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Duncan MacLeod's eyes widened in shocked surprise as Methos set his beer down on the floor and got up to slowly begin approaching him. There was something undeniably purposeful in Methos' stride, though Duncan wasn't sure exactly what had spurred the old man into motion. One minute they'd been laughing and teasing one another, just like they always did, and then, suddenly, Methos' expression had changed. Now Duncan felt as if he were being stalked by a sleek jungle cat - all leashed power and purpose. And then there was the old Immortal's smile... it was feral and yet strangely seductive as he advanced on the hapless Highlander.

"Even my patience has limits," purred Methos as he slowly backed Duncan towards the kitchen counter. "And now you bat your eyelids at me like some coy schoolgirl and expect me just to sit there and take it! Well, I've got news for you, MacLeod - not any more. It's time to put up or shut up."

So, that was what this was all about. Duncan felt the hard edge of the counter press into his back. There was nowhere else for him to go and Methos was still advancing. The question was, what did he want? The teasing dance had been fun - exciting even, with the promise of something more always dangling just out of reach... Until now when, all at once, everything was, quite literally, within his grasp - if he wanted it.

Somehow, he'd never expected Methos to take it seriously - to look for him to make good on those light-hearted suggestions. But the heated look in the hazel eyes made it clear that Methos was utterly serious - and more than a little aroused. That realisation made Duncan pause. What if this was just about sex as far as the old Immortal was concerned. Duncan had always entertained the hope of something more, but Methos? Who could tell what went on behind those enigmatic eyes.

"Methos..." Duncan was surprised by how breathless he sounded. The proximity of the old man was doing dangerous things to his own composure.

"No more games, Mac," Methos insisted. His gaze was focused intently on Duncan's dark eyes. "What's it to be? Either we take this to its logical conclusion - here and now - or we let it go and stop the teasing for good. So...?"

Duncan drew in a deep breath. There was no denying his attraction to the old Immortal, and he'd been confident enough that it was reciprocated, but Methos had always seemed content to leave things in the realm of playful teasing. What had changed?

"Why now?" he asked finally.

"Mac, as seductions go this one might fairly be called - lengthy," replied Methos with a wry smile.

"I wasn't sure if you were serious about it," admitted Duncan. "I didn't want to push things if it was just a game to you."

"I like the excitement of the chase as well as the next man," said Methos, moving in a little closer. "But every once in a while I want to catch my prey... Are you ready to be caught, Mac?"

Methos held himself a bare inch from Duncan's tense body. He knew that if he once touched the Highlander he wouldn't be able to turn back. He wanted him too much. Duncan's eyes were huge, the pupils dark and dilated as he returned Methos' questioning stare. How much longer would the infuriating child make him wait?

In the end Duncan gave Methos his answer without words. Pushing away from the counter he closed the scant distance between them. Both men gasped as Duncan pressed close, his body in contact with the old Immortal's from chest to hip. He saw Methos open his mouth to speak and raised a hand, laying his fingers across the other's lips gently.

"You have me, Methos," he said softly and then leaned in to replace his fingers with his lips.

For just a moment Methos tensed, surprised, but then his senses fully registered the scent, taste and feel of the body pressed so closely against his own. His hands moved, one threading into the dark silk of Duncan's hair and the other sliding around to caress the broad expanse of the Highlander's back. At the same time Methos lent his 5,000 years worth of experience to the kiss Duncan had initiated. His lips returned the hesitant pressure, turning it from something almost chaste to a sensual devouring of the Highlander's mouth in mere seconds.

Startled, as Methos effortlessly took control, Duncan parted his lips to allow the old Immortal access. A questing tongue quickly took advantage, delicately tasting the full lips before sliding against Duncan's own tongue in a lazy dance. Methos tasted of beer and the coffee they had drunk earlier - before this unexpected diversion - but underlying both of those was the more subtle sweetness of the old Immortal's own unique flavour. Duncan felt himself hardening in response to the sheer eroticism of simply kissing Methos. Unable to remain still he began to thrust his hips against the other man, feeling a matching hardness at Methos' groin.

With a groan Methos tore his mouth away from Duncan's, pulling in a much needed lungful of air. If the Highlander kept that up this would all be over far too quickly. Still breathing hard Methos held Duncan away from him in a firm grip.

"Why?" Duncan gasped, clearly in no better state than the old Immortal.

"Too fast!" Methos panted in reply. "Do you want to make me come in my jeans?"

Duncan smiled - a lazy, sexy curving of his lips that made Methos itch to reach for them again and kiss them until they were bruised and swollen from his attentions. With an effort he resisted the temptation, but it did nothing to cool his passion.

"Why not? I'd like to make you lose control," said Duncan huskily, "just for once... And it might be fun to lick every inch of you clean afterwards," he added provocatively.

"Dear God," moaned Methos. "I've unleashed a demon! What happened to the Scottish boy scout?"

"He's still here," said Duncan, his gaze turning sultry. "Don't forget that boy scouts have to do a good deed every day and they're always prepared... for anything."

With no further warning Duncan broke Methos' hold on him. He swooped in for another kiss, this time demanding and hungry. Duncan's tongue invaded Methos' mouth, exploring deeply. When the old Immortal began to writhe against him frantically Duncan pulled free and swiftly sank to his knees in front of Methos. He looked up at the other Immortal with a questioning smile.

"Do it," whispered Methos. "For the love of God, please, Mac!"

It was clear that Methos was on the edge and Duncan didn't tease him any more. His hands found the fastening of Methos' jeans and quickly undid them. As Duncan brushed the soft, worn denim out of the way the old Immortal's swollen cock greeted him, unfettered by underwear.

"It seems we boy scouts aren't the only ones prepared for anything," Duncan observed with a grin.

Methos' only response was to thrust his hips forward sharply, nudging his cock against Duncan's cheek. The tip was slick with moisture as it brushed his skin and Duncan breathed in the scent of Methos' arousal. He raised a hand to steady the swollen length and Methos groaned loudly at just that light contact. Intoxicated by the old Immortal's responsiveness Duncan wrapped his hand around the heated flesh and pumped gently. He was rewarded with another surge of moisture from the tip. Duncan could no longer resist and he let his tongue steal out to sample the taste. Methos moaned helplessly again and Duncan intensified his explorations.

"Duncan, please..." begged Methos as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him.

Tilting his head the Highlander looked up at the other man. Methos' eyes were closed and his hands were clenched tightly into fists. He was breathing hard and Duncan didn't think he had ever seen Methos look more beautiful. Not wanting to make him wait any more Duncan leaned in and took Methos' cock into his mouth. He only had time for a few experimental licks at the smooth shaft before the old man tensed and came, hard. Carefully Duncan sucked, accepting everything Methos spilled into his waiting mouth.

When the slender body sagged against him bonelessly Duncan released Methos' spent cock. He climbed quickly to his feet and pulled the relaxed Immortal into his arms. Drowsy from his climax Methos let Duncan brush his lips against his drooping eyelids and his forehead before they shared a slow, passionate kiss. Their tongues twined together lazily as Methos expressed his thanks without words.

"You never cease to amaze me," murmured Methos when they finally drew apart.

"And is that a good thing?" asked Duncan with a smile.

"Oh yes," agreed Methos with an answering grin. He straightened up, shaking off his lassitude, and one hand stole down to play briefly at Duncan's crotch. "But now I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to..."

"Methos, you don't have to," said Duncan softly.

"Oh, but, Highlander, I want to." Methos' voice seemed deeper than normal and the sensual tone of it caused a resurgence of the arousal which had abated somewhat in the wake of Methos' release.

The slender palm returned to press firmly at Duncan's groin, rubbing slowly through the soft material of his trousers. The heat of the touch and the friction created by the steady movement of Methos' hand soon had Duncan fully hard again.

"Methos..." he begged, as the tormenting hand continued to pleasure him, but not enough to bring him release.

"I think I like you like this, Highlander," said Methos with a slow smile. "Pliant, aroused and begging me to please you... I could get used to it."

"So could I," whispered Duncan fervently.

The declaration clearly took the old Immortal by surprise and he pulled back to look at Duncan's flushed face. "I do believe you mean it," said Methos, curiosity evident in his hazel eyes.

"Surely you knew," replied Duncan, equally surprised. Had he misjudged the situation that badly? The things Methos had said to him, he'd thought...

"Mac, it wasn't like you denied yourself when other... prospects came along. I thought this was just a bit of fun on your part - a harmless flirtation," murmured Methos.

"It was never that simple... at least not for me," admitted Duncan. "I really thought you knew that."

"You certainly know how to complicate things..." Methos sighed.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not asking for anything you're not prepared to give, Methos," Duncan assured him.

"That's what worries me," replied Methos with a nervous laugh.

Duncan frowned for a moment, until he understood what Methos had just not quite said. "Do you..." he began, but Methos hushed him before he could continue.

"I'm rather afraid that I do," he said softly.

Leaning forward Methos kissed Duncan again, much more gently this time. As he did so, Methos' clever fingers unfastened Duncan's trousers and slipped inside to wrap around the hard length of his erect cock. The Highlander whimpered helplessly as Methos slowly drove him mad with the delicate touches of his lips and fingers. It didn't take all that long to bring Duncan to the brink, but Methos wouldn't let him come straight away. He held Duncan on a knife-edge of pleasure for a long moment before he urged him into an intense, mind-blowing orgasm. Duncan's cries were swallowed by Methos' demanding mouth as he spilled his essence over the other's hand. The old Immortal carried on gently stroking his cock until it was spent.

When they finally separated, Methos gave Duncan an impish look and then brought his hand to his mouth. He slowly and provocatively licked every trace of Duncan's release from his sticky fingers. Then he pounced again, treating the Highlander to a quick but thorough kiss, sharing the taste with him.

Duncan slumped back against the kitchen counter, feeling thoroughly ravished, as Methos released him. He eyed the oldest Immortal assessingly. Methos seemed content, but then one could never be certain about anything where he was concerned.

Methos had reached down to pull up his jeans and as he straightened he caught Duncan watching him. "Don't look so worried, Mac," he said as he tucked himself away and zipped up his jeans. "I'm not going to pack up and run just because we both admitted to a little more than we intended to."

"You're not?" Duncan couldn't quite keep the relief from showing in his voice. He dropped his gaze, concentrating on tidying his own clothing.

"No, I'm not," Methos repeated. He reached out and stroked Duncan's cheek lightly with his fingertips. "I think we've both been waiting for this much too long to let it end here, don't you?"

Duncan's smile was almost blinding as he listened to Methos' words. "Yes, I do," he agreed. He reached up and caught hold of Methos' hand, stilling it with the palm spread against his cheek. "Come to bed?"

Methos' answering smile was slow and seductive. "I thought you'd never ask..."

The End

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