wrist tore the loin cloth from Julian, leaving him bared to Garak's avid gaze. The human's hazel eyes were huge, accentuated still further by the kohl lining them.

"Oh, my beautiful Julian," breathed Garak, "you are perfectly exquisite. I promised you pleasure as well as pain and I am a man of my word..." The Cardassian's broad palm cradled Bashir's soft scrotum, fondling, squeezing. This time Julian's cries marked his delight as Garak explored the human genitals delicately. Bashir thrashed and moaned as the hard, grey fingers stroked his firming cock, drawing him inexorably towards orgasm.

Garak watched Julian's uninhibited display of pleasure and felt himself growing hard. His long, midnight blue tunic hid the evidence of his arousal, but his sturdy Cardassian cock pressed against the front of his trousers seeking release. Abruptly Garak withdrew his hands leaving Julian panting and writhing amongst the cushions desperate for the stimulation he needed to complete his pleasure. Garak's lips twisted in sardonic amusement.

"Julian, my treasure, aren't you forgetting your manners? Would you presume to take your own pleasure before satisfying your master?" he rebuked.

Bashir struggled to collect himself and eventually managed a semblance of composure. He knelt at the Cardassian's side with his head lowered in shame. Julian's erect cock jutted out from his groin and it took every ounce of his willpower to fight the urge to use his own hand to relieve the ache - he was so close.

Garak watched the young human's struggle with delight. Oh what a beautiful picture of frustrated desire Julian made. His golden skin was sheened with sweat and his hard, rosy-hued cock leaked jewels of moisture. It was almost enough to make the Cardassian relent and bring Bashir his release, but not quite. No, the human must first learn his place. Later, when Garak was certain he had his complete devotion, he might be permitted the occasional liberty...

"Julian," Garak ordered, drawing the young man's immediate attention, "undress me - and be sure you don't damage or soil my clothes. Then you may pleasure me."

The Cardassian stretched himself back against the heaped cushions, giving Bashir no help as he set about divesting Garak of his elaborate outfit. The heavy, mirror-trimmed vest was easy enough to remove, the undertunic less so. Julian's long fingers struggled to find the unfamiliar fastenings and his uncertainty won him a sharp slap across the cheek for his carelessness.

"I told you to be careful," complained Garak sharply. "I do not appreciate such clumsiness."

"Master, I'm sorry," murmured Julian breathily. "Forgive me, but I've never seen Cardassian tailoring before."

"Am I your first Cardassian then?" enquired Garak, sitting forward with renewed interest.

"Yes, master," confirmed Bashir a little nervously.

"Then I should not be so harsh with you, my dear," declared Garak magnanimously. "Your first experience of the delights Cardassia has to offer should be memorable for the right reasons. And once you have known a Cardassian no other will ever please you so well again," Garak boasted proudly.

"See, this is how the tunic fastens," he demonstrated and Julian watched closely, knowing the Cardassian would not be so patient again in future. "Do not make it necessary for me to attend to this myself again." Julian bowed his head meekly.

"Thank you for your kindness and patience, master," he breathed fervently.

Julian was able to finish removing Garak's expensive garments without incident, much to his relief. When the Cardassian finally lay before him, imposingly naked, Bashir regarded the muscular, ornamented body with awe. The unabashed admiration in Julian's clear eyes pleased Garak. He was accustomed to insincere flattery from his slaves and the human's honest reaction was refreshing.

"Tell me, do you like what you see, my treasure?" asked Garak with an amused smile. "You may speak freely here."

"I have never seen..." Julian's words trailed off as his eyes were drawn back to the intricate pattern of ridges which decorated Garak's body and the grey, scale-like skin which adorned his limbs. Julian's gaze dropped lower, encompassing the Cardassian's engorged cock which was also spiralled by a tracery of delicate ridges. The blunt tip was a deep, charcoal grey and leaked an inky fluid. A faint scent - masculine but spicy - rose to the enthralled human's nostrils.

"Master - Garak,,," If now was not an appropriate time to use the name Bashir did not know when would be. "Truly I have never seen a more impressive..."

Julian was given no opportunity to continue his intended compliment as Garak seized him with strong hands and pulled him down on top of his own sprawled body. Bashir's breath was stolen as the Cardassian kissed him hard - his long, smooth tongue invaded Julian's mouth, stabbing in ferociously.

Stunned by the cavalier treatment Bashir fought to avoid being suffocated as the voracious mouth continued its assault on his. Julian's struggles only seemed to inflame Garak further though. The Cardassian's hands had come to settle with a bruising grip on Julian's firm buttocks, grinding their groins together. Bashir moaned as his cock was stimulated anew, but once again he was denied release.

"Oh no, my little tramp, that won't do!" hissed Garak, his eyes glinting dangerously. "You won't be stealing your pleasure from me that way." Garak shoved Bashir, his hands on the slender shoulders, forcing Julian's face down to the level of the Cardassian's groin. "First you will please me - and then we shall see. Come, pretty Julian, it's time to use that talented mouth of yours for something besides speaking."

There was no doubting what Garak expected of him so Julian turned his full attention to the Cardassian's swollen cock. Close as he now was Bashir could see that the inky liquid wasn't only exuded by the plump tip. Droplets of the dark fluid leaked from pores all along the fine ridges encircling the organ - a natural lubricant Bashir realised with a certain sense of relief. Should Garak contemplate other means of satisfying himself it would make the experience less painful than some the human had known. The heady scent of the Cardassian's arousal was now almost overwhelming - it reminded Julian of the cinnamon which had been a previous owner's stock in trade.

Sensing Garak's impatience with the delay Bashir settled himself between the Cardassian's thighs and took firm hold of the ridged cock. Opening his mouth Julian carefully took the dark tip between his lips. Experimentally he ran his tongue around it, tasting the spicy fluid. It was surprisingly sweet and pleasant and Julian began to suck firmly, eager for more.

Garak's blue eyes widened at the unexpected enthusiasm shown by the human. He genuinely seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, quite a contrast to some of the Cardassian's former slaves. Garak watched the dark, tousled head as it bent lower. Julian had evidently opened his mouth wider, taking in as much of the formidable erection as he could without gagging. Garak gasped as sharp teeth raked along the sensitive ridges. The Trill had been right, Julian had an undoubted talent for this.

Encouraged by Garak's reaction Bashir became bolder. He pumped the base of the Cardassian's cock firmly with one hand as he alternated between sucking and nibbling at its tip. The fingers of his other hand closed around Garak's heavy, leathery balls and squeezed hard. Julian felt the sudden tensing of Garak's body and knew the Cardassian was close to release. Instinctively he bore down sharply with his teeth on the ridged shaft and Garak screamed.

For a moment Julian feared he had gone too far and hurt the Cardassian, but as Garak's hot essence began to fill his mouth Bashir realised it had been a cry of pleasure. He sucked hard as Garak came, milking his master's delight as the Cardassian thrust forcefully between his lips.
As it ended Garak reached down and hauled Bashir up to face him. The human was breathing hard, flushed from his exertions. This time though his hazel eyes met Garak's confidently. He knew he had satisfied the Cardassian well. Garak marked the new confidence and an unpleasant smile twisted his lips. It wouldn't do to have pretty Julian believing that all he had to do to wrap his master around his elegant little finger was to suck him off so exquisitely! No, dear, naive Julian needed to be kept off balance, uncertain... Master and slave

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Bashir saw the change in Garak's expression and a cold feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. Had he somehow overstepped the mark? What had he done wrong? He had been so certain his actions had pleased Garak. Before he could open his mouth to ask his master if he had done anything to displease him Bashir found himself pushed roughly backwards to sprawl awkwardly amongst the cushions. Garak's sturdy figure loomed over him threateningly and then he was flipped effortlessly onto his stomach.

Julian gave a small ooph of sound as the breath was knocked out of him. He waited in trepidation, lying utterly still in expectation of his body being violently breached. The anticipated invasion did not come though. There was only the gentle caress of Garak's hands, touching his back and his smoothly rounded buttocks.

"Julian, you have such beautiful skin. I've never seen a colour or texture like it - it's quite flawless," said Garak admiringly. "It really is the perfect canvas. Ah, what a masterpiece I shall create of it..." As the Cardassian's words trailed away into silence he brought the flat of his hand down hard on Julian's backside. The sheer unexpectedness of the blow made Bashir cry out. "Oh yes, my treasure, scream for me!" exhorted Garak as he began to hit Julian's unprotected body in earnest. As the golden skin reddened from the repeated slaps the Cardassian reached out and retrieved the whip he had discarded earlier.

Julian saw the movement out of the corner of his eye as Garak raised the whip. The short leather tails made an unmistakable sound as they sliced through the air. The Cardassian brought the lash down on Bashir's already tender back. Julian tried to prepare himself for the blow, but the hot, stinging sensation still shocked him. For a moment that shock stole his voice, but as Garak brought the whip down once, twice more the scream the Cardassian desired was torn from Julian's throat.

The sound went straight to Garak's groin. As he proceeded to administer a thorough whipping to the defenceless human Garak's cock stiffened until it was fully hard once more. It excited him to test the boundaries of Julian's obedience. The young man was not bound, but he made no attempt to evade the repeated blows which rained down upon him. Yet Bashir did not accept the beating entirely passively. The slender body writhed with each new stinging caress from the lash, rising to meet the challenge of the pain.

He understood that his new master was testing him, and Julian did not intend to fail the Cardassian. The need to obey, to submit to another's wishes had been ingrained into Julian from the beginning of his training and that instinct held him in place now. Still he found himself tearing his nails into his palms trying to distract himself from the burning sensations assailing his back. Nor could he stop the tears which trickled silently but steadily down his cheeks, leaving smudged trails of kohl in their wake.

Julian appeared more beautiful to Garak than ever in his anguish. The rich voice, hoarse from the screams and weeping, seemed to the Cardassian to have attained a still more musical quality and barely an inch of the once smooth, golden back was unmarked when Garak finally paused. He studied the intricate tapestry he had created. The leather tails of the whip were soft enough not to have caused lasting damage, but in places they had drawn blood and all the young man's delicate skin bore a tracery of angry red weals.

As he lay, panting hard, Julian welcomed the respite - however brief. He scrubbed at his cheeks with the back of his hand, brushing away the visible traces of his tears. It wouldn't do to wear the signs of his weakness so openly on his face. His skin felt as if it were on fire and he screamed anew as Garak bent low over him, the ridges on the Cardassian's chest abrading his injured back agonisingly.

"Beautiful treasure, I believe you deserve some recompense for your obedience. Your screams were quite intoxicating... Would you like me to fuck you? Shall I make you come, my dear?" asked Garak in a low voice, his breath hot against Julian's ear.

"As - as my master wishes," Bashir managed to reply, forcing the words out of his raw throat painfully. He was rewarded with a ringing blow to the back of his head.

"I expect more gratitude than that when I offer you the honour of being pleased by me," chided Garak angrily. "Well, I don't intend to waste my efforts on an ungrateful wretch like you! I expected better..."

"Master, please..." Julian begged hoarsely, aware that he had made a potentially dangerous mistake while allowing himself to be distracted by his injuries. It would not do to antagonise the Cardassian. "I didn't mean to appear ungrateful. I - I feared you would think me disrespectful if I appeared too eager. I'm sorry if I have offended you." Garak appeared to consider his plea.

"I doubt your sincerity," he decided at length. "However, if you can convince me that you really mean what you say, well, perhaps I might reconsider." Garak suddenly smiled brightly, the abrupt change of mood disconcerting. "Let us see how eloquently that beautiful mouth of yours can plead for you."

Garak grabbed Julian's shoulders and flipped him onto his back. He ignored the young man's cries of pain as his abused skin was rubbed against the sheets. Without explanation or warning the Cardassian straddled Bashir. Garak's hands reached down and grasped Julian's head, the grey fingers twisting into the dark curls to hold him firmly in place. Tilting the slim neck upwards Garak sought the right angle and then thrust his swollen cock between Bashir's protesting lips.

Julian found himself with no choice but to accept what Garak was doing to him. If he struggled he ran the risk of choking as the Cardassian fucked his mouth with ruthless efficiency. It was also apparent to Julian that unless he managed to please Garak the rough treatment was likely to continue and the Cardassian's powerful grip made it clear that if he wished to he could snap Julian's neck with very little effort. So, relaxing as best he could Bashir set about using the talents at his disposal to pleasure Garak. Julian drew on all his training to focus outward, ignoring the siren call of his pain. He suppressed his gag reflex and allowed the sturdy Cardassian cock to slide deep into his throat.

Garak gave a gasp of astonishment as the human beneath him suddenly went from passivity to active participation. None of his previous body slaves had managed to exhibit such resilience or creativity. This one was apparently stronger than he looked. Garak continued thrusting into the warm, wet mouth, but as he approached the peak he allowed Julian to control the pace, trusting his skill.

This time as Garak came the position prevented Bashir from swallowing all that his master had to offer and some of it spilled down his chin and long, slender throat. As Garak recovered he released his grip on Julian's head so that he fell back against the cushions. Then the Cardassian bent to lazily lick the trails of dark fluid from Julian's dusky skin. The human's hazel eyes held his warily as he did so, unsure what to make of the unexpectedly gentle gesture.

As Garak sat back, licking his lips, he looked down at the body of his newest acquisition with satisfaction. Julian's finely muscled chest rose and fell steadily with his even breathing. The Cardassian's gaze followed the line of the prominent ribcage and then trailed lower until he noted the delicious fact that the human was still hard, his unadorned cock rising from the dark patch of tightly curled hair. A broad smile spread across Garak's face as he considered the possibilities this afforded him.

"Ah yes, I suppose I did promise to reconsider the matter of your satisfaction, didn't I?" beamed Garak. "And it's true that your efforts have somewhat redeemed you, but as you can see -" The Cardassian's hand indicated his own lax cock. "- I have nothing for you now."

"Please, master..." Julian looked up at the Cardassian in appeal.

"Oh, don't worry, my treasure," Garak reassured him, "you have earned the right to pleasure yourself. One word of warning though, my dear, you will not make yourself come until I expressly allow it. Do you understand?" Julian nodded mutely. The ache in his groin demanded attention, but he was afraid he might not be able to control his climax. As before though, Bashir's instincts told him it would not be wise to disobey the Cardassian.

Julian settled himself as comfortably as his bruised and torn back would allow. Pleasuring himself in front of Garak did not trouble him. He was accustomed to performing for an audience. That had been one of the first lessons he'd had to learn. Julian took himself in hand carefully, stroking gently. He didn't want to risk coming too soon. He dropped his other hand to cradle his balls, kneading softly. The touch felt very good after the discomfort Julian had been subjected to and he quickly forgot the watching Cardassian as his eyelids drifted shut.

Garak was in awe of the beautiful creature lying beside him. How sensual and uninhibited he was. The Cardassian felt anticipation building in him for the moment when he would claim all that beauty for himself, sinking into the human's body and fucking him into oblivion. For now Garak contented himself with watching the restless movements of Bashir's long-fingered hands as they coaxed the slender cock back to its full size. Julian's breathing was slowly becoming deeper and more erratic as he built his pleasure and Garak knew he must be very close to the edge. Still he held back from permitting Bashir his release.

For Julian it was like walking on a knife-edge of agony. The pleasure was now almost overwhelming and only the constraints of his training allowed him to resist surrendering to it. He channelled his need, releasing it from his body in a series of moans which steadily increased in intensity. Julian turned his head, desperately looking to Garak for a sign that he could give in to the waves of delight. But the Cardassian simply watched him, his ridged face unreadable. Finally Julian could bear the tension no longer.

"Garak! Master! Please, I beg you!" he cried. "I don't want to disobey you, master, but I can't... Please!"

The anguished cry brought a slow smile to Garak's face. It was what he had been waiting for. He had been confident Julian would beg him in the end rather than risk further punishment by disobeying his direct command. It meant the human was now his completely. As a reward Garak offered him the gift of his own hand. Reaching out he curved his fingers around Julian's aching cock and squeezed gently.

Almost at once Julian came, thrusting into the Cardassian's encircling hand. His essence spilled out over the smooth, grey skin. Garak continued to stroke Julian gently until his wild panting calmed. Then he withdrew his hand and waited.

"Master, thank you!" Julian's voice shook as he bowed his head in gratitude. He was well aware he had been allowed considerable licence by the Cardassian.

"Come here," Garak ordered gently. Julian scrambled onto his hands and knees and crawled to the Cardassian's side. He remained kneeling with his gaze carefully averted. "Look at your master," Garak insisted and Julian did so a little fearfully. Was he to be punished for his presumption? To his surprise Garak merely held out his hand, still sticky with Julian's own come. "I think you have forgotten something, my dear..."

Julian took the proffered hand between his own, taking a moment to admire its shape and strength. Then he set about cleaning it thoroughly with his tongue. It felt strange to be tasting himself on his master's fingers, but Julian found the experience unexpectedly erotic. He soon realised Garak was finding it equally pleasurable. The Cardassian's eyes had narrowed to sapphire slits as Julian's rough tongue went about its appointed task.

Bashir drew the moment out as long as he dared, but finally the job was completed and Garak ordered him to withdraw. Although stiff from his earlier beating the human still managed to slide gracefully enough from the divan, sinking to his knees on the carpeted floor beside it. The Cardassian regarded the submissively poised figure with a self-satisfied smile. He had done well with this purchase.

"Julian, you are an incomparable jewel," Garak praised him, "a worthy addition to my household. Continue as you have begun and you will soon find that this has been only a taste of the pleasures we shall share together. Serve me with your body and your soul and you will be richly rewarded."

"Master, your kindness and generosity honours me. I will serve you with my life." Julian looked up, his shining hazel eyes locking with the Cardassian's to seal his promise.

Garak licked his lips in anticipation...


The artwork is copyright BGM and first appeared in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy 2"

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