Over on LiveJournal an excellent new community has been started called the Wednesday100.  Each week a challenge is issued and participants have to answer that challenge with a drabble - one hundred words, no more, no less.

I decided to create a separate page for my responses to the Wednesday100 as it seems likely they'll proliferate at a fairly alarming pace. So, one hundred words, each and every one of them...

Fanfixes: Forgiveness - G

Madness: Rescue - G

Tell us the truth: Not Always The Best Policy - G

The past: Fate - PG and Destiny - PG

Addictions: Skin - R and Acquisition - G

Connotations convention contest drabble: Somewhere In Another Reality... PG-13

Something is lost: Lost Time - G

The power's out in Kansas: Once Bitten - G

Semisuper's kiss challenge using the words oxymoron, cellphone and cathedral: Sightseeing - PG

Something is broken: Hidden Strengths - NC-17

Write a drabble without using a letter of your choice: Not I - PG-13

The 'S' challenge: Silence - G

The weather in Kansas is in your control: Comfortable -  PG

Helen challenge: She Who Hesitates - PG

Word of the day challenge: Mona Lisa - G

Through the eyes of any Smallville character, describe their favourite person, place or thing: Unlocked - PG and Unconditional Love - G and Crowning Glory - G

Slow and lazy - Clark and Lex holding hands: I Do - G

Porn: Something New Under the Sun - R and Hiding In Plain Sight - R

AUs: On The Edge  - G

A man is sitting on the stairs. There's something in his hands that holds his attention. A woman comes up from behind and sits sown with him. Someone is headed in their direction, but hasn't been spotted. Tell us the story: I Don't Believe In Miracles  - G and White Wedding  - PG

Metropolis - in, above, arriving, leaving: Rescue Me -  PG-13

Clark and Lex are breaking up. Show it from another person's point of view: Timing -  PG

Clark and Lex make up: Empty -  PG

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