DISCLAIMER: Star Trek, Star Trek:Deep Space Nine and its characters are copyright Paramount and no infringement is intended. The story, such as it is, is copyright Karen Colohan 1998.


by Karen Colohan (copyright April 1998)

"Julian, do you have any idea how provocative that pose is?"

"Hm? Oh, you mean bent over the edge of the table like this? Well, it is the way the game is played."

"That's as maybe, but I haven't even started on how suggestive it is the way you move that stick..."

"That's a cue, Elim."

"Whatever, but the way you keep thrusting it back and forth like that."

"I'm only trying to line up my shot. Elim!?"

"Yes, doctor?"

"You made me touch the ball before I was ready!!"

"Believe me, I was more than ready."

"You know, while I do appreciate your help with my cueing action it is required to keep one foot on the floor at all times while making a shot... Mmmph!"

"Sometimes, my dear Julian, your adherence to rules and regulations can be a little misplaced."


"And don't I recall you mentioning something about it being permissible to rub the balls to improve their performance?"

"Ah, Elim, I oooh don't think this is quite what they had in mind!"

"Well, I am still learning this game..."

"OH! God, no, I'd say you're pretty expert at it!"

"But practice makes perfect, don't they say?"


"So, how many points would you say I've earned?"

"Elim, darling, that was a 147 without a doubt. Er, there's just one thing though."


"This is going to play absolute havoc with the baize."

"Ah well, that's too bad, but I certainly got a kick out of it."

"I'm so glad to see you're picking up the terminology, Elim."

THE END (with apologies to any of you who don't get the snooker references!!)

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