DISCLAIMER - Not mine, I couldn't afford the motor and household insurance bills. I promise I'll scrub them down and give them back to DC comics, the WB and anyone else who does own a slice of them when I'm done with them. Story, such as it is, copyright Karen Colohan, April 2003.

Author's notes - Written for the Contrelamontre 30 minute early, early morning mood challenge.

3:30 a.m.

by Karen Colohan

Tired, but unsettled and unable to sleep, Lex headed downstairs to pour himself a glass of scotch. He made it a large one, hoping the alcohol would burn away his inability to switch off and rest. With the full glass in his hand Lex made his way quietly back up to his bedroom.

Still feeling the flow of restless energy through his veins, Lex prowled over to the wide window, drawing the curtains aside. Unlatching the casement he pushed it open, staring out into the endless Smallville night as he slowly sipped his drink.

Lex wondered if he would ever become accustomed to the total blackness that enveloped the mansion after nightfall. Metropolis was never truly dark, lights perpetually glittering from the buildings downtown and casting a pale glow across the sky. Here, there was nothing to rival the distant twinkling of faint stars.

As he leaned against the window frame Lex felt the cool stillness of his surroundings wash over him. Maybe he just wasn't meant for this kind of peacefulness and that was why his body resisted the pull of sleep, craving something more.

A quick glance at his watch revealed that it was 3:30 a.m. Lex took another drink to hide the wry smile that tugged at his lips. It wasn't really so long ago that thoughts of sleeping wouldn't even have crossed his mind at this hour.

Stumbling out of some club or another, drunk or high on drugs, Lex had seen the wrong side of plenty of sunrises during his teenage rebellion phase. Not that he missed those days, not really. Nostalgia had a way of glossing over the more unpleasant realities of those escapades.

"Lex?" The sleepy voice broke into Lex's reverie, dragging his attention across the room. A tousled head had emerged from under the covers, just visible in the shadowy darkness. "Close the window and come back to bed. You'll get cold."

"In a moment, Clark," he promised in hushed tones.

Lex hadn't wanted to wake Clark. He'd been sleeping so peacefully. That was why Lex had crawled out of the warm bed in the first place, afraid his restlessness would disturb the boy. It hadn't seemed fair to risk that when Clark would need to be up early enough to get back to the farm before his parents woke and missed him.

With a final glance out into the still dark sky, Lex closed the casement and drew the curtains back into place. Crossing the room he set his empty glass down on the nightstand before sliding under the body warmed sheets that Clark pulled aside to welcome him. Strong arms and legs wrapped around Lex, enfolding him in heat and love. Gratefully, Lex dropped a soft kiss on Clark's upturned mouth.

In the few moments before sleep finally claimed him, Lex found himself thinking that, despite the superficial unfamiliarity, Smallville felt more like home than Metropolis ever had.

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