DISCLAIMER - Not mine, I couldn't afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I'll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I'm done with them. Story, such as it is, copyright Karen Colohan, July 2003.

Author's notes - This ficlet is for Signe. Clark waking up to find Lex inside him, followed by early morning sex is what she asked for. There was also mention of sex with biting and I think I managed to get both of those in here!

Clark drifted up slowly out of sleep. He felt warm, comfortable... and not alone. Memory began to return with his increasing wakefulness. He was at the mansion, spending a long anticipated weekend with Lex. Which meant this wide, soft bed was Lex's and the warmth at his back was Lex himself, pressed close to him as he slept.

Slow breaths gusted steadily against Clark's shoulder, tickling his skin. Clark moved forward just a fraction and felt a slick heat slide in his ass. A soft gasp escaped him as he remembered Lex fucking him into exhaustion before they fell asleep the night before. He clearly recalled Lex whispering hotly in his ear that he wanted to wake up still inside him the next morning so that he could fuck him again.

That was why Lex's thick cock was filling his ass now, making Clark hard too as he anticipated Lex waking and making good on his promise.

Clark couldn't help moving his hips a little. The sensation of being impaled on Lex's cock was just too good. Clark slid a hand down to wrap around his own erection, coaxing it to full hardness with long, slow strokes.

Absorbed in pleasuring himself, Clark missed the change in Lex's breathing that signalled him coming awake. He gasped in sudden awareness as a strong hand closed over his own, directing the touches on his cock into a new rhythm, this time of Lex's choosing.

"Good morning." Lex's voice was quiet and still a little rough with sleep.

"Morning, Lex," Clark replied.

He might have said more, but Lex's mouth began trailing lazy kisses across his skin. They started at his shoulder and moved up the side of his neck. With their passage, Clark's words simply slipped away. When Lex's tongue began to draw wet circles on the sensitive spot behind his ear, Clark groaned and bucked his hips. The movement drove Lex's cock deeper inside him, causing them both to breathe a little harder.

"Mm, you feel good," Lex murmured, the words stirring the soft hair curling at the back of Clark's neck.

"I liked waking up with you inside me," Clark admitted.

His hips were moving in a steady rhythm now, pushing his cock into the tight clasp of their joined hands. He could feel the slick wetness leaking from the tip onto his fingers as he pulled back again. Lex arched against him then and Clark could feel every inch of his cock as it sank into him.

There was nothing hurried about their movements. The previous night had been all about passion, claiming and possession, fast and rough fucking. Clark could clearly remember his teeth marking pale, smooth skin and Lex trying to brand him in his turn... and failing. Not that he'd stopped trying.

Clark knew that if he'd been human there would have been bite marks on his throat and finger shaped bruises on his hips this morning. Lex had been creative and a little wild. Clark had enjoyed seeing that side of him, watching Lex lose control.

This morning was something else entirely. It was about slow, sensual loving, a lazy pleasure that built gradually as they rocked together. Clark could feel the promise of release, it tingled at the base of his spine with every drive of Lex's hips.

In the meantime, Lex's lips were mouthing wet kisses across Clark's shoulders as his movements became more ragged. Suddenly he thrust hard and stilled, pressed tightly to Clark's back. His hand on Clark's cock gripped convulsively, drawing a soft whimper from him. It wasn't really pain, just a more intense sensation than he'd been anticipating.

As Lex came, liquid heat filled Clark and he closed his eyes, letting the feeling carry him over the edge to his own climax. Lex was still trembling against him as Clark's come spilled over their joined hands. Clark moaned as every inch of his skin seemed suddenly more sensitive and alive.

Lex regained enough presence of mind to resume his slow stroking of Clark's cock, prolonging the pleasure for him as he teased out the last pulses of semen. Meanwhile, Lex's cock had softened and finally slipped from Clark's ass.

It took a little time before Clark's heart stopped racing and his breathing steadied. Carefully, he eased his hand and Lex's away from his overly sensitive cock. Then he rolled over until he was facing Lex.

A tranquil smile graced Lex's features and Clark leaned in close so that he could kiss the smooth curve of his mouth. Their tongues twined lazily as they cuddled together, their legs tangling comfortably.

"Next time I want to go to sleep still inside of you," Clark murmured sleepily when their lips finally separated.

Lex's eyes shone a soft blue in the early dawn light. He tucked his head into the curve of Clark's throat, gently nuzzling the warm skin.

"I think that can be arranged."

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