The Ops Christmas Party - Sisko decrees a fancy dress party for the station occupants to celebrate Christmas! I've listed this as a G/B story only because it sets the scene for the story below. Basically a comedic piece and mainly innuendo... PG-13

Lunch Will Never Be The Same Again - Follows on directly from the Christmas party, but now we're firmly in slash territory! NC-17

Getting Away From It All - Julian and Garak take a break on Risa to spend some time together away from the curious eyes on DS9, but Gul Dukat's desire to bring Garak back to Cardassia for trial interferes with their plans. This originally appeared in "The Temple Jewel #1". NC-17

A Taste For Vengeance - The much darker sequel to "Getting Away..." in which Dukat pursues his vendetta against Garak on DS9 and Julian's the one who gets caught between them. This originally appeared in "Tarkalean Tea". NC-17 (some non-cons.)

Another Roll of the Dice - A sequel to the episodes "Improbable Cause" and "The Die Is Cast". On his return from the Gamma Quadrant Garak discovers just how much he's been missing Julian's company, so he invites him to a more private lunch. This also  originally appeared in "Tarkalean Tea". NC-17

It's All A Question Of Timing - This story follows on from the 'drunk scene' in "Explorers". Garak extricates Julian from O'Brien's quarters, but when he takes the drunken doctor back to his own rooms he discovers the real reason for Julian's drinking spree. This originally appeared in "A Plain and Simple Zine #6".  NC-17

Home Is Where The Heart Is - An alternative "The Die Is Cast" scenario and its aftermath, in which Julian not Odo accompanied Garak on his trip to find Tain. Consequently it's Julian that Garak is called upon to torture... This originally appeared in "Different Odds #1". NC-17

Merry Christmas, Julian - Julian doesn't get quite the Christmas present he's expecting after Quark tells Garak about the interesting holosuite program the doctor has acquired. NC-17

Autumn Glory - A story set twenty years after the current run of DS9. Julian is reassigned to the station and finds Garak is still there in his tailor's shop... Two slightly different versions of this story exist, this being the slashier one, and they originally appeared in "JSB Too" and "A Plain and Simple Zine #7". PG/PG-13

Just One Of Life's Little Ups And Downs - A tongue in cheek, totally silly romp! Julian seems to be having a bad time with turbolifts lately. In "Starship Down" his companion was Dax, but this time he's trapped with Garak. NC-17

The Spy Who Loved - Me? - Julian and Garak have their lunch date in Kowloon the day after "Our Man Bashir" took place. Once they've resolved their differences Chinese food isn't the only thing on the menu! This story originally appeared in "No Holds Barred #19" . NC-17  

Sex, Dyes and a Measuring Tape - Julian visits Garak's shop, ostensibly to buy a new outfit, but clothing may not be the main thing on his mind...  NC-17

Turning The Tables - Julian thinks his relationship with Garak needs spicing up a little so he suggests a night out at Quark's. Garak agrees, but doesn't get quite what he bargained for... NC-17

A Perfect Prescription - It's a slow day in the Infirmary and Julian's bored. He comes up with a way to pass some time, but then receives an unexpected visitor. NC-17

Goodbye Is Forever - Cardassian 'justice' finally catches up with Garak much to Julian's distress. This originally appeared in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy". PG-13

Counter-attack - The sequel to "Turning The Tables" in which Garak exacts his own special brand of revenge for what happened in Quark's... NC-17

In The Mood - An adventure in Cardassian colour co-ordination... Silly romp alert! NC-17

If You Can't Stand The Heat... - Julian and Garak take a holiday on Earth in a remote log cabin where Julian shows Garak how much better a human sauna is than the Cardassian version we saw in "For The Cause". This originally appeared in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy". NC-17

Every Picture Tells A Story - After Dax talks Julian into modelling for a life class he receives a gift of a very special portrait, but the artist choses to remain anonymous. This originally appeared in "A Plain and Simple Zine #9". NC-17

The Fears We Cling To - When an illness causes Julian to have nightmares about certain events from his past Garak learns he's not the only one who's been keeping secrets. NC-17  

Troubadour - Garak displays unexpected musical talents when Julian wishes for a little more romance in their relationship! This originally appeared in "A Plain and Simple Zine #10". NC-17

The Head And The Heart - During a sleepless night Garak debates the pros and cons of his relationship with Julian. This originally appeared in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy #2" R

The Healing - A direct sequel to the episode "The Quickening".  Julian is still searching for a cure to the Blight, despite the detrimental effect to his own well being.  Garak persuades him to take a little time for himself.  This originally appeared in "No Holds Barred #15".  NC-17

Set Me Free - When Julian is abducted and held in isolation by captors with a grudge against his father, he fears he may never be released. But rescue comes from an unexpected quarter. NC-17

Degrees of Truth - A few speculations as to what was actually going through Julian's and Garak's minds during Garak's illness in "The Wire". This originally appeared in "Beyond the Wire Volume 1", the official zine of the OARFC and The Doctor's Exchange. PG-13

The Bear Essentials - Julian is missing a very special companion, but finds himself offered an unexpected alternative. This story was inspired by the episode "In The Cards". R  

Perfect - This is a sequel to the episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume". Julian is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that the secret of his genetically enhanced background is out. How will his closest friends react to him now...? This story originally appeared in "No Holds Barred #19" . NC-17  

Sleepless - A 'what they didn't show you on TV' scene set during "By Inferno's Light". After his attack of claustrophobia Garak can't get to sleep in the Dominion prison in the Gamma Quadrant. Julian senses his sleeplessness and finds an unexpectedly pleasant cure. NC-17

Give and Take - Julian Bashir is a valuable commodity in the slave market when his current owner decides to sell him. His exotic looks attract the attention of wealthy Cardassian Elim Garak, who is prepared to pay handsomely to acquire Julian for himself. This originally appeared in "Doctor, Tailor, Officer, Spy #2" NC-17

Ducking and Diving - Julian introduces Garak to a time-honoured Halloween tradition from Earth... NC-17  

What If? - Julian finds the uncertainties of the war with the Dominion set him thinking about what he wants out of his relationship with Garak. This originally appeared in "No Holds Barred #18". PG-13

The Web - After being rescued from the planet they were stranded on in"Rocks and Shoals" Bashir is called upon to finish treating Keevan for his injuries. Keevan seems determined to justify his actions to Bashir who finds the charismatic Vorta unsettling to be around. This story contains both Keevan/B (non cons) and G/B. Please note that this story has two different endings. NC-17

Dying To Love You - Garak is having disturbing dreams - but they have their compensations... PG-13

A Cue For Action... - Julian, Garak, a long stick and a load of balls! :-) Yep, it's silly season again!! R

Resolutions - The beginning of a new year sees Julian and Garak both in reflective mood and, perhaps, in search of a new start... PG-13  

The 169 word challenge:

This was exactly what it says it is - a challenge issued on the GBX mailing list to write a story in no more than 169 words...

i) Eyes - It's said they are the mirrors of the soul, so what do Julian and Garak's eyes have to say about them? PG-13  

ii) Pleasure - A shower, a fantasy and Garak is in heaven! R  

iii) Submission - Just who is submitting to whom...? R

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