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by Karen Colohan

Julian Bashir stood on the Promenade and took a deep breath. He was nervous, but he had been planning this for a while now and a quiet afternoon in the Infirmary had allowed him to finish a little early for once. It had seemed to present the ideal opportunity. The perfect chance to practice the gentle art of seduction. On Garak.

It had finally dawned on Julian that his interest in the tailor was not confined to engaging in literary discussions over their weekly lunches some months ago. His mind had suddenly taken to indulging in flights of fancy regarding Cardassian sexuality as he lay in bed at night, leaving him hot under the collar and ultimately frustrated. So the doctor had determined to do something about it. Which was why he was here now...

Julian gave serious consideration to turning tail and putting as much distance between himself and Garak's shop as possible, but chided himself sternly for being a coward. After all, what was the worst that could happen? Garak might turn him down which would put a dent in his pride but nothing more. Then again, the tailor might say yes - and then what? An involuntary shiver ran down Julian's spine. What then indeed... He drew in another fortifying breath, plastered the brightest, most casual smile he could muster on his face and forced himself to carry on along the Promenade.

It had been a slow day in the tailor's shop and Garak was grateful to hear the door slide open. He was even more pleased when he looked up from the garment he was working on to find that his customer was Julian Bashir. A genuine expression of pleasure crossed the tailor's face as the doctor entered his shop with a broad smile on his face and an exuberant spring in his step.

"Doctor, how unexpected," said Garak, getting to his feet and coming round to the other side of the counter. "I take it the Infirmary has been as quiet as my own establishment today. Now tell me, is there something special that you're looking for?"

If you only knew... thought Julian to himself, but aloud he said simply "Yes, actually there is, Garak. I need a complete new outfit for a very special occasion so I thought I'd come to you for some advice."

"Oh, and what kind of occasion might that be?" enquired Garak curiously. "I thought that Federation receptions and the like called for those terrible dress uniforms of yours." The tailor rolled his eyes for dramatic effect as he contemplated the professional incompetence of whoever it was that had designed Starfleet's uniforms. Julian laughed in spite of his underlying nervousness. This was an old joke between them and he was well aware of Garak's opinions. The Cardassian had made a point of stating them - loudly - on more than one occasion!

"Actually, Garak, this isn't for a formal reception or anything like that," confided Julian. "It's for a rather more - personal affair." The tailor raised his eyeridges knowingly and stepped closer to the doctor. He laid a friendly hand on the young man's shoulder quite oblivious to the effect his touch had on Julian.

"Ah, you mean it's for a romantic liaison then, doctor," he prompted conspiratorially. "Well, in that case I can quite understand that you would require something special. So who is the lucky young lady you're so eager to impress? No - don't tell me if you really don't wish to," Garak hastened to add as Julian flushed a delicate shade of rose at his question. "Now, what kind of outfit did you have in mind? I think I have several things in stock which might suit you..."

"Um... if you don't mind, Garak, I'd like to have something made specially this time," Julian interrupted quickly as the tailor turned away and headed for one of his display racks. A very personal fitting was crucial to the young man's plans.

"Oh?" Garak stopped in his tracks and looked back at the doctor, frankly curious now. Even given the young human's enthusiasm where his romantic endeavours were concerned this was unusual. This time he really did seem to be going to a great deal of trouble. That coupled with his reticence regarding the identity of his date meant that the tailor's interest was most definitely piqued!

"Yes, I - have a few ideas," said Julian slowly. He was well aware he had the Cardassian's full attention now. Good! "I was rather hoping though that you could spare the time to help me choose the material and do a proper fitting." He smiled with what he hoped was the right mixture of supplication and wide-eyed charm. It seemed to work as the tailor returned the smile cordially.

"Of course, doctor, it's quite evident that this is important to you," agreed Garak readily. "I tell you what I'll do. It's been such a slow day today I'll close up a little early and we'll do it right now. If that would suit you..." Julian looked relieved at the tailor's words. He would never have been able to summon up the nerve to come back at some other time!

"Thank you, Garak, I really do appreciate you putting yourself out for me like this," he said flashing the tailor his most winning smile.

"Not at all, it's my pleasure," replied Garak warmly. He had his back to the doctor, locking the shop door and activating the closed sign and so missed the expression which passed fleetingly over the young man's face as he realised his scheme was working perfectly. Nervousness? Anticipation? Or perhaps it was a mixture of both. Whatever it was that Julian was feeling, by the time Garak turned round once more the outward signs of it were gone and the doctor appeared quite composed.

"Now," said Garak his tone businesslike, "what was it that you had in mind, doctor? Is this to be a formal occasion or were you looking for something a little more - relaxed shall we say?"

"Oh, nothing too formal," Julian decided with a shake of his head, wishing he could drag his thoughts away from what was really on his mind. He looked around the shop trying to find something appropriate to his plans. "I was thinking of something smart, but..." The doctor stopped abruptly, his gaze caught by a bolt of cloth which seemed ideal for his purpose. "Garak, this would be perfect!"

The tailor moved to see what had captured the young man's attention. Julian had his hand on a roll of pure white Rigellian velvet and Garak could only agree with the doctor's choice. With an unconscious gesture Julian brushed his fingers across the smooth fabric, caught up in the sensuous feel of it.

"You have excellent taste, doctor," observed Garak wryly. The velvet was quite exquisite - and extremely expensive. It also accentuated the golden tones of Julian's skin to an astonishing degree. "I believe a tunic made from this material would be most flattering to you." And that was an understatement thought the tailor privately. He had never realised just what a beautiful colour the doctor's skin was before. The drab uniform did nothing to enhance the human's appearance, but this... Julian merely smiled at the compliment, but did not fail to note Garak's momentary abstraction.

"What do you think would go with it?" the doctor asked, looking around the shop again. Garak considered the matter for a long moment and then pulled out a bolt of heavy, midnight blue cloth.

"I think this would set off the white rather well, don't you?" suggested the tailor. Julian nodded in agreement. Yes, the look would be simple, uncluttered, but the contrast would indeed be striking... For a moment the doctor wished his sole agenda were the acquisition of some new clothes! He felt faintly guilty about putting his friend to all this trouble. Maybe he would buy the outfit too. If things went well he could always wear it for Garak...

"Hm, yes, I think that's an excellent choice, Garak," he said looking pleased. "Now we just need to decide on the style."

"Here, why don't you take a look at these," invited Garak. He switched on his terminal and called up a selection of files. Julian came to stand close behind him, watching over the tailor's shoulder as the various patterns flashed up on the screen.

"That's the one!" exclaimed Julian suddenly. He reached past Garak to return to the previous style which had been displayed. As he did it seemed to the tailor that the young man's hand brushed against his shoulder; the touch lasting just a fraction of a second longer than was strictly necessary. Or was he imagining things? Of course he was. Wasn't he? And yet Julian was still pressed up close behind him as he peered intently at the screen. His long body was still maintaining its light contact with Garak's... No, the tailor chided himself, it was only wishful thinking on his part. Here was the doctor making plans for what to wear on an important date and he was letting his imagination run away with him.

"So you're quite sure that's the design you want?" enquired Garak forcing his mind back to the business at hand. He eased himself away from the doctor and went to retrieve the two rolls of material they had selected before. He glanced back at the young man whose eyes were suddenly gleaming with a barely suppressed excitement. Julian nodded eagerly.

"Yes. That will be perfect." All at once the doctor's expression became a little uncertain. "You are sure you have the time for this now, aren't you?" he asked anxiously.

"Of course, doctor, now just relax, stop worrying and let me do my job," smiled Garak patiently. "If you'd care to go through to the dressing room and remove your uniform I'll just download this pattern and we can get to work."

With a barely noticeable hesitation Julian pushed aside the curtains at the back of the shop and entered the fitting room. For a long moment he simply stood and stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the wall. His hazel eyes looked back at him with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Somehow he had never really expected things to get this far, but everything was going exactly according to plan...

Setting his shoulders determinedly Julian raised his hands and unsealed the front of his uniform. He pulled it down to his waist and then kicked off his boots so that he could step out of it completely. He tossed it into the corner of the cubicle and then grasped the hem of his lavender turtleneck, pulling it over his head and throwing it down on top of the coverall. Then he surveyed himself in the mirror once more.

The look of anticipation in his eyes was now even more marked than before. Julian stood up straighter and let his gaze wander down from his reflected face and elegant neck to the smooth, golden-skinned torso. He admired the definition of his chest with its finely toned muscles and chocolate brown nipples. Then he looked lower still to his slim hips and the long legs with their light dusting of dark, silky hair. He was quite attractive by human standards, wasn't he? But that wasn't what counted now he reminded himself. What of Cardassian standards? How did they judge beauty? More importantly would Garak find him attractive? Well, doubtless he'd find that out soon enough.

Garak seemed to be taking an inordinately long time and Julian felt his apprehension increasing again. It had taken him days to gather up enough courage to put his scheme into action in the first place and now he was definitely getting cold feet! Contrary to station gossip the doctor's conquests were nowhere near as numerous as some would have believed. He wasn't anything like as practiced in the art of seduction as rumour made out - and especially not when it came to enticing another male into his bed. A sudden thought occurred to the young man. Had the Cardassian guessed what he was leading up to? Was that why he was delaying? Surely not... No, he was just being paranoid.

To distract himself Julian looked at his reflection again and this time let his attention settle on his groin. What would Garak think when he saw what he was wearing? The doctor had abandoned his usual comfortable Starfleet issue cotton briefs. In their place he was wearing a form fitting thong in a black, satiny material that barely concealed anything at all. Julian felt himself blushing. What on Earth had possessed him to wear such a thing? It left nothing at all to the imagination with the way it clung to every curve. And his incipient erection didn't help either!

Julian hadn't realised just how much the anticipation was affecting him. Of its own volition one slender hand reached to lightly brush against the slight swell of his sex. It felt good and the doctor had to bite his lip to keep from sighing aloud. Julian stared at his reflection - at the wide eyes and long, restless fingers which now rubbed in earnest at his groin. Gods! What was he thinking of? He didn't want Garak to walk in and find him like this. Julian pulled his hand away and drew in a long, slow breath to calm himself. Nevertheless he still started guiltily as the curtain behind him rustled and was pushed aside.

Garak stepped briskly into the dressing room clutching a padd and his two bolts of cloth - and stopped dead in his tracks. The sight that confronted him was an arresting one indeed. Julian stood with his back to the tailor and at first glance Garak thought he was naked. Then his eyes were drawn to the reflection in the mirror and he noticed that in fact the barest scrap of material covered the enticing curves of the doctor's genitals. With an effort the tailor recovered his scattered wits, setting down his burden and moving to Julian's side. Steadfastly Garak fixed his eyes on the young man's face and kept them there though all his instincts bade him look at a very different portion of the human's anatomy.

The doctor turned to face Garak, studying his expression and encouraged by what he saw. Well, he was no expert on Cardassian arousal, but Julian was certain the tailor's breath was coming faster now and his skin seemed flushed with a darker, purplish tinge. Garak's tunic was too long to allow the doctor to see if his body was displaying any more obvious physical reactions, but in a human Julian would have been quite sure of the signs.

"What do you think, Garak?" Julian asked in as casual a manner as he could contrive. One long fingered hand gestured nonchalantly towards his groin, drawing Garak's gaze in its wake. "Does it suit me?" The tailor allowed himself a long, hard look before managing to drag his glittering blue eyes back up to Julian's face.

"It's a little - different from what you usually wear." Garak chose his words carefully. His thoughts were not on the skimpy garment, but on the hinted at treasure it contained. Was it possible the doctor was doing this deliberately? Did the young man really want to inflame him? And was Julian as aroused as he appeared to be? No. He couldn't be...

"I thought it was rather flattering." Julian posed artfully, the satiny material stretched tightly over the swell of his erection. The tailor's eyes devoured him again. Oh yes, Garak was definitely captivated. There was no mistaking the light gleaming in those bright, blue eyes now! The doctor allowed an inviting smile to play about his lips. "Do you need to take some measurements, Garak?" he asked in a low, husky voice. "I think the last pair of trousers you made for me were a little tight."

Garak drew in a sharp breath. This time the invitation seemed plain enough. Did he dare...? Slowly he reached out a hand and rested it lightly on Julian's bare shoulder. He waited, but the young man made no move to draw away. The expression in his warm, hazel eyes was encouraging, granting tacit permission. Garak brought his other hand up to gently brush one smooth cheek. Julian leaned into the touch, a soft sigh escaping him.

"Am I right in assuming, doctor, that a new outfit was not what you came here for this afternoon?" asked Garak wryly. The doctor smiled.

"Well, the velvet is lovely," Julian conceded, "but I'll admit that clothing wasn't the main thing on my mind." As a thought occurred to him he grinned impishly. "Actually, maybe it was. I've been thinking about removing your clothing for rather a long time now." Garak tilted his head questioningly.

"Have you, doctor?" He sounded surprised.

"Oh yes, I've thought about it a great deal, but I didn't quite know how to ask you straight out," admitted Julian with some embarrassment. "So finally I concocted this silly scheme. I suppose I thought that if you showed no sign of interest I could still get out of it without looking like a complete fool. A new outfit would be a small price to pay..." He shrugged his shoulders self-consciously.

Garak's hand caressed Julian's soft cheek again and the doctor was surprised at the gentleness of the touch. Carefully he reached up and let his fingers slowly trace the ridges that outlined the tailor's eyes. They felt warm and a little rough under his sensitive fingertips. The hand resting on Julian's shoulder tightened reflexively.

"Ah, doctor, how little you know..." murmured Garak. "I berated myself for an old fool - to think that you might ever want me... and yet I still dreamed."

"It seems today may be the day for - dreams to come true," said Julian lightly.

"Indeed," agreed Garak softly, "and you shall have your new outfit too." He turned and tugged at the roll of white velvet, unravelling it completely. With a sweeping gesture he swathed Julian's slender figure in the snowy fabric, drawing it around his shoulders like a cloak. The tailor paused to admire the way the virgin whiteness of the cloth seemed to turn the young man's skin a deeper, richer shade of burnished gold. "I would have them all see how beautiful you are."

Garak ran his hands possessively down the doctor's arms then slid them round to encircle his narrow waist. Julian shivered slightly as the tailor's movements caused the velvet to brush against his bare skin. It felt soft, warm, sensuous and his nerves tingled pleasurably. Julian reached out his own hands and brought them to rest on Garak's hips, his long fingers toying idly with the heavy fabric of the tailor's tunic.

"I never realised what an enjoyable business tailoring can be," said the doctor teasingly, "and the service here is exemplary, but I think the fitting can wait for a while. In fact I really would rather think about removing this..." he finished wistfully. Julian pulled again at the hem of Garak's tunic. The tailor's cornflower eyes betrayed his interest in the doctor's proposition, but he still hesitated, holding the young man at arm's length.

"Doctor, are you sure that - here...?" asked Garak his glance encompassing the small dressing room. "Is this really the place you would choose for this to happen? It offers scant comfort."

"Oh yes." Julian's eyes stole to the long mirror, sweeping their reflections with a hungry gaze. "When we make love... I want to watch in the mirror as you move against me, Garak, and have you watch me. When you first came in and saw me undressed you looked at me so intensely that I could almost feel it like a physical touch. That excited me. The thought of seeing just how good we look together as we bring pleasure to one another does too. Will you make love to me - here?" finished Julian dreamily. Garak's brow quirked upward in surprise. What unexpected facets of the doctor's nature were being revealed to him today. He would never have guessed the young man possessed such an exhibitionistic streak.

"If you are certain this is what you wish, doctor," said Garak softly. "How can I refuse you?" He let his fingers rest for a moment more at Julian's waist. Then with a swift gesture he dropped both large, grey-skinned hands to cup the doctor's taut buttocks through the covering of velvet. He pulled Julian hard against him and the young man gasped, momentarily taken aback by Garak's strength. Recovering quickly the doctor wrapped his own arms firmly around the tailor and tilted his head, waiting for the kiss he was sure would follow.

Garak didn't disappoint him. Leaning forward he took possession of Julian's mouth, kissing him thoroughly. His tongue pressed between the lips that parted willingly for him to taste the sweetness of the young human. All the while the tailor kneaded the firm, velvet shrouded flesh under his hands. Julian moaned in frustration. He wanted to feel Garak's touch on his bare skin. With a sinuous movement the doctor shrugged the cloak of snowy material from his shoulders and it fell loosely around his waist, held in place only by the tailor's hands. Understanding what Julian wanted Garak released his hold just long enough to let the fabric drop all the way to the ground where it lay like new fallen snow around their feet.

As soon as Julian was free of the restrictive covering Garak's hands returned to their previous explorations. He caressed the smooth, golden flesh of the doctor's buttocks, delighting in the silky feeling of it. Then his questing fingers found the narrow strips of material holding Julian's thong in place and the tailor deftly tore through them, peeling away the scrap of cloth to reveal the treasure it concealed.

If Julian objected to the unconventional method of removing his underwear he made no protest. He was too caught up in the sensations evoked by Garak's roaming hands as they gently explored his balls and his rapidly hardening sex, seeking out the touches which brought the most pleasure. The tailor's lips lovingly captured Julian's in another kiss and he nibbled teasingly at the tip of the young man's tongue. The doctor moaned again, the sound muffled by the Cardassian's mouth covering his own. One of Garak's hands had ventured to probe the cleft between his buttocks and an inquisitive finger toyed with his sensitive opening. The unfamiliar touch sent a fresh bolt of arousal through Julian that prompted his vocal response. At last, with an effort, the doctor pulled away from the tailor, panting hard.

"Garak, wait," he begged. "I don't want this to be so one-sided. Let me undress you - please."

"I want to bring you pleasure, doctor," said Garak, his own breathing ragged. "But I fear I may be something of a disappointment to you."

"Oh no." Julian shook his head emphatically. "You could never disappoint me..." Without waiting for further permission the doctor began to strip the layers of heavy clothing from Garak to reveal the sturdy body beneath. The tailor assisted with the disrobing, making it easy for Julian by undoing the concealed fastenings with deft fingers. When Garak finally stood naked before the young man his own arousal was perfectly evident.

"Well?" he asked self-deprecatingly as the doctor slowly circled him, heedless of the discarded Rigellian velvet under his feet. Julian merely reached out to touch him gently once or twice. Garak stood quite still allowing the human to explore at will.

"How could you think that your body wouldn't delight me?" said Julian wonderingly. His hands traced the ornate ridges from Garak's neck to his shoulders and upper arms, learning their texture as his palms glided over them. Next his slender fingers explored the almost reptilian markings which patterned the tailor's upper body and faded gradually into smooth, leathery skin at his waist. Then the doctor devoted some time to toying with Garak's large, charcoal grey nipples. They hardened as he caressed them, pinching gently with his thumb and forefinger. He bent his head briefly, dabbing at the nubs of flesh with his tongue and the Cardassian's far away expression told Julian that Garak found the touch pleasurable.

Finally the doctor moved on. His attention was drawn by Garak's sex, now fully erect. It seemed only a little larger than Julian's own, but what caught the doctor's eye was the patterning which ran the length of the shaft. As his fingers trailed over the scale-like markings Julian discovered they were slightly raised and he found himself wondering what it would feel like to take the Cardassian into himself. Garak groaned as the young man's repeated touch sent fire flickering along his nerves.

"If you - proceed like that, my dear doctor, I fear this will be very one-sided indeed," Garak gasped. Julian smiled warmly at him.

"I'm sorry, Garak," he said softly, "but this fascinates me. The patterns are quite beautiful and I love the way it feels when I touch it like this. I imagine it would be as delightful - inside me." Julian's voice dropped to barely more than a whisper and Garak had to lean in close to hear his words. They inflamed the tailor anew and he reached out and drew Julian back into his arms again, hugging him tightly. He stole another long, sensual kiss from the young man. Julian responded eagerly, the heat and sweetness of Garak's mouth a delight to him.

Now that both of them were naked their erections pressed firmly together as they held one another close. Julian revelled in the greater warmth and strength of the Cardassian's body while Garak found the unadorned softness of the doctor's skin coupled with the patches of silky hair a joy to explore. Their movements slowly became more urgent as the friction of skin on skin ignited their passions. Remembering Julian's earlier words Garak carefully turned the doctor until he faced the dressing room's mirror, still held tightly in the tailor's embrace.

"Garak?" queried Julian in a soft voice.

"You told me that you wanted to watch in the mirror as we made love," Garak whispered, his lips brushing the strange curves of the human's ear. "I mean to grant you that wish."

"Oh, Garak..." Julian pressed back against the Cardassian, seeking the comforting warmth as Garak's hands resumed their task of bringing pleasure to the young man. The tailor grasped the smooth hardness of Julian's erection, teasing at the shaft with long, slow strokes. One broad fingertip lazily circled the very tip, dabbling at the drop of moisture which formed there and smoothing it over the soft, rosy head. All the while Garak's mouth roamed over the doctor's slender shoulders and elegant neck. His teeth administered gentle bites and his lips and tongue followed behind to softly soothe. Julian cried out his delight at the tailor's ministrations. His hazel eyes, heavy-lidded with passion, met the reflected blue of Garak's in the long mirror and read the desire there.
Carefully Julian manoeuvred himself so that the tailor's hard organ slid between his buttocks. A true joining would wait for another time, but as the doctor rubbed rhythmically against Garak's body, his muscles working he brought the tailor the stimulation he craved. Garak began to thrust his hips back and forth steadily, his erection finding a warm haven between Julian's soft cheeks. He matched his thrusts to the rhythm of his hands as they pumped the doctor's sex, drawing them both inexorably closer to the brink.
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As he avidly watched the erotic dance of their reflections in the mirror Julian brought his own hands to join Garak's where they stroked his aching hardness. He guided the Cardassian's broad fingers to his most sensitive spots and sighed in delight as Garak proved to be a willing student and an exceptionally quick learner.

As the pleasure built to an almost unbearable level Julian's eyes slowly drifted shut, his long, silky lashes veiling their lust-filled depths. The heat of the Cardassian body plastered against his back felt wonderful and the steady slide of Garak's shaft with its textured skin against his opening was maddeningly sensual. Finally Julian sensed the tailor tense against him. Garak shuddered once and murmured something the doctor couldn't quite make out as he came. Julian felt the hot Cardassian seed spurt out and trickle down between his buttocks, warming him.

Curving his fingers more tightly around the tailor's where they grasped his sex Julian applied the pressure he needed to trigger his own climax. His head lolled back against Garak's shoulder and as his body convulsed the doctor was dimly aware of the smooth lips that trailed kisses over his face and neck. His pleasure claimed him and he knew the comforting sensation of his own seed spilling over his hands.

Garak slowly came back to himself and felt Julian's slight body relax against him as the intensity of his orgasm also faded. The tailor freed his hands and wrapped the young man in a tight embrace. He rested his cheek against Julian's dark, tousled curls and turned his cornflower gaze once more to their twinned reflections in the tall mirror. Sweat glistened on the doctor's long limbs and his face was flushed, but it wore an expression of contentment that matched Garak's own.

"We look well together, don't we, Garak?" said Julian softly. He admired the contrast the Cardassian's grey skin made with his own golden-brown colouring. Garak pressed an affectionate kiss on the young man's cheek.

"The perfect combination," he agreed with a smile.

"Garak..." Julian's tone was thoughtful. "When you came - you said something, but I couldn't make out the words. What was it?" The tailor's gaze slid away from the doctor's as if he were faintly embarrassed at having been caught out.

"I... it was just a Cardassian - endearment," admitted Garak. He glanced up again and Julian's eyes rested on his, encouraging him to explain further. "I suppose it would translate roughly as - you are my beloved."

"Thank you, Garak," said Julian simply, his hazel eyes shining. "And you are mine..." The Cardassian ducked his head and the doctor sensed how hard it had been for him to make even that much of an admission of what was truly in his heart. When Garak cleared his throat self-consciously and changed the subject to one less revealing of his emotions Julian allowed him the evasion.

"But you know, doctor, there is still the matter of that outfit we discussed earlier. The Rigellian velvet will provide a most dazzling showcase for your beauty. At least it will once I've cleaned and pressed it," Garak added ruefully as he remembered his previous cavalier treatment of the expensive fabric.

"Hm, but I thought you enjoyed seeing me like this," pouted Julian, teasing the Cardassian out of his embarrassment. A gesture of his hand indicated his nakedness.

"Oh, I do indeed," purred Garak, his fingers moving possessively over the doctor's warm skin. "But don't you find when you receive a gift that much of the pleasure comes from the slow revealing of the treat inside as you remove the wrapping?" Julian shivered at the seductive tone in Garak's voice. The idea of the tailor slowly undressing him was an exciting one and the doctor felt his body stir again.

"I'd never thought of it like that before," he sighed, glancing down at the pool of crumpled white velvet at his feet and remembering how pleasant it had felt against his bare skin. "So, Garak, do you think now would be a good time to take those measurements then?"

Garak released his grip on the doctor, spinning him around to face him and holding the young man at arms length. Slowly the tailor let his gaze sweep Julian from head to toe, noting with interest his resurgent erection.

"Now would seem to be the perfect moment," Garak breathed, "but you were right; I should be sure that the trousers aren't too tight this time. A foolish oversight on my part before of course - now let me see..."

As he finished speaking Garak snaked one hand around Julian's hips. A questing finger slipped into the doctor's cleft, dabbled at the damp traces of Cardassian semen and then carefully insinuated its blunt tip into the young man's tight opening. Julian gasped aloud at the unexpected intrusion, but not from pain. As the digit slowly worked its way further into the doctor's body he felt his erection harden and lengthen. Garak watched with interest and then dropped his free hand to cup Julian's genitals.

"Ah," he observed sagely, "I think I see now where the problem arose before. So, shall we begin with this measurement...?"

The only answer Garak received was another low moan of pleasure as the doctor surrendered to his tender ministrations. Julian reached out, gripping the tailor's arms tightly as his legs threatened to buckle under him.

"Garak!" he gasped urgently.

"Hush, doctor, let me make you comfortable," murmured the tailor soothingly, abandoning his lighthearted banter as the doctor's desire flared anew. Supporting the young man with one hand Garak sank carefully to his knees, drawing Julian down with him. The much abused velvet swirled around their legs, cushioning them. The doctor leaned against Garak, settling himself with his head resting on the Cardassian's broad, ridged shoulder while his arms moved to encircle Garak's waist. Julian's restless hands kneaded at the leathery skin, urging the tailor to resume his gentle probing.

With tender care Garak slid his finger deeper into the dark, tight warmth of Julian's body, gently stretching his opening until he could slide a second digit inside. The doctor whimpered softly as the tailor gradually built up a steady rhythm. He tilted his hips trying to feel Garak's touch still deeper inside himself and the change of angle caused the Cardassian's fingertips to brush against his prostate as they thrust into him. The intense sensation the contact provoked made Julian cry out in delight. As Garak concentrated on repeating the pleasurable touch the doctor muffled his cries against the tailor's neck, his teeth grazing the ornate ridge - and this time it was Garak's turn to gasp.

Hazel eyes glanced up into brilliant blue, reading the awakening desire there. Julian snaked a hand down to the tailor's groin, finding his sex already erect. He curled his fingers around the hard length of it, squeezing firmly in counterpoint to Garak's thrusts into his own body. While his hand worked its magic on the Cardassian's erection Julian's mouth explored the tracery of ridges on his face and neck. The doctor's tongue slowly outlined their scale-like structure and then his teeth nibbled more insistently at the points his first pass had revealed to be the most sensitive.

With their bodies already satisfied from their previous lovemaking both human and Cardassian found the climb to the peak slower, more languid this time. It afforded them the chance for a more leisurely exploration and both took full advantage of it, learning how to bring their partner to the verge of orgasm time and again without setting them free. In the end Julian was the first to come; though Garak was only a heartbeat behind him. As the tremors subsided they slumped against one another, totally spent, totally satiated. When they finally stirred themselves enough to move again their eyes locked and their mouths clung together in a long, deep kiss.

Garak shivered slightly as his body cooled. Julian reached down, snagging the piece of Rigellian velvet and drawing it around them both. The tailor looked at the fabric resignedly. It was creased, stained with the traces of their bodies' most recent encounter and the unmistakable scent of sex rose from it to Garak's sensitive nostrils.

"I fear the cloth is quite ruined," sighed the tailor.

"You can clean it, can't you?" asked Julian.

"Yes, but I will never be able to use it now," replied Garak. "See how the pile is crushed and these creases..."

"Of course you can," said Julian with a smile. "You still owe me one special outfit and I wouldn't dream of having it made from anything else but this."

"But, doctor..." protested Garak.

"But nothing!" Julian interrupted him. "You are going to make me an outfit that I will wear only for you. If you make it from this then when I'm wearing it we will both remember what happened today." His smile widened and an anticipatory gleam lit his eyes. "It will make the perfect gift wrapping don't you think?"

"An excellent suggestion," agreed Garak and his clear blue eyes glittered as he looked forward to receiving the first of many gifts from his beloved doctor.


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