DISCLAIMER - No matter how many times I close my eyes and make a wish I still don't own these beautiful boys... more's the pity. This is purely a work of fiction, not intended to imply anything about these guys or their lives.

For the RPS100 trick or treat challenge.

"Trick or treat?" Tom sing-songed when Michael opened the door.

Laughing, Michael replied, "Come in, little boy, then we'll see."

"Hey, who're you calling little?" Tom pouted as he followed Michael inside.

Moments later Tom was pressed against the kitchen counter as Michael dropped to his knees at his feet. Tom's jeans were quickly unzipped and Michael's hand closed around his stiffening cock.

"You're big enough for me," Michael purred before licking the head like candy.

"I thought I got the treat," Tom panted shakily.

Michael stroked the bulge in his own jeans and smiled. "I'm happy to share."