The Four Seasons Series:

i) Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Mulder, Krycek, darkness and cherry blossom... NC-17  

At Home With The Muses - Muse silliness ahead - the Muses are unhappy with their accommodations...  R  HL/QoS/Eroica/X-Files crossover  

It Cuts Both Ways - It takes another man to make Klaus see Dorian in a whole new light... That man is Alex Krycek.  NC-17  Dorian/Krycek  Dorian/Klaus   Eroica/X-Files crossover  

Sexaholics Anonymous - More Muse silliness - the Muses attend a sex therapy self-help group...  PG-13  HL/Eroica/X-Files/Smallville crossover  

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