Just in case you managed to miss the warning page, let me reiterate that this site contains real people slash. That is, stories that depict two real guys, not fictional characters, involved in a loving sexual relationship. In other words, this is all about Tom and Michael, not Clark and Lex. So, if this is not to your taste, please don't read any further. If, however, it is exactly your cup of tea, please stay awhile and read the stories on offer.

Intimate Knowledge - R  MR/TW  

Treat Yourself - R  MR/TW  

Get Thee Behind Me - R  MR.TW  

Sporting Life - R  MR/TW  

Reclaiming Territory - NC-17  MR/TW  

Stormy Weather - PG-13  MR/TW  

Rough - PG-13  MR/TW  

Tonsil Hockey - R  MR/TW

Strike A Pose - R  MR/TW

(In)vulnerable - PG-13  implied MR/TW

Strategy - PG-13  implied MR/TW

Right Here In This Room - NC-17  MR/TW sequel to Pale Shelter

Pale Shelter - R  MR/TW

The Camera Never Lies - PG-13 pre-slash MR/TW  

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