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"That's it, Garak, just bend over a little more. You're doing fine. Now, see what you can get your teeth into! Oh, but don't forget you mustn't use your hands."

Julian Bashir regarded his Cardassian companion with a broad grin informing his boyish features. Garak made a fine picture, kneeling blindfolded with his arms held dutifully behind his back. With a faint sigh Garak leaned further over the edge of the bath tub, his open mouth seeking the replicated apple the doctor had set floating in the warm water.

Finally Garak made contact with the ripe fruit and his sharp, white teeth crunched into the firm flesh. He sat back on his heels and Julian giggled at the incongruous sight of the blindfolded Cardassian, mouth stretched wide around the apple as water slowly dripped from the end of his nose ridges.

Garak did not seem to find the situation so amusing. He reached up and plucked the apple from between his teeth with one hand while the other pushed the blindfold clear of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Julian," said Garak irritably, "but I fail to see what is so fascinating about this ridiculous exercise." He dashed another errant bead of moisture from the end of his nose in annoyance.

"It's just a bit of fun, Garak!" declared Julian encouragingly. "It's also an ancient tradition from Earth associated with this time of year. I thought you'd enjoy it. Indulge me just a little longer, won't you, Garak, please..."

The Cardassian gritted his teeth. He could never resist that wheedling tone his lover was apt to use whenever there was a danger of him not getting his own way. And as for the deadly puppy dog eyes the doctor had just turned on him... Sighing even more deeply than before Garak reached up and replaced the blindfold.

"Very well, if it's what you really want," he agreed, his tone that of one who feels he has been much put upon. "Are you ready for me to continue?"

"Wait, I just need to add something more to the water, don't I?" said Julian quickly. Garak heard his footsteps retreat from the bathroom and then return a few moments later. There was the sound of the water lapping as something was placed into it and then Julian's voice was encouraging the Cardassian to resume his bobbing activities.

Garak bent his head over the side of the bath again somewhat reluctantly and began to seek more floating fruits. However, what his questing mouth soon found was not the cool flesh of an apple, but something distinctly softer and warmer. The Cardassian paused and then bit down carefully once more. A faint gasp sounded close by his ear.

"How intriguing..." murmured Garak, raising his head slightly. "Not an apple this time, I don't believe. This has a much sweeter flavour."

"Do you think so?" responded Julian softly.

"Definitely," Garak decided.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to taste it again - just to be sure," suggested Julian.

"Mmm, perhaps you're right," agreed Garak. "Oh, and doctor, you were correct about the appeal of this game after all..." With that the Cardassian bent to resume his explorations.

Julian lay in the bath with his head thrown back blissfully as Garak feasted on first one and then the other of his chocolate-brown nipples. With his teeth and tongue the Cardassian drew the sensitive nubs of flesh to firm, glistening peaks. Julian moaned and Garak left the doctor's chest to work his way slowly lower, leaving in his wake a trail of gentle bites.

The Cardassian smiled to himself as he went bobbing for the ultimate treat. Trust Julian to think of something like this! Garak felt the water lapping against his lips but continued his downward path a little further. He was quickly rewarded as his mouth encountered hot, erect flesh.

Julian thrust his hips upwards instinctively as Garak's lips closed on the tip of his cock. The doctor felt sharp teeth raking down his shaft as his lover's mouth encompassed him. He groaned with the pleasure of it. Again and again Julian thrust into the welcoming warmth as Garak sucked at his firming erection and swirled his rough tongue around its plump head.

If Garak found anything strange in pleasuring his lover in this precise way it certainly didn't prevent him from relishing the experience. Deprived of sight by the blindfold Garak found his other senses sharpened. He was more aware than usual of the musky scent of Julian's arousal, and the taste of him was quite delightful! Garak savoured the salty liquid seeping from the doctor's cock as he steadily climbed towards his peak. And the sounds Julian made as the Cardassian increased the pressure of his lips and employed his teeth and tongue with consummate skill were powerfully erotic.

Finally, with a desperate moan, Julian arched upward and then froze as his climax swept over him. He was aware of Garak's throat working against the tip of his cock as the Cardassian greedily swallowed his salty offering. Sensitised as the skin already was, it made the resulting sensations almost painfully intense. Then, too soon, it was over. Julian let his body sink languidly back into the warm water as Garak's mouth released him.

Gleaming blue eyes swept the now relaxed form as Garak removed the blindfold to look at his lover once more. Julian smiled up at him drowsily.

"Told you it was fun, didn't I?" said the young man smugly.

"Yes, and as usual, my dear doctor, you were quite right," agreed Garak equably. "So, considering that it would be intolerably selfish of me to be the only one of us to have this much fun, wouldn't you like to take a turn too?" Garak held out the blindfold as he regarded Julian quizzically.

Julian's answering smile was positively predatory....


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