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Author's Notes: With thanks to Barbara for the beta and botany advice!

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by Karen Colohan

Jim Ellison walked into the kitchen, crossing to where his partner Blair Sandburg was busy at the sink. He crowded close behind him, hands snaking around to dump more plates into the water. That the manoeuvre also resulted in Jim's crotch grinding against Blair's jeans clad ass was far from coincidental.

"So, Chief, we've done lunch and I'm still not seeing any sign of a present here," Jim said, his lips moving against Blair's ear. "What did you get me for Christmas this year?"

Blair managed to wriggle around until he was facing his lover. He was grinning. "Who says I got you anything, Jim? You know how they say it's better to give than to receive..."

"Fine, so I'll let you do the giving." Jim raised his eyebrows, waiting. "While I'm willing to take my chances on the receiving end."

A snort of laughter escaped Blair at the Ellison logic. At the same time he felt a surge of arousal at the thinly veiled innuendo.

"Actually, man, I do have something for you, but you'll have to wait until later." Blair sounded pleased with himself as he added, "Timing matters with this gift."

"Come on, can't you give me even a little clue?" Jim rubbed against Blair a little more, enticing him.

"A clue?" Blair pretended to be considering his answer. "Okay, here you go... I promise that your present will be a real feast for the senses."

"Feast?" Jim leaned back, watching Blair's face. "You're taking me out to dinner?"

Blair's expression was perfectly enigmatic. "Wait and see, Jim, wait and see."

The rest of the day passed pleasantly, though dinner had turned out to be prepared and eaten at the loft, leaving Jim wondering what Blair's clue had meant.

At the end of the evening Jim made his way up to their shared bedroom still present-less. Blair had headed up a little earlier, while Jim finished watching some Christmas special on TV.

"Hey!" Jim called out as he got to the top of the stairs. "Christmas is nearly over and I still don't have my present from you."

"Jim, I told you timing was everything." Blair's voice was soft as he replied.

"So..." Jim looked across to where Blair was already comfortably ensconced in bed.

"And now the time is perfect." Blair smiled as he flipped back the covers.

Underneath the quilt it turned out that Blair was quite naked. His hand was stroking lazily, encouraging his cock to full hardness. Blair's grin widened as he noticed how Jim's eyes had fixed on the slow movements of his hand, watching hungrily.

"Merry Christmas, Jim... enjoy your present."

Jolted out of his immobility by Blair's words, Jim crossed the room in just a few quick strides. He dropped down on the edge of the bed, studying his gift. It was only then that he noticed the small garland of mistletoe that encircled Blair's cock, nestled in the coarse curls at its base.

He grinned at Blair's not so subtle invitation, but then pulled back with a frown. "Mistletoe, Chief? I thought that stuff was poisonous."

Blair sat up, staring at his lover in disbelief. "Jim, do you really think I'd put something that was toxic on my cock?" Blair lay back down, his head thumping on the pillow. "Relax, man, it's the berries of the European mistletoe that are considered to be poisonous. This is the native North American variety that..."

Carefully, Jim laid a hand across Blair's mouth, silencing the flow of words. "All right, enough with the lecture, Chief, I may not die of mistletoe poisoning, but you're kind of killing the mood here."

"Hey, I wasn't the one who started this!" Blair protested, lifting Jim's hand away so that he could speak.

Jim laughed softly at Blair's indignant tone, then bent down over him, inhaling the warm scent of arousal. His lips grazed the head of the swollen cock in a teasing kiss. When Blair drew in a sharp breath, arching up, Jim repeated the gesture. He licked away the drop of pre-come leaking from the slit, his tongue tracing patterns across the sensitive skin.

Blair groaned softly at the sensations, all thoughts of giving Jim an impromptu lecture in botany flying out of his head.

"That would be taste and, maybe, smell," Blair said when he was once again capable of any kind of coherent thought at all. His voice was rough with want. "I think we already have sight covered."

Jim looked up, momentarily puzzled by Blair's words.

"A feast for the senses, Jim... Me!" Blair elaborated.

Dawning understanding made Jim grin happily. He stood up, quickly starting to strip out of his clothes. "Well, by my reckoning that means I still have touch and sound to go."

Naked, Jim climbed into bed beside Blair, his hands trailing over the familiar form of his lover. It was something he never tired of.

"And what would they involve?" Blair asked, gasping as Jim's fingers found his nipples and pinched them lightly.

Hot breath stirred the long curls that framed Blair's face as Jim moved his body on top of his lover's. "Mm, I think that would be me touching you until I hear you scream my name when you come."

"Jim..." Blair's voice trailed off on a ragged sigh. Jim was sliding slowly downwards, mouthing wet kisses in his wake.

When he was comfortably settled between Blair's thighs, Jim looked back up at his lover, smiling broadly.

"Oh yeah, the gift that keeps on giving," Jim said smugly as he bent to taste Blair's cock once more.

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