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by Karen Colohan

The door to the shop chimed and Elim Garak looked up at once from his work. The professionally ingratiating smile he reserved for his customers was firmly in place on the Cardassian's placid face. One eye ridge quirked upward fractionally as Garak surveyed his customer. She was a striking woman, attired in the uniform of a Starfleet captain. Her hair was severely drawn back from her face, but the Cardassian noted that this did not entirely disguise her beauty.

Pushing aside this distracting thought, Garak concentrated instead on identifying the unexpected visitor to his shop. Starship captains were hardly a part of his regular clientele. However, if his memory, and his covert research in the Federation computer files, served him correctly - and, Garak reflected without false modesty, they usually did - this was Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager. The ship was currently docked at DS9 prior to embarking on a mission in the Badlands.

Given that Starfleet officers seemed to be permanently wedded to their uniforms - a great pity in certain cases! - Garak wondered what Janeway could want from him. As he moved from behind the counter to greet the captain the Cardassian noticed that her frankly appraising stare was divided more or less equally between his displays and himself.

"They told me the local tailor was a Cardassian," Janeway observed in a surprisingly husky voice. "I didn't believe them, but..."

"As you see, madam," interrupted Garak with a self-deprecating gesture towards his distinctive ridges.

"So, what did you do to annoy Central Command this much?" Janeway asked bluntly, a jerk of her head indicating the tailor's shop.

Garak blinked in surprise. How refreshingly direct - and how disconcertingly perceptive... A formidable woman indeed!! In answer Garak smiled his humblest smile.

"Madam, I take no part in the affairs of governments. I am only a plain and simple tailor. When my people left there was no less demand for my services - so here I still am."

Janeway's expression showed plainly that she didn't believe a word of it! Ah, reflected the Cardassian, it was good to cross swords with a worthy opponent again. The good doctor was so easy to deceive... but, he was forgetting his role!

"Madam, how may I serve you? My shop is at your disposal," said Garak in his best professional manner.

"Well then, let's see if you're as good at making clothing as you are at lying," said Janeway dryly. "You come highly recommended and I need something - special."

"Then you've come to the right place," Garak assured her. "'Special' is my speciality." He smiled again and this time drew an answering smile from the captain.

"I'm sure it is," Janeway agreed, and Garak knew she wasn't referring to his tailoring skills. "Be that as it may, what I need - is a nightgown." Garak's eyes widened slightly and Janeway laughed ruefully. "Starfleet issue nightwear is, frankly, a nightmare. I had in mind something a little more - feminine."

"Ah, I understand perfectly," said Garak. "You wish to - impress someone."

"Now there's wishful thinking," muttered Janeway half under her breath. Garak caught the faint hint of wistfulness in her voice.

"No, I'm wrong, aren't I?" the Cardassian said quickly. "Rather you wish to remember someone - one who cannot accompany you on your mission. You feel the appropriate nightwear will - strengthen your memories perhaps..."

"Oh, you're very good, Mr Garak." Janeway gave a slight laugh. "I think I may have to revise my opinion of you - it must have been the Obsidian Order who left you behind, not Central Command." The offhand comment startled Garak into saying nothing for a telling fraction of a second too long.

"Madam, I..."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not about to start telling tales out of school. If you're still here it's because you really have nowhere else to go." Janeway held his eyes for a long moment. "Don't ask me why, but somehow I don't think you're a threat to this station. You can tell your lies to whoever will listen to them. I won't enlighten them... unless I feel I have cause to." She drew in a long breath. "Now, to more important matters, Mr Garak, can you help me find a nightgown or must I take my business elsewhere?"

Stunned by her perceptiveness Garak was, for a rare moment, speechless. Obediently he turned and began searching through his stock for an appropriate garment. It seemed he really had met his match! The realisation was strangely enticing. After a few moments Garak's hands came to rest on the perfect item. He pulled it from the drawer and held it up for inspection. Janeway pursed her lips and nodded approvingly.

"Oh yes, that's special all right."

"Try it on," Garak suggested. "I think it should fit."

Janeway took the nightgown from him, her fingers brushing the cool, smooth cloth appreciatively. She headed for the changing rooms and Garak watched her retreating figure thoughtfully. A few minutes later her low voice called to him and Garak dutifully pushed the curtain aside. He wasn't entirely prepared for his reaction to the sight of her. It took all his Obsidian Order training to keep his thoughts from showing on his face.

"What do you think?" Janeway asked, turning and striking a deliberately provocative pose. Her smile was positively sultry.

"Beautiful," breathed Garak with complete honesty.

Janeway was clad in the long nightgown and nothing else. The sheer material clinging to her curves left Garak in no doubt of that. The Cardassian's cock twitched in instinctive appreciation. Janeway had let her hair down and it fell softly to her bare shoulders. The pale peach satin she wore set off her creamy skin to perfection.

"Perhaps you'd be so kind as to check the fit for me," suggested the captain.

In a daze Garak stepped forward and began running his sizing scanner over the woman's slender body. The Cardassian found his own body reacting to her closeness in an entirely predictable manner and he thanked his lucky stars for the length of his tunic!

"I was rather hoping for the personal touch..." said Janeway softly.

Garak glanced up sharply, but the look in her eyes was open, inviting. He set down the scanner and let his hands come to rest on Janeway's shoulders. She smiled her encouragement and he began to move them slowly over the smooth fabric of the nightgown. Her warmth bled through the material to his palms, tantalising. As his fingers found the hard peaks of her nipples through the satin Garak leaned closer, his mouth close by Janeway's ear.

"Why?" he asked.

"Right place, right time... Does it matter?"

Garak drew back, measuring what he saw in her face for a long moment. At length he shook his head.



It was permission enough for the Cardassian and he allowed his hands to wander freely now. His fingers drew up the hem of the nightgown to find the soft skin beneath. Janeway raised her arms and Garak obediently drew the gown off over her head, discarding it on the floor. She pressed close to him now and Garak set about learning all her soft curves. He gasped as her fingers found the clasp of his pants, freeing his hard cock. Her mouth nibbled its way along his neck ridge and up to his ear.

"On the floor, mister," she ordered in a voice he had no choice but to obey.

Janeway followed him down to the floor of the changing room, pushing Garak firmly until he lay on his back. His cock jutted upward, slick with moisture. Janeway ignored it as she efficiently stripped the Cardassian of his clothes. When Garak was naked she straddled him, leaning forward until her breasts were in range of his eager mouth. Janeway made small sounds of appreciation as the Cardassian lavished his attention on first one and then the other nipple, sucking them until they glistened with moisture.

Eventually Janeway tired of this sport and scooted backward, lifting herself until she was poised over Garak's rock hard erection. The Cardassian's blue eyes closed as she lowered herself until her wet folds encompassed the very tip of his cock, teasing him.

"If you want me to do this you'll open your eyes, Mr Garak. This is one place I won't let you hide behind your lies." Garak looked up at her, startled. "Better," she acknowledged. "Now keep them open..."

It went against the grain, but Garak kept his eyes open and his gaze fixed steadily on Kathryn Janeway's face as she slowly impaled herself on his thick cock. The Cardassian's natural lubrication made their joining effortless and he slid deep inside her. Garak moved his hips experimentally and Janeway gasped. The ridges that spiralled about his erection brought unexpected sensations and she leaned into his energetic thrusts eagerly.

It was all over far too soon. Janeway's sudden contractions about his cock pushed Garak over the edge and his semen spurted up into her body as he shuddered with pleasure. Her hands grasped his neck ridges tightly, forcing him to keep his gaze locked with hers as he came. As they lay sprawled together, recovering Janeway directed a slow smile at the Cardassian.

"Well, I certainly can't fault the service here. I'll take the nightgown."

"I'll just wrap it for you then, shall I?"

Garak untangled himself from Janeway's limbs and quickly dressed himself. He still had no idea what had really happened here - or why. Sometimes though, he had learned, one simply accepted... As she had said, it had been the right place and right time for both of them. He scooped up the nightgown and took it out to the counter, leaving Janeway to dress in her own time. When she emerged from the changing rooms she was once again the impeccable Starfleet captain, her hair back in its severe style. Garak handed her the box and Janeway drew out a strip of latinum to pay him. To his own surprise as much as hers Garak waved it away.

"Consider the nightgown a gift," he said softly.

"Why thank you. At least let me offer you a piece of advice in return though." Garak looked at her curiously. "Exile can be a lonely place. You have to learn to trust or it's going to stay that way. I'd say you learned the first lesson today, don't forget it..." Janeway turned and headed for the door. "There's hope for you yet, Mr Garak..."

As the door closed behind her Garak softly repeated her final words, "There's hope for you yet..."

The End

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