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by Karen Colohan

Deanna Troi lay naked on her bed, wriggling in frustration. It was that time of a Betazoid's month - the one where they became insatiably horny and fucked everything with the appropriate equipment which happened to come within reach. It was strange, she mused grumpily, how Worf always seemed to get sent on away missions at the most inconvenient moments...

With one hand busy between her thighs Deanna had to admit that even Will Riker would have been better than this. While it was true what they said about his trombone being compensation for a certain defiency in other areas, what he lacked in size he did make up for in stamina - and right now her fingers were feeling the strain! Unfortunately, Will was otherwise engaged in the Captain's ready room; Deanna had already checked.

Sighing deeply Deanna sat up and swung her feet to the floor. Her own ministrations just weren't cutting it tonight. There was nothing else for it; she'd have to call in the cavalry. From a bedside drawer Deanna reverentially brought out her most prized possession. It was magnificent - and well used! Perfectly proportioned, authentically ridged, the Klingon vibrator was just what the sexually frustrated Betazoid ordered - ten inches of pure heaven with variable speed and intensity at the touch of a button!

Settling herself back on the bed with her legs spread wide Deanna fired up the Klingon monster, punching in the highest settings. Carefully she guided the tip inside her already wet folds.

"Oooh!" she moaned aloud as the ridges stretched her and the intense vibrations began to resonate through her body. "Ohhhh, I feel great pain!"

However, as the disembodied Klingon cock began to work its magic and Deanna's hips began to undulate against the mattress the moans slowly transmuted to ecstatic cries. "Oh! Oh! Yes, yes, YESSSSS... OHHHHHH...!" And as the shouts neared orgasmic proportions the sound of the busily buzzing vibrator rose in counterpoint - and then stopped. The noise faded with an apologetic whine and the ridged cock's energetic motions stopped equally abruptly.

All at once a new sound was born - a shriek of piercing intensity - and had there been any other Betazoids aboard they would have been privy to an equally violent mental outburst.

"NOOOOOO!!! NOT NOW!!!" Deanna pounded the mattress with frustration - so close... "Oh shit! I knew I should have listened to Guinan. She told me Duracell would last longer than anything Geordi gave me..."

The End

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