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It's All About Seduction: Astrea's Fanfiction - SV, SB, HL

Jane Cooper's Fanfiction - SV RPS (heed warnings)

Keeping It Real: CheriBrandi's Fanfiction - SV RPS (heed warnings)


Surrender - Written for the postcoital challenge.  PG-13  Dorian/Klaus  

A Thief By Any Other Name - 'Twas the night before Christmas... and something stirs in Schloss Eberbach.  R  Dorian/Klaus

Sexaholics Anonymous - More Muse silliness - the Muses attend a sex therapy self-help group...  PG-13  HL/Eroica/X-Files/Smallville crossover

Goodwill To All Men - Christmas is supposed to be the season of goodwill, but Klaus can't help feeling those around him him are stretching things a bit too far...  NC-17  Dorian/Klaus

It Cuts Both Ways - It takes another man to make Klaus see Dorian in a whole new light.  NC-17  Dorian/Krycek  Dorian/Klaus   Eroica/X-Files crossover  

Kiss From A Rose - An Eroica ghost story...  NC-17 Dorian/Klaus

99 - A hot day... Dorian... an ice cream...  PG-13

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss - Instead of Dorian getting Klaus out of the closet, unexpectedly the two find themselves in a closet together...  PG-13 Dorian/Klaus

At Home With The Muses - Muse silliness ahead - the Muses are unhappy with their accommodations...  R  HL/QoS/Eroica/X-Files crossover

Only When I Lose Myself - A dangerous mission concluded, Klaus and Dorian reach safety - barely. As a result, Klaus finds himself wondering...  R  Dorian/Klaus