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COUNTER-ATTACK - a sequel to Turning the Tables

by Karen Colohan (copyright April 1996)

It was early evening and Julian Bashir's shift in the Infirmary was finally over. He stretched his cramped muscles and thought longingly of a hot meal, a shower and bed - not necessarily in that order. With a smile he headed out into the Promenade, making his way towards Garak's small shop. It had been a busy day and Julian had not had the opportunity to catch up with the tailor at lunch time. Now he was looking forward to spending the evening with his Cardassian lover - and maybe indulging in an early night...

The shop was already closed, but Julian knew the code to let himself in. He locked the door behind him again and looked around for Garak. To the young man's surprise there was no sign of the tailor - he usually waited here for Julian, working on some alterations or rearranging the displays to pass the time until the doctor arrived. Strange, mused Julian, but then again perhaps Garak was sorting out a new shipment of clothing in his stockroom behind the shop.

"Elim! Elim, are you there?" called out Julian as he pushed aside the curtains which screened off the private area of the tailor's establishment. The Cardassian was still nowhere to be seen. Deciding that Garak must have left early for some reason and already returned to their quarters the doctor turned to leave. He pulled up short as he suddenly found himself nose to nose with the tailor.

"Elim, you startled me," protested Julian with a laugh. "Why didn't you answer me when I called?"

"I wasn't quite ready for you then," replied Garak enigmatically.

"I'm sorry. I don't understand." Julian's brow furrowed in puzzlement as he looked askance at the tailor. "Not ready for me? You're talking in riddles, Elim! Now, enough of your mysterious pronouncements, why don't we just go and have dinner before the Replimat gets too crowded. I..."

"No, not this evening," said Garak with a shake of his head. "Tonight, my sweet Julian, I have something else entirely in mind for you."

"Elim..." A note of doubt sounded in the doctor's voice as he saw the devilish smile which spread slowly across Garak's face. "Elim, this isn't a good time for games. I've had a busy day and..."

"All the more reason for you to turn your thoughts to something other than work then," insisted Garak in a low voice. The gleam in his brilliant blue eyes was as unmistakable as the seductive intent of his words.

With deliberate precision the tailor began to advance on Julian, slowly backing him up against the wall. The young man swallowed hard as a heady mixture of excitement and fear ignited in him. Garak kept moving, pressing the doctor inexorably backwards until he could go no further. Still the Cardassian closed in on him, their bodies finally meeting along their entire length. Julian could not have hidden his sudden arousal if he wanted to and the tailor noted it with a smile.

"Ah, Julian, such impetuosity," purred Garak, drawing one broad, grey fingertip down the doctor's flushed cheek. "I fear you may have to learn patience tonight, my dear one."

"What do you mean?" Julian was already lost in a haze of desire and Garak's words made no sense to him. It all seemed simple enough. He was hard; he was ready and he wanted the tailor - now!

"Have you forgotten so soon?" asked Garak, amusement in his tone. "There is a matter still unresolved between us, is there not? A certain evening in Quark's..."

Julian's hazel eyes widened as he recalled the night the tailor was referring to. He had hidden under the table they had been sharing and driven the Cardassian wild with his hands and mouth whilst the other patrons of the crowded bar went about their business none the wiser. That Garak had derived great pleasure from the whole incident was undisputed, but he had still vowed to exact his revenge for the embarrassing episode. Was tonight to be the time of that accounting? What exactly did the tailor have planned?

"Elim, what...?" Julian's heart thudded painfully in his chest and his erection became even harder than before. Could Garak have anything too bad in mind? Surely not - they were alone in the shop and the door was firmly locked after all. The doctor relaxed just a fraction and Garak took the opportunity that momentary relaxation presented to catch hold of his arms, quickly immobilising him. Before Julian could protest the tailor pulled something from his pocket and with smooth efficiency tied the young man's wrists firmly together.

"Now, let me see," mused Garak, "what shall we do next?" Julian was too stunned by the turn of events to say a word. Whatever he had expected from Garak it wasn't this! The doctor knew perfectly well that Cardassians had a taste for bondage games, but it wasn't something the tailor had ever expressed an interest in. Julian's throat felt dry and he swallowed hard, fear and arousal still warring for precedence.

Garak gave the doctor a gentle push, shepherding him back into the main part of the shop. As they entered the tailor called down the lights, leaving only the spotlight over the counter shining brightly. Julian found himself being backed into the resulting pool of illumination until he fetched up against the counter's edge. His eyes locked warily on Garak's as the Cardassian halted just in front of him.

"Elim, what are you going to do?" Julian asked in a small voice. The tailor smiled reassuringly.

"Oh, nothing that will hurt you, my dear Julian," he promised the somewhat apprehensive young man. "I only wish to display your delights in a fitting manner. I fear I have neglected to simply - appreciate your beauty before, being intent only on satisfying my baser desires." Julian's mouth gaped in startled incomprehension and he could only stare as Garak reached out and with nimble fingers swiftly unfastened the doctor's uniform. The tailor released the binding on Julian's wrists and stripped away the loosened clothing - it didn't even occur to the young man to try and prevent him from doing so.

Julian's golden skin gleamed in the bright light from the overhead lamp and his perfect, rosy erection beckoned Garak with its promise of delicious pleasures. It took all of the tailor's self control to refrain from crushing the beautiful, young human to him at once. But no, he was going to have his revenge for that night in Quark's. He would taste Julian's delights soon enough. First the doctor must learn the lesson of patience...

With surprising ease Garak swept Julian up into his arms and deposited him unceremoniously on his back on the counter. The cool touch of its smooth surface against his warm skin made the doctor flinch and cry out in protest.

"Elim!" Julian was more than a little taken aback by this cavalier treatment. He tried to struggle up into a sitting position, but Garak moved quickly to prevent him from doing so. In moments the doctor found his wrists and ankles secured to the framework of the counter. Julian craned his neck to see what it was that the tailor had used and discovered on closer inspection that twin loops of pure white leather, snugly buckled, held each limb in place. The material was supple and felt soft as it brushed his tender skin, but when Julian struggled against his bonds he found they were more than adequate to the task of holding him fast. He sank back, panting hard.

Garak stood in the shadows beyond the pool of brilliance cast by the spotlight and admired the beautiful picture his Julian made. The smooth, caramel skin was tinted with a rosy flush and a faint sheen of moisture gilded it as a result of the doctor's efforts to free himself. The young man's erection was still very much in evidence, standing up proudly and inviting the tailor to touch it and taste it. Not yet! Garak told himself sternly.

Julian turned his head, staring imploringly at the tailor. His hazel eyes were wide open and pleading. It was a look Garak normally could not resist and he still felt the pull of it, but tonight he contrived to appear quite unmoved. His very aloofness inflamed Julian still further.

"Elim!" he groaned. "For God's sake, you've made your point. Please, just let me go now and we'll go back to our quarters and..."

"Patience, my young friend," Garak admonished him, his eyes glittering. "I'm afraid I must leave you for a while now."

"What?" Julian stared at the Cardassian with utter incredulity. "You - you can't leave me like this!"

"I'm sorry, Julian," said Garak with mock regret, "but I promised one of my customers a private fitting this evening. I can't possibly let him down. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't take long. Then we shall see what we can do about this little problem of yours." Garak allowed his gaze to linger for just a moment on the doctor's groin and then turned away, heading for the door.

"Don't you dare leave me tied up like this, Elim," Julian cried, an equal measure of irritation and frustration informing his tone. "What if someone walks by and looks into the shop?" Garak stopped. He swung around; his head on one side as if considering the matter.

"How perfectly shortsighted of me - you're right of course, Julian," the tailor agreed with the air of one who has suddenly realised he has failed to account for something completely obvious. "When I have such an enticing model at my disposal I really should take full advantage."

The young doctor could only stare in helpless disbelief as Garak scoured his displays and finally pulled a square of soft, semi-transparent material from one of the racks. He then proceeded to drape it elegantly across Julian's naked body, pursing his lips thoughtfully as he fussed with the folds. The silky scarf clung to the young man's damp skin, doing nothing to disguise his firm, unsatisfied erection. The tailor surveyed his handiwork, nodding approvingly.

"Yes, that particular shade of blue is definitely your colour," he murmured. "Now, I really won't be gone long..." Garak gave one final twitch to the hem of the scarf, causing it to rub softly against Julian's swollen sex. The doctor groaned in frustration, his hips thrusting up from the counter. Garak grinned mischievously at his discomfiture and quickly left the shop before Julian's all-too-obvious attractions could sidetrack him from his intent.

It would do the young man good to be made to wait. Julian really was inclined to be far too precipitate in his pursuit of life's pleasures. Perhaps today he would learn the value of taking one's time and savouring the moment. Of course the tailor had no intention of leaving him for too long - just enough time for him to learn that he couldn't expect to tease his elders and get away with it unscathed! Still, Julian had been right in one respect when he first set this chain of events in motion. This playing of games did add an extra dimension - an edge of excitement to their relationship. Garak had enjoyed plotting his revenge on the doctor and he was quite certain that when he did allow the young man to quench his desires the results would be more than usually intense.

Julian lay stretched out on Garak's counter in an agony of frustrated lust. After the tailor left he had spent some time tugging fruitlessly at the straps which secured him, but they held firm. The doctor had also discovered that the more he struggled the more the soft material draped over him slid maddeningly against the sensitive tip of his erection. The result had been to increase his arousal without providing sufficient stimulation to bring him release. In the end Julian had stopped struggling and now lay back trying his best to relax and think of anything but the tormenting fire at his groin.

Mentally the doctor cursed Garak for tying him up and leaving him in this state, but then he had to admit to himself that the whole situation was incredibly arousing - his aching sex was evidence enough of that - and the Cardassian had promised to come back and satisfy him. It still surprised Julian to find how much the thought of Garak taking him while he remained tied to the counter set his heart pounding and he tried to push away the images which blossomed in his mind. The young doctor had an excellent imagination and he was hard enough already - he didn't need any further encouragement!

As Julian squirmed fitfully he heard the shop door open once more. Thank God! He raised his head and watched as Garak slowly approached the counter, an expression of amusement on his face. The Cardassian leaned over his helpless lover, studying the flushed features and the rock hard erection still covered by the fine silken square. The gauzy material was damp where it touched Julian's skin, the wetness turning it completely transparent. Ah, how beautiful the young man was in his need.

"Did you miss me, my love?" asked Garak lightly. Julian gave a strangled laugh.

"I barely noticed you were gone," he lied through gritted teeth.

"Oh?" Garak looked at the doctor in disappointment. "Shall I go away again then?" he asked, straightening up.

"No!" cried Julian hurriedly. Gods, if Garak didn't touch him soon... "Then what would you have me do?" enquired the tailor with an infuriating smile. Garak was by now quite hard himself, but he was still prepared to leave his young lover waiting just a little longer.

"Elim, you know what I want! Please..." Garak studied the doctor consideringly - he really was in quite desperate straits. Perhaps it was time to relent.

"Very well," agreed the tailor slowly.

Garak heard Julian's heartfelt sigh of relief as he moved away from the counter and carefully began to remove his clothes. The doctor watched avidly as the stocky body was revealed to him inch by inch. Every part of Garak's anatomy was familiar to him now, cherished. Julian's fingers curled reflexively as he yearned to reach out and touch the sensitive ridges and the smooth, reptilian skin of his lover.

"Aren't you going to release me?" pleaded Julian, his voice low and husky with desire.

"All in good time, my impatient one," Garak chided. With a quick movement the tailor pulled away the blue scarf and discarded it on the floor. It had served its purpose. Then he leaned across Julian's supine form, reaching under the counter for the jar of lubricant he had placed there in anticipation of this moment. The doctor gasped as Garak's weight pressed against him for just a second and then was gone.

"Elim..." Julian cried in a tone that threatened dire consequences for the tailor if he didn't do something soon.

"Ah, Julian, I really thought I might have at last managed to instil in you the value of patience," muttered Garak, shaking his head in mock disappointment. "When will you learn that the anticipation of a desired event can be every bit as enjoyable as the act itself?"

Carefully the tailor set aside the jar of lubricant and then with deft fingers unbuckled the straps of leather holding Julian in place. The doctor flexed his limbs, easing the faint stiffness in them - the straps had been loose enough not to cause any more discomfort than that. Garak turned away, ostensibly to retrieve the lubricant, but the movement also hid the broad smile which spread across his features as he anticipated Julian's next move. How long would it take the doctor to...?

Garak didn't even have time to complete the thought before Julian's slender hands caught hold of him and without ceremony swung him around until he was bent over the edge of the counter. The abrupt movement jolted the breath out of the tailor, but a soft chuckle still escaped him as Julian slid off his erstwhile perch and pressed himself firmly up behind the prostrate Cardassian, pinning him in place. The young man was close enough to losing control altogether not to think twice about taking the upper hand. It was rare for him to be quite so domineering and Garak welcomed the seldom seen side of the doctor's personality. He found it refreshing - and incredibly arousing.

As Julian stretched forward to pluck the lubricant from the tailor's unresisting fingers his hard sex jabbed between Garak's buttocks. Both men groaned at the contact as the exquisitely moist tip of the doctor's erection slid against the Cardassian's opening, seeking a haven. With urgent haste Julian reached between them, applying the cool gel quickly but thoroughly. He tossed the jar carelessly aside and without further hesitation pressed his aching member into Garak's body. The tailor opened willingly to his thrust and the doctor sank into his heated depths with the ease of long familiarity. Garak felt his own hard organ pulse in response as with joyous abandon Julian began to move sinuously against the Cardassian's prone form. The doctor's hips quickly found a driving rhythm that had Garak writhing under him in delight.

A fierce smile informed Julian's features as he gave himself over completely to the wild joy of making love to Garak. One arm snaked around the tailor's waist, finding the firm erection and the young man wrapped his long fingers about its patterned length. Julian let his nails rake along the shaft as he pumped it steadily and he delighted in the throaty growl his action provoked from Garak.

Julian stretched his long, golden body over the tailor's, reaching up with his free hand to grab at Garak's neck. He massaged the ridges, feeling them grow warm and pliable under his probing fingers. Buried deep inside Garak, finally able to relieve his pent-up desire Julian revelled in the heat radiating from the solid body beneath him. He and the tailor were moving in perfect harmony now, matching one another stroke for stroke. The viciousness of their thrusts produced exquisite sensations and Julian knew he could not hold out for much longer. He nuzzled his face against the back of Garak's neck, drawing in the wonderful spicy scent of the tailor's skin.

With an exultant cry Julian felt the first wave of pleasure break over him. He thrust hard and deep into the tailor's body as he came and felt Garak's muscles clench spasmodically around him as the Cardassian also reached his peak. For a moment or two more they rode the crest and then weariness finally overcame them. They slumped together over the tailor's counter, panting from their exertions.

"Dear God, Elim," Julian managed at last, "that was wonderful."

"Am I forgiven then for making you wait?" asked Garak, his amusement plain in his voice. "Do you see now that the rarest pleasures are those for which we must wait the longest?" Julian laughed weakly.

"Given the incredible experience I just had it would seem a little churlish of me to complain," he admitted. "Still I'm not sure I'd want you to make a regular habit of it."

"But you wouldn't preclude the possibility of repeating this - occasionally then?" enquired Garak hopefully.

"No - I suppose not," conceded Julian. "After all, I was the one who wanted more excitement in our sex life in the first place. I'd say this qualifies!" Garak regarded his human lover with a teasing smile.

"Then I shall keep the leather cuffs," the tailor decided. "I will be sure to have them handy at all times so that I can - surprise you when it seems appropriate." Julian grinned and nodded his approval.

"Yes, I can think of a number of - interesting possibilities for those cuffs... And of course I'll be certain to reserve our special table in Quark's every now and then," Julian added in a low voice. "Or would you prefer to try the Replimat next time?" he suggested seductively. Garak laughed breathily and swatted tiredly at the doctor.

"The folly of the young!" he declared with a shake of his head. "But I will admit the idea holds a certain attraction. Why don't you tell me exactly what you had in mind..."

With a languid smile Julian bent his head until his lips were against Garak's ear. Then he proceeded to tell the astonished Cardassian precisely what he would like to do to him in the middle of the crowded Replimat. The tailor's blue eyes opened wider and wider as the doctor revealed some unexpectedly inventive suggestions. It was therefore no surprise at all to Julian when he reached down to find that Garak was already growing hard again...

The following morning as Julian was intent on studying a batch of samples in his office he looked up to see Dax watching him with some interest.

"Hello, Jadzia, what can I do for you?" he asked cheerfully. The Trill sent him another unusually measuring look and the young doctor frowned, wondering what was wrong.

"It's nothing important, Julian," she assured him. "I was just wondering - have you stopped by Garak's shop this morning?"

"Um, no, why do you ask?" Julian stared up at Dax, now openly curious.

"Oh, it's nothing really, but... Well, I saw this beautiful blue silk scarf in there last night," she said slowly her eyes never leaving the doctor's face. "It was quite exquisite and Garak had it displayed on a most intriguing new model..." Julian's expression had become steadily more horrified as Dax continued and he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he caught the knowing twinkle in her pale eyes.

"Jadzia, I..." he stammered helplessly. She shook her head, silencing him with a finger pressed gently against his lips.

"You don't have to explain - and this is strictly between you and me, Julian," the Trill assured him. The doctor breathed out with a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Jadzia, I owe you one," muttered Julian with a rueful laugh.

"I know." Dax grinned mischievously as she turned to leave. "Oh, by the way, Julian," she added with a wink, "nice - body!" With that she strolled airily from the office leaving a totally discomfited young man staring after her retreating form.


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