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by Karen Colohan

Morning - my eyes open reluctantly. What a time for the alarm clock to go off, right in the middle of a wonderful dream. *sigh* I reach out to switch off the alarm and then realise it isn't ringing. To make matters worse it's still dark. Great! I go and wake up early when I'm in the middle of the greatest dream a girl could ever wish for! Annoyed I turn over in an effort to recapture the fading splendours of my dream.... and almost fall onto the floor. What the hell? Who stole the rest of the bed?

By now I'm fully awake and I slowly sit up, trying to figure out what on Earth is going on. This certainly isn't my bed. It's narrow and hard and all things considered damned uncomfortable. Carefully I hunt around for the bedside light, but I can't find it. Wonderful, now I have to scrabble around in the dark looking for the light switch. Cautiously I swing my legs to the floor and pad off in the general direction of where the switch should be. I've hardly gone a couple of feet when I bump into something that shouldn't be there. Damn! Who's been screwing around with the furniture in here?

Carefully I run my hands over the obstacle in front of me. It seems to be a desk or a table, but it feels strange. It doesn't seem to be wood or metal, but something smooth and faintly warm. Then my hand encounters a different texture, almost glassy and as I continue to explore by touch the lights suddenly come up. What the....? My jaw drops as I'm finally able to see my surroundings. What's that line from "The Wizard of Oz"? Something along the lines of 'I don't think we're in Kansas any more', isn't it? Well I sure as hell ain't in Greenhithe any more!

Lifting my hands from what is evidently a control panel of some kind I slowly turn around, taking in the grey walls, the alienness of the architecture, the disconcertingly large - window? port? - with it's view of blackness and a myriad pinpricks of light. God in heaven, I know this place! Hell, I was dreaming about it just before I was so rudely awakened. No! I must still be asleep. That's it, I'm STILL dreaming! Aren't I? Just to prove the point I give myself a vicious pinch on the arm and end up squawking aloud at the sudden pain. With a mixture of terror and elation I finally realise that this is all too real. Somehow, and I have no idea how, I really am on Deep Space Nine.

Well, if that's the case there's not much point in hiding in this depressing little room all day. I'd better get out there and find someone who knows how the hell to send me back! I didn't set the VCR for "Neighbours" and I just have to find out if Mark is going to get back together with Annalise! I start to head for the door, but suddenly a little voice hisses at me inside my head. You're still in your nightie; you don't want to scare the natives witless by going out looking like that, do you? It's a good point and I look around for my trusty jeans and polo shirt, but to no avail. Surely there has to be something around here to wear! I nose around the room a little more and eventually discover a closet with a fair selection of items inside that look like they might actually fit. Ten minutes later I'm attired in a rather fetching black jumpsuit and boots and I don't look half bad, if I do say so myself!!

Confidence suitably bolstered I head once more for the door and step outside. Great! Now what? The corridor looks pretty much the same in both directions, besides which where do I actually want to go? Do I present myself unannounced at Ops or the security office? Hi guys, I have no idea how I got here, but please can you send me home! Yeah, and I'm a Cardassian's uncle - if you'll forgive the paraphrasing! If I do that I'm likely to become intimately acquainted with the inside of one of Odo's cells! No, let's play this cool and head for the Promenade to do a quick recce, see how the land lies, then we'll try and figure it out. I make a mental note of the number of the quarters I've just left and on an impulse head to the right.

Another ten minutes later and I'm totally lost. All the corridors look exactly the same and I could be going round in circles for all I know. Hell, it was never like this on TV! I'm at a crossroads and frankly I haven't a clue where to try next. There doesn't even seem to be anyone around to ask. Just to give the lie to that, while I'm standing there looking gormless, I hear footsteps behind me. Before I have a chance to turn around a pleasant, unaccented voice speaks.

"There you are, we were worried when we couldn't find you in your quarters." What? Someone was expecting me? Suddenly a little alarm goes off in my brain. That voice was.... I whirl around and find myself looking into the oh so familiar face of Julian Bashir. This is all too much to take in and my knees start to crumple. Quick as a flash he puts out a hand to steady me. "Are you alright?" he asks, ever the doctor.

"I'm not sure," I admit slowly. "I don't know how I got here and yet you seemed to be expecting me. Am I missing something?"

"Of course we were expecting you," he says patiently. "We had a subspace communication from Starfleet advising us of your visit. You did express the wish to tour DS9, didn't you?"

"Yes, but...." I'm making a total fool of myself I realise and hurriedly shut up. He notices my embarrassment and gives me a reassuring smile.

"Well, would you like to take a look around?" he asks politely, like the true gentleman he is. "Commander Sisko suggested you might enjoy a guided tour and I'd be delighted to oblige. I'm Julian by the way."

"Um, pleased to, er meet you," I manage to stutter, "and, er I'd love to take a look at the station." After all, how can I refuse an offer like that? Especially when Julian looks at me with those big, brown, puppy dog eyes. This is the stuff fantasies are made of! The only difference is this time he's actually here and offering me his arm, which I graciously accept.

As we walk I sneak a few covert looks at him out of the corner of my eye. He's every bit as handsome close up as he is on screen, with his golden brown skin and limpid eyes - and my fingers are literally itching to run through his silky, dark hair. As I risk another glance I realise I've been caught out as I find him looking back at me, an amused smile on those invitingly full lips. Oooops! I obligingly turn scarlet and wish the ground would open in front of me!

"Sorry," I mutter helplessly. Julian stops in the empty corridor and turns me to face him. I studiously try and avoid meeting his eyes, but he's having none of it. He lightly catches hold of my chin, tilting my face upwards until I'm looking straight at him. My heart is pounding madly and I'm sure he must be able to hear it.

"You don't have to apologise," he says softly, and the sound of his voice turns my knees to water. He leans in a little closer and I can feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek. "I'm here to keep you company," he continues, his tone seductive. "Would you like to spend some time with me?" Is John Major a sad man in a grey suit? I think to myself, but before I have a chance to answer Julian's lips are brushing lightly against mine in the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced. As I start to respond he deepens the kiss. His tongue gently outlines the contours of my lips and then parts them, entering to twine with mine in a sensual dance. Merciful God, he tastes wonderful!

All too soon he pulls back, and now I'm not the only one who's looking flushed I notice. Casting caution to the wind I reach up to finally touch his soft, dark curls. His hair not only looks like silk, it feels like it too. This was well worth the wait, I decide with a contented sigh, digging my fingers deeper into his crowning glory.

"I'll take that as a yes then," he whispers close by my ear, and I realise that in my delight at the taste, the feel and the intoxicatingly masculine scent of him I'd totally forgotten about his question. Julian puts his arms around me, pulling me closer and I hope to God that no one's about to come walking down this corridor any time soon! His hands move softly, caressingly over my back and I can feel the heat of them through my clothes. I can no longer resist the temptation to slide my hands down to the enticing curves of Julian's backside and he moans slightly as my fingers knead firmly at that delicious portion of his anatomy.

In retaliation he starts to nibble at my ear, then trails kisses and gentle bites along the side of my neck down to the base of my throat, lazily moving lower with slow strokes of his tongue. Damn! How'd he know my weak spots? With a gasp I writhe against him, feeling the firmness of his burgeoning manhood. Things are starting to get serious here and I'm definitely beginning to feel exposed out in plain sight like this. With an effort I pull away from him and he looks at me in surprise. Oh God, that little boy lost look is just devastating....


"I thought this was what you wanted," he says, breathing hard and sounding a little hurt. All I want to do is take him back in my arms and kiss it better!

"It is," I say quickly, "but not out here." A look of relief crosses his face as he realises the reason for my withdrawal, quickly followed by one of those devastating smiles.

"Ah, that's easily remedied," he exclaims in delight, his smile turning positively impish. "My quarters are just along the corridor. Will you join me?" He holds out his hand to me and I take hold of it unhesitatingly, following him to the privacy of his room. I still have no idea how I got here nor how long this impromptu visit may last, but one thing I do know. I'm going to make the most of it while I am here!!


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