Other pairings and crossovers

Freedom City Slash Cafe (Garak/Bashir and Avon/Blake) - Somewhere in the galaxy's murkier backwaters is a very special venue where our favourite slash couples come to indulge in their special brand of karaoke! PG-13

This story and those set in the slash cafe by other authors can be found at the Karaoke Cafe Page.

No Substitute (Garak/O'Brien) - When their respective relationships with Julian Bashir hit a rocky patch Garak and O'Brien attempt to take their mind off their problems - together.  NC-17

Memories (Chakotay/Bashir) - Two people trying to forget... NC-17

Satin and Steel (Janeway/Garak) - Our plain and simple tailor meets his match when Voyager docks at DS9 before its mission to the Badlands... NC-17

Miscellaneous and non-slash stories

Ghosts - An exploration of Julian's childhood and his relationship with his father who arrives on DS9 as part of a diplomatic mission. This originally appeared in "Julian Subatoi Bashir - This Is Your Life". PG-13

The Secrets That We Keep- A sequel to "Ghosts" in which Julian faces a few more home truths about his father and learns he has more in common with Garak than he realised. PG-13

Unnacceptable Alternatives - An alternative view of the confrontation between Julian and Garak at the end of "Our Man Bashir". PG

Wish You Were - Where? - A story inspired by the Voyager fanfic story called "TV Guide" it details an unexpected visit to DS9 - pure Mary Sue, pure silliness!! PG-13

New Beginnings - A new arrival on DS9 makes the acquaintance of the station's CMO and discovers her new life has more to offer than she expected! PG

Is It A Dream? - An updated, improved (I hope) and more serious version of "Wish You Were - Where?", in which a G/B fanfic writer wakes up to find herself on DS9 - where things aren't entirely as canon would have them... PG-13

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