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Freedom City Slash Cafe

by Karen Colohan

In a dark, murky alley in one of the less reputable quarters of Freedom City two shadowy figures paused to peer at the shabby entrance to a distinctly down-at-heel looking establishment. One, a stocky man with dark, tightly curled hair turned to the other with a frown.

"Are you sure this is the place, Avon? This is where we're going to find information about the location of Star One?" His tone clearly showed that he had his doubts.

The other, a slighter, sharp-featured man dressed in silver and black turned his intent, pale gaze on his companion.

"I'm sure. Why, don't you trust me, Blake?" Blake did not miss the faint, sardonic smile which touched Avon's lips briefly before he continued. "Believe me, Blake, here you'll find out everything you need to know..."

The rebel leader sighed inwardly. There were times when Avon's behaviour went beyond the merely infuriating, but if there were even the slightest possibility of finding out where Star One was located... Despite having the distinct impression that he was going to regret this Blake turned and walked through the scruffy looking door. Avon's smile broadened into something more feral as he followed Blake inside.

The interior of the building belied its outward run-down appearance. A considerable effort had evidently been made to create a warm and pleasant ambience. The lighting was subtle, creating for each of the small, clustered tables an intimate cocoon of illusory privacy. At the far side of the room a tiny stage was currently shrouded in darkness.

Blake studied the club's clientele curiously. It didn't take him long to realise that all of the tables were tenanted by couples, each of the disparate partnerships clearly intent only upon one another. He turned to look for Avon to ask him why they were here, but the other man was no longer behind him. As Blake scanned the room he caught a brief flash of silver heading towards one side of the stage. He frowned again. He really wasn't in the mood for one of Avon's games tonight.

Just as Blake was about to turn and leave, the stage spotlight came on and he paused, curious in spite of himself. The single beam illuminated a tall, slender young man clad in what appeared to be a uniform of some kind - mostly black, but with blue at the shoulders. Even to someone as jaded as Blake it was readily apparent the golden-skinned creature was beautiful. His willowy figure, softly curled hair and wide, dark guileless eyes instantly captured the attention of everyone in the room.

Suddenly being the centre of attention seemed to unnerve the man. He cleared his throat self-consciously and his expressive eyes flicked constantly to a nearby table as if he were seeking moral support. Blake instinctively followed the direction of the questing gaze and noted that the table in question had only a single occupant.

The man, if he could be called such, seated there appeared more reptile than human and Blake did an unconscious double-take. The grey-skinned features were liberally decorated with ornate ridges, reinforcing his initial impression of beholding a large lizard, but a lively intelligence danced in the bright blue eyes which dominated the face. Also, at present, a very human expression comprising equal parts of pride and affection graced those features as the strange creature watched the man on stage.

Broad grey hands made encouraging motions to his nervous companion who finally smiled and nodded to someone unseen backstage. At once music filled the air. The steady, insistent rhythm of it was at once powerful, sensual and distinctly exhibitionistic. Blake watched, as enthralled as all the rest, as the slender young man began to sing in a softly sexy voice, his words punctuated with unconsciously alluring gyrations. The reptilian creature was plainly enchanted as his young lover unfolded the song...

        "Undress me, undress me,
        but not right away
        not too fast, hey!"

The expression which came over the older man's face suggested he would dearly love to leap onto the stage and start undressing his lover there and then regardless of the other watchers!

        "...choose your words with care
        control yourself, be strict, 
        not too slow or quick 
        on my skin..."

By now not a few of the club's clientele seemed equally caught up in the young human's spell. He was moving quite uninhibitedly now, his earlier hesitancy quite gone. Unexpectedly his throat emitted a low, sexy growl which set pulses racing faster all around the room.

        "...undress me, deshabille moi!
        I want it right away
        go faster; it's OK.
        Can you possess me?
        Consume me?
        Burn me up!
        Undress me..."

With a considerable effort of will Blake dragged his attention away from the stage and back to the matter at hand. Where was Avon and why had he brought him here? Could anyone in this place help him in his quest to find Star One? Somehow he rather doubted it. All these people seemed intent on finding were the fastenings of one another's clothing! So, that meant Avon had an ulterior motive, for the calculating computer expert did nothing without a reason. Blake sighed and found himself an unoccupied table, settling down to wait.

On stage the young man finished his song to tumultuous applause. Somewhat shyly he acknowledged the plaudits and then rejoined his companion. The grey-skinned man crushed his lover to him as he resumed his seat, devouring his soft lips with a barely restrained hunger.

"Julian..." he whispered huskily as he finally released the young man. "Do you know what you were doing to me while you were up there singing that song to me?" The piercing blue eyes were already mentally undressing the human and he knew it. Julian gave a sexy smile and slid a hand slowly up the inside of his lover's thigh until he found the hard evidence of his arousal.

"Why don't we give the rest of the show a miss, Elim," Julian purred. "If you ask nicely I might do a very special private encore for you..." He got to his feet and Garak followed willingly, his arm possessively curled about Julian's waist as they both headed for the door.

Blake meanwhile had stopped a passing waiter and appropriated a drink. His patience was beginning to wear a little thin and intent as he was on mentally cursing Avon he took no notice as the music started up again. Another voice began to sing and Blake realised there was a strangely familiar timbre to it. Finally his curiousity got the better of him and he looked up.

His eyes widened in shock as Blake registered the slight, tense form of Avon standing centre stage and looking straight at him. A palpable anger radiated from the computer expert and his pale eyes locked onto Blake's. For once they were not so coldly emotionless as Avon ground out his chosen song.

        "I don't want your freedom;
        I don't want to play around.
        I don't want nobody, Blake,
        part-time love just brings me down.
        I don't need your freedom.
        Roj, all I want right now is you."

Blake buried his head in his hands and groaned deeply. Oh God, not again! Avon certainly knew how to pick his moments. With a sigh the rebel leader muttered under his breath, offering the words up like a talisman.

"Some days are better than others..."

The End

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